Panel Skeptical Biden Convinces Republicans To Back Economic Plans | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Panel Skeptical Biden Convinces Republicans To Back Economic Plans | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


President Biden and members of the administration are launching an all-out effort to pitch his economic packages to Congress, but can the White House convince enough Republicans to back the plans? NBC's Mike Memoli and Garrett Haake, plus Punchbowl News Founders Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer share their latest reporting.

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Panel Skeptical Biden Convinces Republicans To Back Economic Plans | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Typical GOP politics. If it makes sense for the majority of America and not the rich and business elite who supply their donations, they will not support it.

    1. @Wisconsin Man the people complaining about it got a pretty good chunk of it! Tucker got over a million himself!
      60 of the largest corporations got 10 million each out of the first 2 stimulus programs & I only just now received the 1,400…still waiting on the 600. Thats about all I can account for. I would certainly like to know where it went. Oh, & one man scammed around 17 million out of em before he got caught.

    2. @Noreb Then why did the 25 seats in the house up for grabs not ALL go to Dems? They LOST seats.

    3. @Wisconsin Man and yet they still continuously win the majority of the votes…. and have the most diverse voting base… strange…

  2. I don’t think Biden has any expectation that congressional Republicans will sign on. He’s really trying to demonstrate that he’s making the effort to negotiate with the GOP. When McConnell and Co have no plan or nonsense plans, it just gives the Dems more credibility to move ahead with their initial plans.

    1. @Reg U I don’t think we want to go down the rabbit hole of reckless government spending with citizens paying for it.

    2. @Reg U just tax the rich! Everything will be fine! *rich people move to a different country, now there’s less employers*

    3. @Wasp No it’s called “fair taxation”.
      You make X amount you pay Y amount.
      How is that so hard to understand ?

    4. @Reg U I guess I got the name wrong, thanks for correcting me. Ik where you stand… it’s not uncommon to believe in fair taxation.

      I just hope you understand what I mean when I say “if we punish the prosperous, there will be less prosperity”

      Capitalism is lifting people out of poverty, CRONY capitalism is centralizing wealth

      -a young capitalist

  3. “Much smaller’… the GOP is effectively saying scale the plan back to $200M. The GOP is not at all serious. Their primary concern is protecting the tax cuts for the rich. And it’s not just about what ‘Democrats want’. The US has been putting off infrastructure investment for decades.

  4. By now Trump would have been just getting back from Mar-a-Lago from playing his 1000 game of golf by now.

  5. There should be a public deadline for this flogging of the dead horse. First, they owe the Republikkklans nothing. Did everybody forget the last four years? The obstruction from the WH. Backstabbing by McConnell. The blocking of EVERY piece of legislation out of Congress for the past 2 yrs and an organized supported coup? F’em.

    1. Joe needs to go back in time and win the election as a younger person. Df you talking about “public speaking”. He has flashcards. Lets be real here. This isn’t the same thing as a 5th grader that’s learning how to speak in front of a crowd. This is the oldest president of the united states.

  6. “At the risk of triggering your bipartisan horn…” I thought it was already triggered, judging by that awful sound in the background.

    Edit – she said it after I’d typed it

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