Max Boot: 'The Republican Party Is Becoming An Increasingly Authoritarian Party' | MSNBC 1

Max Boot: ‘The Republican Party Is Becoming An Increasingly Authoritarian Party’ | MSNBC


From continued lies about the 2020 presidential elections to fear-mongering about migration at the southern border, the Republican party appears to be more in favor of enflaming culture wars rather than proposing helpful legislation. Host of MSNBC’s American Voices host Alicia Menendez debunks the GOP’s latest myths and speaks with Eugene Daniels, MSNBC Political Contributor, Politico White House Reporter and Playbook Co-Author, Washington Post Columnist Max Boot, Senior Fellow for National Security Studies.

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Max Boot: 'The Republican Party Is Becoming An Increasingly Authoritarian Party' | MSNBC


    1. “This is what I have said many times, this virtue signaling crap is far more racist than anything else. it brands black people as victims, incapable, and in need of constant assistance. It is insidious and worse than cancer to society and must be cut out,”

  1. More cult than party at this point, where if you show anything but 100% devotion to your leader, you become publicly and privately shamed and ostracized. I mean, look at those rallies. You can go to a Guns N Roses reunion concert and won’t see as high a percentage of the crowd in branded shirts and hats as you would the maga cult.

    1. Have you ever thought that hatred for the LEFT has ever so much to do with the popularity of the figure? The LEFT is very controlling including high tech censorship, this country is now a disgrace

    2. Have you heard the media cover Biden? The clouds parted and the sun shown down. Even Kim Jong Un rolled his eyes.

  2. They all need to be removed from Office.. They are destroying this country..
    WE can NOT let this happen !

    1. @Sabeto I never looked up the definition of bot, but Russia, Russia, Russia. Trump was right more often than wrong

  3. They should leave that party if their values are not the same. Don’t stay where things are rotting!

    1. @Alex Hamilton Ego? Most of us are concerned, though given the current GQP vs. GOP civil war, we might be able to make some gains as the Republican party sheds what little members with sanity they had left.

    2. Name something republicans are forcing me to do. I know democrats are forcing me to do a lot. If your in a blue state you will get the covid shot eventually. They have ways of forcing you. So far the only example I haven been given is MAGA people showing up at a Trump rally all dressed the same. How is that authoritarian.. I might be independent but I’m missing something.

    3. @Jane Day Well, for starters, they are trying to force Facebook into letting Trump back on.

      Which is an unsurprising and blatant violation of the First Amendment.

      I could go on.

    4. @Drake Fire going to have to come up with a better one. That’s like a small dog trying to force a grizzly bear to give up his meat. Facebook can’t be forced to do that by somebody who holds no power. Facebook is a strongarm of the democrat party. The same party that holds power over all media platforms in America. It only counts as authoritarian when you actually have the power to make them do it. You said you could go on. So maybe give a example of something republicans are trying to force somebody to do that they actually have the power to make it work.

      If I hold no power to make you do whatever it is I’m trying to get you to do then I’m barking at the wind. Facebook has removed thousands of conservatives from there platform now that would be a better example. Forget about Trump. Did they have a good reason for the thousands of other conservatives they banned. That is authoritarian. At least it could be. Somebody would have to investigate the reasons behind it.

    1. @Judy Kinsman not if everybody stands up for democracy. It’s like democracy is working right now you have a government in there working for the American people and it’s future. In the past you had a president that only cared about himself and got off on the power and did nothing towards strengthening the country and cared nothing of people dying in the mist of a pandemic. Yes crazy will vote for crazy but the majority will vote for truth is my feeling and always be my feeling regardless of voter suppression.

    2. “The path they’re..”. Stupid truly comes in all shapes and sizes. You msm sheep are completely unaware of yourselves.

    3. @LOAD *,8,1 RUN – we can agree. The FOX propaganda network claims that it has the largest audience of any station media network. That sounds very “mainstream” to me, but of course, that audience size claim could just be more made-up propaganda like the rest of the garbage on FOX. Point is, if the trumpanzee cult members believe that FOX is the largest/greatest news source, why would they believe that it is not in the “mainstream” ? More cognitive dissonance among the Manipulated American Gullible Anarchist sheeple (MAGAs)

    4. @WakeUpAmerican000s
      Democrats – Antifa – BLM – MSNBC – CNN – ABC – NBC – AP – NPR – BBC……

      There is your system. I bet you trust your government don’t you? You’re a good little sheep. I bet you wear 2 masks don’t you?

    5. @WakeUpAmerican000s The deflection is getting old. If you believe “fox” and “Trump supporters” are the only issue right now you’re as ignorant as the rest. I couldn’t imagine being as dumb as yourself.

    1. @anne marie andrews That is such an idiotic comment. You have the mentality as though you are cheering for a sports team. The sad part is that you vote. Go learn to bake cookies.

    2. @Paul Dee Except Biden is not bringing us to the point of no return. He actually has a plan to pay for his programs. A fair plan. No, of course the uber rich don’t find it fair, because their greed outweighs their patriotism, and conservatives don’t find it fair because they believe it when they’re told that tax cuts for the rich and big corporations are good for the economy. They continue to tout “trickle down economics” as some magic bullet, when in fact trickle down has never been proven to work. The rich keep getting richer, the GOP keeps feeding them, and conservative voters keep voting against their own and the rest of the country’s best interests because either they think they’re “owning the libs” or they are too stupid to question the lies the GOP feeds them. Their lives keep getting worse, FOX News tells them it’s the Democrats who are screwing them, and instead of questioning or trying to learn ANYTHING about how government works, they get all riled up and end up participating in an insurrection because they worship at the altar of the greediest conman of them all, Donald Trump. Whether they just don’t want to admit they were wrong or because Trump and the GQP validate the darkest, worst part of them, they steafastly refuse to believe that they’ve been conned.
      And, Bernie lost.

  4. Governor those guys just get on a plane they don’t show up the southern border. Crazy stuff.

  5. Smart people learn from everyone and everything
    Average people learn from their experiences
    Stupid people already have all the answers

    1. Momma always said
      ” Those with large mind’s discuss ideas, those with average mind’s discuss events & those with small mind’s discuss people.”

      Democrats are the party of ideas while republicans discuss their disdain of people.

    2. @Sam Harris You seem knowledgeable. Please enlighten us. What would *Socrates* say about CNN and MSNBC?

    3. @Sam Harris what you are saying is called “P R O J E C T I O N” means what you are guilty of you accuse the other side of……..THE WHOLE GOP IS PROJECTION

  6. They are headed toward dystopia and all they have ever been about is taking your money and furthering their Individual successes. Cult of Arrogance and Lies.

    1. @Nancy Ross Then you don’t know the federal tax rates on highest income, and then you probably did not notice most people paid less taxes during the Trump era

    2. @Sam Harris I am sure most people did. The top 3% and corporations such as Amazon did not. With the tax cuts of the wealthy, contributions via FICA, for example, were reduced. Also, people who were accustomed to taking ZERO deductions in order to have money ready for taxes were screwed by the tax cut for the wealthy. Trump was not good for this country, and the majority of people are aware of that.

    3. @Sam Harris Republicans and their cultish base don’t believe in government and think everyone else is just as dishonest as they are so they elect leaders and follow pundits who will prove it to them. That’s why wherever conservatism is involved you get a government that doesn’t work and is full of liars. That’s just one example of how conservatives create their own worst case scenarios. They are so terrified of being enslaved by despotic societies they are creating their own despotic society.

    4. @Nancy Ross If you really thought about it instead of putting high on your list making a big deal out of Trump small time company, there should be committee hearings on why top companies in certain cases are not paying. Good or bad idea in general, watch support evaporate instantly for such scrutiny

  7. Imagine being the Chinese James Bond with all the resources required to be a top spy and you’re dropped off thousands of miles from your mission and told to walk the rest of the way

    1. @goodbodha facts unfortunately don’t matter in the modern republican party. they just say whatever. if you call them out on it, they just make up something else and then you have to go correct THAT as well

      it works, though. their voters don’t care if they tell the truth or not, as long as they “own the libz,” and they just want to be on the attack all the time, so just lie about one thing, then lie about something else. no consequences, no changes

    2. Yeah… and then you have to work at a taco truck for 10 years before you get any “intel”

      Tough job

    3. @Jason Boyce LOL. And that is exactly what we say about the Democrats too. So I guess we’re even.

    1. Dems have virtually no adults with any connections to humanities.

      It happened a long time ago, and it happened due to the well-funded operations and foundations following the Powell memo of Aug. 21, 1971. But it happened.

      Dems quit referring to humanities. They learned in universities to neuter themselves, stick to specialized departments. Let rule the commodifiers, standardized testers, and others of the big money, biz ed world.

      So tens of millions of working class Americans saw elites continuously without human reference, continually operating for the dehumanized agendas of the corporate, the banks, and others also schooled to be without human reference, without humanities.

  8. Destructive words lead to destructive actions. Believe your eyes. They have no positive values whatsoever. We’ve seen this in other countries.

    1. ​@Sara Mill I bet you have no idea why normal people think conservatives are liars, do you?

    2. @Devine Interventions No one needs to ask. Republicans are painting their own targets on their own backs all the time.

  9. GQP is to “becoming un-tethered” as the Titanic is to “becoming wet” Both ships already sailed.

  10. They’re Criminals
    We know he lives on lies as his Criminals who live on lies!
    Arrest them for Treason

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