Paola Ramos: Trump’s Improvement Among Latino Voters is ‘Beyond Politics’

Paola Ramos, fmr. Dep. Director of Hispanic Press for Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and Democratic strategist Juanita Tolliver join Alicia Menendez to discuss how Democrats can make inroads with Latino voters in 2022 and beyond given the “cultural identity crisis that is dividing Latinos.”

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Paola Ramos: Trump’s Improvement Among Latino Voters is 'Beyond Politics’


  1. Can’t agree one side is trying to be more white vs the opposite…seems it’s more simple economics…illegal immigrants are competing for jobs with legal immigrants and Hispanic US citizens.

    1. Sure, there is a huge line of US citizens wanting to work picking produce and cleaning toilets. If US employers didn’t hire illegals they wouldn’t have jobs. Reminds me of the fact that DJT liked to hire them to work at his properties… until political fear mongering was more profitable for him.

    2. If you’re in competition with any one who is an illegal immigrant as a born USA citizen. Then perhaps maybe go back to school, or learn critical thinking skills to advance your life economically.

  2. I can tell you how President Trump did better in 2020. The legal Immigrants of this country are finally fed up of the illegal immigrants. They side with Trump. They side with America. We don’t have a problem with immigration when it’s done the right way.

  3. The simple logic is that any minority want job, education,security and peace.If any leader can provide the opportunity they will vote.They come to fulfill their dreams and prosperity is in their mind.Any party can provide this get the vote.

    1. @pissanta annadoyle I don´t think so. Hillary is an intelligent woman, that´s why Donald was afraid of her (he is unintelligent, which is a problem for him in direct contrast). He had to make up this huge saga of child trafficking in order to demonize her. This works perfectly well with people who are as unintelligent as he is.

    2. @Nikhil Newse Crime-infested towns – that´s pure Trump speak. These places are neither crime-infested nor are they “burned down”. Since Biden is president, the crime rate goes down, along with the overall level of hate and public viciousness. These are the sentiments that Trump fuels and takes profit on.

    3. @Zebulon No, rime rate has gon down because of covid19 ND the fact no one leaves there house. But as you can see around the country it’s spiking and it spiking quick af. Lol how can you say crime is falling off the result if someone who’s been In office for 6 minths

    4. @Zebulon lol nah hillary was one of the worse candidates for president and worse than trump, electing a woman as president is a bad joke anyway

    5. @Zebulon youre just a government worshipper and cannot see corruption in career politicians, you are like a naive child

  4. Democrats don’t get the schisms in Latin America. The Venezuelans coming to the US are a version of Republicans/Magas that’s why they’ve lost Florida. Cubans in South Florida are the same etc.

  5. Maybe they got more votes because more people liked them. American politicians seem more preoccupied with getting votes then actually doing their jobs.

  6. Expected an awful take and I received one. It’s odd how the least qualified to speak on these issues are the ones whose careers are solely focused on talking about them. What she is saying is really quite derogatory.

  7. such a strange statement to make: that latin voters are at moral odds when your very ideology promotes moral relativism.

    1. @Noel Quiles – then what’s your take? You think because of how she looks she shouldn’t have a say in how a Latino should vote? Trump wanted the Latino vote, rt? It’s all the same. But all you can do is troll on a phone your mother pays. Type with intelligence. Not ignorance. You ignorant person

    2. @battle619 – Maybe because many Latinos see Democrats as baby killers, so even if Trump is a racist, he looks much better than people who applaud at giving the right to a woman of performing a late term abortion. Theres a dynamic now that is very complicated. Also many latinos hate socialism. Many latinos believe they should own weapons (which includes ARs). Many Latinos hate that Dems can just continuously lie to us (like Kamal’s rhetoric shift before and after the election) just to get our vote. They are gross.

    3. Well, leftists are so weak they blame being a failure in life on Republicans, whites, etc.

  8. i dont know if Paola Ramos is the best judge of the situation, as she was hired to produce Latino votes… and keeps failing miserably.
    Besides, what did the Democrats think the average Latino immigrant would feel about a party that is pro abortion, anti Christian, and leaning towards Marxism? Those very stances are polar opposites of what Latinos believe culturally.

    Silly democrats.

  9. Latinos don’t want this nation to turn into a socialist country. We know better you guys don’t know any better .

  10. When you’re so devoted to the narrative that you legitimately brainwash yourself.

    1. @Paul Kern Because it suites the states fascistic goals. Keep the population terrified of a fringe minority while painting tens of millions with the same brush.

    2. @AmericanCapitalist90 it suites states fascistic goals? Fascism started in Spain after ww1 moved Italy then Germany where it morphed into nazism white supremacy is fascism.

  11. Cant wait to see if Republicans actually come back and take over everything. Just so I can see the trembling and whining we all remember from 2016.

    1. Latino is not a race. Your darker skin Mexican with straight hair is mainly indigenous. It goes for a lot of people in Latin American that are native Americans. They are indigenous because they are native to the Americas. If they are Mexican they are North Americans, if you take the imaginary divide of the Americas, they are just native Americans of a different tribe. They are Incas and Mayans decedents. In Latin America we call U.S. people Unitedstadians. We don’t reserve the name Americans just for you. So as a Latina when she says indigenous Latinos, I know exactly what she is referring to.

    2. @The Borg my parent are from Mexico and they look mostly European. Both grandparents look like tan white people…not Indians.

    3. @The Borg ok but are you sure youre mostly native?? In mexico for example most people are at least half white

  12. Why would legal immigrants hate a border wall? They are legal and came here legally. They don’t want people to do it illegally. If a white man is doing something illegal I don’t go defend him just because he shares my skin color. How stupid do you think people are?

  13. Isn’t it a joke, once people come to the country, they start thinking that they don’t want other people to come in also.

  14. This segment should have spent more time discussing what it is about Trump that earned him so many votes among historically democratic demographics.

    I personally noticed that Latinos are slightly more likely, than blacks, to vote republican. But less likely than whites of European ancestry.

  15. Its totally ridiculous that she just strait up divided this into getting close to whiteness and getting away from whiteness. This is why the Democrat party is failing.

  16. Latinos aren’t for one party or the other, neither are we tribal. We don’t vote for Democrats because their Democrats. They better have something to bring to Latinos before we even consider voting for them. Not that I would anyways because they’re too shady, but good luck with that nonsense

  17. Arizona went “blue” in large part because Latino voters in Maricopa county turned out. That’s why Trump and other white supremacists are SO obsessed with the Maricopa County votes.

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