1. The greatest challenge of this world is knowing enough about a subject to think you are right, but not knowing enough about the subject to know you are wrong…

    1. That’s an insult to soldiers. He’s a marine, which is somewhere between a warrior and a sailor.

    2. @Greg Tennessee I’m not a Trump supporter, where do you idiots come up with this assumption? Biden is a pos, perverted, corrupted, grifting stooge of the establishment elites and has been so his entire career.

  2. God bless their son, and keep him safe. It is nice to know that President Biden is in contact with this family.

    1. “I don’t like my presidents to stutter but can make a sentence. I want a president who can’t spell one word like the word anonymous and makes me go person, woman, man, camera, TV.” – @Account Choculitis

    2. “I care more about trolling on YouTube than to do something productive with my life, so that is why I created my account a week ago. Ever since my beloved Trump was gone, I have lost interest in doing something to benefit myself.” -@Account Choculitis

    3. @Frszt Those are some yummy American tears. Just think, those Ukrainians have no water, and you’re crying that much.

    4. @Frszt “I misspelled my own nation, I post edgy minority videos, I blame people for trolling for a week, while I’ve been doing it for 8 years. Also, I watch cnn all day long, and I think I’m smart. My nation is $30 trillion dollars in debt to communist China, but I’m too busy hating on spray tan man.” – American minority high school dropout

  3. He is a Marine and sometimes we tell people things so they don’t worry about us. I hope he is brought home soon.

    1. @Jason M Interesting. That’s what you think of in America? I didn’t know Americans had sexual fantasies about the Russian president.

    2. @Jason M Okay, so you’re daydreaming of putin, and you refer to him as “daddy?” Now, you’re admitting you were checking out my account? Okay, tell me you’re a member of the lgbt without telling me.

    3. @Jason M from what i learned over the years is all is not what it appears. so i agree with you on your point. i also know that we do the same thing. do i think it’s right, no. i hope any and all innocent people being detained in foreign countries get released. i also think people will say anything to get out of a jam.

    4. @Account Choculitis i am born and raised in the good old U.S. of A. , also served in the military. i do know there are things that our government does that we don’t like or agree with. the average person , like me , can’t begin to understand all the things our government do to run this country. most people should not know nor can they handle the info.

    5. @ed vance Um, you don’t understand why your govt does certain things, but you were also military? Sounds like you don’t understand why you blindly protect elites, but not the people.

  4. It sound more like what the Gestapo did to prisoners, than just illness.
    My heart also goes out to him, his family and other political prisoners.

    1. Winter on Fire is a powerful documentary of the 2013-2014 revolution in Ukraine!
      🇺🇦 Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

  5. We pray that your son comes back to you safely and sound and that was very good that president Biden spoke to the family this is what a true leader is

  6. I hope you his family can see my words. I love & care about your son & your terrible misery. I will pray with all my heart & soul that your Joey will come home asap. That He will be come well & get medical care he needs. I am with you in Cleveland, Ohio♥️🙏🏻🇺🇸

  7. I hope that this marine and his family stay safe. It’s nice that Biden called this family to show his support for them.

    1. @I don’t really care really thatys all you got???? why didnty trump make that call? this happened during his term.

    2. @Bruggman Brandon you do know mentioning spray tan man makes you look obsessed. How long have you had a crush on him?

    3. @Account Choculitis My avatar is a TV personality bc I liked the picture lol. Stop looking into things so hard you’ll make your brain hurt

    4. @SirSleepsAlot That’s what I just said, you picked the picture because television is your entire world. It’s you that looking into something a bit too much, it’s called the idiot box.

  8. As a parent, I cannot imagine their upset and worry about their son. God bless Trevor Reed and bring him home safely.

    1. @Gatti we fired trump then he incites insurrection and kills five capitol police officers…your butt hurt starts in your head.

    2. @Gatti January 6th…treason. murder. Sedition. Insurrection. Attacking Capitol police with fire extinguishers. Pooping on the capitol floor. Screaming to hang Vice President pence…
      So,who lied to you and perverted your thinking?

  9. God bless them and their son. I pray he is released and unharmed and can resume a normal life back in the USA.

  10. a marine … bless his heart … remember Trevor Reed … bless his parents … bless America … Glory to Ukraine …

  11. The United States Marines, “the first we want to see coming if we’re in trouble, and the last one’s we want to see coming if we’re causing it!” James Kenyon 1995 The phone call from President was respected and appreciated by the parents of Trevor Reed and is how a real President is supposed to be. I do hope Trevor gets set free and soon.

    1. @William THE ll How long exactly do you feel he should be held in a Russian prison?
      Would you say the same if it was your child?

    2. @C. Spad bro why y’all tryna play favoritism? Any other country he would also still be in jail (P.S countries that are not friendly with U.S🥴) but u get the point , you commit a crime ,u go to jail

    3. @C. Spad there’s no point in saying what if it was my child , when u already know the answer, of course imma fight ,but being realistic about it and keep in mind he committed a crime , one can’t expect him to released

    4. @William THE ll I’m not saying a clean catch & release when laws are broken.
      From what I heard its over 7 months now?
      How do you think Russian courts, gru & prisons are going to treat a former U.S. Marine?
      It’s probably going to end in a trade for held Russian spies, as always..

    5. @C. Spad yeah that could be true, but let’s not act like it’s not common procedure to capture any foreign assets, to benefit their countries? America does this all the time,just like many countries, but somehow this is different?

    1. really? Russia doesn’t force people to get vax’d.

      USA does. We have a warship right now docked because the commander doesn’t want the jab.

  12. Prayers for Trevor. Prayers for his swift release. My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine.

  13. This was exactly my fear while planning a future trip to Russia (not happening anymore). My bf works for the government & our fear was that he would be detained. There’s just been so many incidents of people being detained in Russia with no solid evidence. I really hope this family can reunite with their son soon

    1. So he punches a cop, drunk in public, and causes public disturbance and he gets to come home? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🚩 he gon root there

    2. @William THE ll and did you see a video of the event? Or do you take the words of Russia? Corrupts, and liars who cheat and steal and kill, Russia needs to have many of its political leaders replaced or that country will forever be isolated much like North Korea and we know how bad north Korea is. Russia cannot survive isolated. All NK are suffering but they cannot fight back because they don’t know any better. Russian citizens will end up killing putin themselves when things get too dire. All those oligarchs who enjoy luxury will find themselves broke when the RuR’s values goes so low that it’s worth nothing to any other country… Eventually they will turn against putin and he will hopefully be shot in the back of the head.

    3. @No Name No Name – Shot….in the back of his head or between his eyes point blank….both ways would be acceptable,.

  14. He saw the sign through the window of his motorcade and responding accordingly, Damn! I am shocked and gladdened at the same damn time, were my son in similar circumstances I would be at home losing it! A Marine has only one requirement not who the enemy is, just show me where they are! I hope this young man comes home intact, that is the success of any mission at the end of the day.

  15. Love Brianna’s versatility. Able to ask hard hitting questions, speak directly and intelligently about news items and now, showing compassion and caring while sticking to the news story. She’s excellent!

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