1. Never in my existence would I ever have thought I would care about anything Paris Hilton has to say. But, alas, here we are.

    1. Don’t fall for it. Kim Kardashian went to Washington, now she has to go to Washington. These people and their egos aren’t complicated

  2. Sounds like Elko Nevada were the staff at a youth center punched kids in the head . Spring mountain in Nevada for youth . I witnessed kids get thrown on there beds one of the reasons I ran from that place

  3. Paris can sell her Bored Ape NFT and donate the proceeds to victims of abuse, so should Jimmy Falon, before they’re worthless.
    Also, Paris is a boys name (I’m kidding, but it’s true). I appreciate the work Paris is doing.
    I’m really sorry to all the victims of these terrible schools, and hope you get some sort of justice. I went to a terrible corporal punishment school as a child, it leaves permanent scars. There are better options for troubled youth.

  4. I am a survivor of CEDU school in Running Springs, Big Bear, California.
    Where I was psychologically and physically tortured by completely unqualified faculty, who are supposed to be our teachers, but were our torturers instead. I can’t remember cracking a book the whole time I was there.
    They had crazy rules and kept our parents in the dark about what they were really doing to us. We were forbidden from telling our parents what was happening.
    It was really loony. Like a cult . I actually ran away after 9 months.
    The incident is estranged my family from me. They didn’t believe my story.
    CEDU Was eventually shut down due to child abuse.
    Thank God.
    By then it was too late.
    My life had been completely derailed. CEDU ruined my family. My life.
    I am so glad Paris Hilton is helping to shine a light on institutional child abuse.
    So many kids feel (and are) abandoned by their parents to the “care” of unqualified, sometimes sadistic or perverted strangers.
    And no one believes the kids about the abuse.
    Because no parent wants to believe they paid to have their child abused.
    But thats exactly what happened & is still happening.
    It has to stop.

    1. Oh my God as a parent I can’t even imagine I am just shocked and heartbroken that your parents still don’t believe you even in light of the fact that this place was shut down and the truth came out about why it was shut down. Torture abuse of Innocence only survives in the dark, only survives in secret and lights have to keep shining and voices have to keep screaming to keep the lights on all of this!. When Paris said she tried to tell her parents on the phone and they grabbed the phone from her and hung up. If I had been Kathy Hilton Iwould have been in my car in 3 seconds flat after trying to call back and not being able to speak to my daughter and have her speak to me freely with no one else in the room. I’d have been in my car, with a police officer from the locality. I don’t understand when people have all the money in the world to make any choice they want they choose a place that has zero transparency.
      I would hug you if I could

  5. In this report, there is no mention of any confirmed abuse case that could have been in some way prevented by the proposed legislation. And there is also no mention of what this legislation actually proposes or any analysis of its potential impacts.

    I was expecting a more scrutinized reporting.

    1. No offense, and this is not to denigrate her experience as a victim. But you were expecting what… From Paris Hilton herself? For all we know she’s just the poster child and probably happy to be that. People want to see and hear from her but I’m not sure she has the intellectual capacity to comprehend legal points and any legislative writings completely. Doesn’t mean she isn’t 100% in support and happy to do the work she is actually doing

    2. This is obviously performative activism. A lot of legislation is. I don’t have a lot of optimism about the bill they propose but glad it has kept the conversation going. I just hope it’ll finally be clear at some point that this isn’t about Paris Hilton. It’s about literally thousands of kids who’ve been through this, who aren’t wealthy and don’t have a voice. They need to be heard a lot louder and it’s still being drowned out by a PR campaign.

  6. Perhaps she hasn’t been paying attention, but there’s been this really large group of people, mostly parents, that have been voicing there concerns and frustration for over 2 years.

    1. @Dreamy & Blue never said it did. If she’s a victim of it then she’s a victim of it, I can’t take that from her even if I wanted to. Idk what to tell you, I guess I just find it comical in a dark way that we’re supposed to take Paris Hilton seriously, but not all those parents that were complaining during Covid and about CRT to name a few. Just seems a little inverted and twisted to me. Thoughts?

    2. @The Great Gazoo what I said wasn’t intended to be an attack on her, it was on our society.

    3. Paris has been talking about this for years too, she made the documentary about it and everything. Launched the breaking code silence campaign with other survivors too.

  7. We should also think about children in facilities of Scientology, especially in Clearwater/Florida.

  8. This has been happening for years and changes are supposed to happen not that she’s come to the forefront? Try gong to a Catholic school…..that’s torture!

  9. So if a child is frightened to the extent of crying and they talk to their parents on the phone and right in the middle of explaining something while crying they hang the phone up. I would think that the parents would try to contact the child after that and if they won’t allow you to talk to your own child then I would think the parents would actually go to the school, I mean I would and I’d demand to see my child right now. Am I missing something?? I think a proper parent would do that.

  10. I wish teachers could get the same amount of recourses when having to deal With abusive students everyday in the classroom.

  11. Honestly didn’t even realize she was still alive . Great to hear congress hearing the plights of a trust fund baby and her struggles ?🤔

    1. You clearly haven’t heard what happened to her at this school not that her parents paid for people to kidnap her without warning and send her to a camp where she was repeatedly strangled and drugged.

  12. For everyone who is intellectually incapable of looking past their idea of Paris and are in the comments attempting to use her sec tape as reasons to dismiss the VERY REAL issue of boarding school abuse she is a personally involved advocate for:

    Watch her documentary it is here on YouTube and she talks about Al of this. First of all, she has endured truly horrific abuse. Absolutely mind blowing abuse that will shock you that it is legal in the US and done to developing children at that. Secondly (and unfortunately importantly, since some of you are sexists and misogynists and don’t know how to act) she didn’t release the tape, it was what we call today “revenge porn” released by her ex Rick Solomon. For al of you making assumptions, it is a very different situation that that of Kim K, and well documented that Paris had nothing to do with its release. They are not the same. In the doc, she explains that Rick Solomon pressured her to film and she finally did because she really wanted him to like her. She says she might not have fallen for it if she hadn’t just got out from this toxic boarding school, and that she was just so desperate for love and wasn’t getting it from her parents who she felt hate for at the time for what the people did to her at the school her parents sent her to, and because they did not listen to her when she begged them to be taken out of the school. You have to remember, she was very literally a juvenile for much of their relationship and this man was over 30 years old. Minors make bad decisions and are easily peer influenced, especially by people they look up to and are close to. She was an actual child for a significant part of their relationship and there are rumors she was not even of age in the footage that he captured. Rick Solomon released it and he is on Access Hollywood ADMITTING that he released it by himself. This media clip of him admitting is included in the documentary. Paris did not earn money for her sex tape, she sued him for releasing it and then donated the sum. This is all well documented and easy to find information. Please stop degrading her because of who she is/her femininity. I think people need to start getting real with themselves about why they are so hostile to Paris Hilton because she is generally a decent person who just happened to grow up in the public eye. There are no more reasons to have such vitriolic hate for her than there is for the average person you meet at a Walmart; she isn’t doing anything to hurt you. If you are offended by her very existence and you don’t believe she deserves it, really you should ask yourself why.

  13. I laughed at her like everyone else. I never knew Paris went through so much abuse, just like Britney. I feel terrible about how I saw her before. You really never know what people have gone through. I’m glad she’s using her status to do something good about it.

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