1. @John Rand You do realize that the guest is recommending that Biden not seek reelection, right?

    1. I think Jamie Raskin is a haircut and stylist away from being a Presidential candidate. Jamie on the inside is everything you want, smart, articulate, compassionate, empathetic, and sincere. More important to me, I would trust him.

    2. Senator Whitehouse is sharp too. His talks on the Supreme Court’s corrupt placements(The Scheme) are jaw dropping.

  1. The older generation is unwilling to give up power in any way. That’s just not a thing anymore

    1. @David Palos You are not necessarily the generation he is referring to. Those in their mid to late 70’s are the main bulk of the Boomers. They were a large overwhelming wealthy force. They are too old now. (You are not there yet).

  2. Absolutely they are both deeply flawed. Nice to see someone from the older generation admit his generation’s time is up

    1. @Belly Dancer Em She’s nowhere near running for President or VP as the comment was alluding to.

      Furthermore, her districts have been redrawn. It still includes Irvine but now excludes much of her current house seat.

  3. We will all reach an age when the world we grew up in is not relevant to the world we live in.

    It takes humility to pass the torch.

    1. Perfectly put. I was going to leave a comment of my own, but you said what I was thinking with greater concision and profundity.

  4. The most honest comments I have heard regarding the state of politics in the US .It is not a game for men/women in their 80s

  5. Age gives wisdom for sure, but there is a point of declining mental and physical function. Presidents over 80 is ridiculous.

  6. So glad to hear someone say this because it is so necessary and at every level not just gov’t but all the institutions need to start being passed down to younger people

  7. I fully agree with everything he is saying. I am 61 years old and I’ve lost a step. Someone in their 80s running our country is absolutely ridiculous! I would love for this country to have a younger president with a clear mind and new thoughts.

    1. @hiiamrick I’m sorry that happens, that is very annoying when people do that. They should just say it’s nice to see you not keep coming back. It’s just kind of sarcastic. In that you know special Christian way. Be blessed

    2. @Cropper Copper i’m from Connecticut yale is a college surrounded by again surrounded by a failed city and to be honest I got to the Kamala Harris(also from California) part and (Joe gave her one job the border and see how good she did with that so) it turned me off and I made this comment I didn’t finish reading your long statement
      Ps don’t think I’ll be voting Democrat again if they get somebody who is a copy of Kamala Harris or Joe Biden minus the geriatrics.

  8. Yeah there’s a lot of old people who should have retired already. And Supreme Court should have term limits

  9. WOW my exact thought. I am glad someone said this outloud. This applies not only for presidency but Congress. Maybe there should be an age limit for all offices held

  10. I agree, we also need to have term limits and/or get a younger crowd of senators and boot the old wood like Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Joe Manchin, Patrick Leahy, Lindsay Graham, etc.

  11. There has to be better, younger people. The fact it could come down to these two again is just insane

  12. The same should be said for ALL legislators. Other than cognitive deficits, there are the cognitive biases that are entrenched by advanced age. There should be a mandatory retirement age, something I know will never happen.

    Additionally, I don’t see being in the military as special asset for legislative service. I consider voting for tump as a IQ test and trump’s support from the military is 60%.   That is to say that military, just like every other profession, should be judged by the candidate actual action rather than the service in which they manifested their action..

    But I would prefer, what I recently heard about, the push to have people of science considered for job in politics. A profession in science suggests that one is accustomed to separating fact from fiction, and biases from reality. 314 Action (named after the number pi) is such a body, encouraging people in all domains of science to consider politics.

  13. I’m a Democrat but I would like to see another Democrat run besides Biden. Like it or not our mental faculties degrade over time. If Biden wins a second term he would be about 85 at the end of his second term. I also think Trump shouldn’t run either, besides getting old as well he attempted a coup which should prevent him from having any political office.

    1. I agree. I was disappointed that that was our choices for President. Its like we had to choose between the lesser of two evil

  14. I agree with David. We need people who are physically and mentally sound to lead. There are too many vulnerabilities to elderly people entering their twilight years. Not to mention deteriorating or declining cognitive sharpness; and we’ve already seen how the presidency ages office holders during their administrations exponentially. It’s a pressure cooker for sure. No shade on the older Presidents who have held the office, but generally speaking, the presidency should be held by someone who is young and able mentally and physically.

  15. Completely agree. It’s high time for the older generation to step aside in all forms of the government. We need more young people running for office.

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