Parkland Shooting Survivor: I Won't Raise My Kids In America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Parkland Shooting Survivor: I Won’t Raise My Kids In America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Sam Zeif, who lost a close friend three years ago in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, joins MSNBC's Brian Williams to discuss the mass shooting in a Colorado supermarket and his bleak outlook about whether gun control policy can be passed in Washington. Aired on 03/24/2021.
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Parkland Shooting Survivor: I Won't Raise My Kids In America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Mr LP Merriam Webster definition collaborates your theory, people are starting to look behind the curtain to see who really is running this parody, often disparaging : a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons.

    2. @Kiera Shepard See how you went on the defensive with name calling, belittling, your way or the highway, am I right?, opinions can be fake, example Ellon Musk’s opinion says we will be on Mars in 2018, it’s 2021, not on mars, fake opinion.

    3. @Not Sure Opinions aren’t fake. Opinions are opinions.

      Musk had a A THEORY that he’d make it to Mars by 2018. FACTS state otherwise. It’s called science.

      But when a fact is backed up by PROOF, that’s just what it is; FACT. No amount of lying, gaslighting or deception will make that fact less true.

    1. @Jennifer Coleman; I had to agree with the Industrial Military Complex comment, where ever he scarfed it from.

    2. @General Francisco Franco hey dum dum, you do realise you have to pretend not to be a white supremacist, right?

    3. I know, incredibly sad. I live in Europe but I really hope America sorts out gun violence once and for all.

    1. We began to throw the criminal and his criminal gang (the Queens Don and spawn) out on November 3rd. Let’s be precise. DJT was never a good president; he was complicit. It is up to Joe Biden AND TO US to get the job done. No excuses that ‘someone else is responsible’ for this mess. THIS IS OUR MESS and we must clean it up. The politicians only reflect voter choice.

    2. I love that both republicans and democrats are now agreeing on this issue, my republicans gals who enjoy hunting are fully behind regulating or even completely banning guns, in order to keep kids safe

  1. Honestly, I don’t blame him for wanting to raise his kids elsewhere. After every mass shooting, the realization really sinks in that compared to other developed countries, the U.S. is a legitimately dangerous country.

    1. @Giant mess no child in Britain or China goes to school and does active knife protocols nor goes to school in a knife proof vest. Whilst there is a problem with knife crime in the UK, every incident gets reported , because they are rare. 248 incidents involving knife crime at all levels 2020. And involve 1 person more often or not in none fatal incidents. According to statistics there were no incidents of knife crime involving tourists in 2019 and 2020. and one involving a Chinese tourist in 2018 so I very much doubt you personally have any experience with it.
      Against that I give you fatal shootings only of 1700 in 2020 in the US. And overall violent deaths, including knife crime in the Us where the incidence is much higher in the US of 55, 000 people 2020.

      So yeah of course you personally were terrified by knife crime in the UK. FOOL if you can’t see the problem in the US. A person in Yemen a country in the most violent civil war for years is less likely to die from violent crime than in large areas of the US.

    2. I remember after Columbine we had to have clear see through backpacks. Now I hear my former school has metal detectors. This isn’t normal in anywhere but America

    3. @Manwiththeplan sXe I don’t know you live but metal detectors in schools around me had been their for the last 20 years at the least

    4. He’s white so the locals (wherever he moves too) will cater to his needs. I just hope he doesn’t come to the Philippines!

  2. Hearing him years later gave me an understanding of how let down he feels by his own country at a young age. What a horrible feeling.

    1. @Fish’n Baked Jersey We could go step by step, and start with the elimination of guns given to people with mental health issues.

    2. @Karime18 That’s a tad overdramatic. You’re more likely to be killed in a car wreck on the way to the store than at the store. But, I hear you.

    3. @Maggie May The way the US treats its veterans is appalling. We recruit vulnerable teenagers and young adults into the armed services, often with the promise of an education or health care or some sort of better future. Then we use them up, throw them into foreign wars that lack justification, and refuse to follow through on our promises to these people once they finish their service. And all we say is, “Thank you for your service.”

  3. As an outsider I cant even begin to wonder how does it feel 2 witness this kind of brutality happening over & over again to the point of it being “normal”.Must be frustrating.

    1. @Julie Sprik Well, I do, and my city is not considered particularly violent. Don’t get a rose-colored idea of the world because you personally have been fortunate so far.

    2. This has become normalized in the US. People speak up but a core group of politicians won’t let anything change to try and find a solution.

    3. I can’t even imagine, going to do grocery, maybe with your little kids with you like mine, and then this happens! Scary thought but to some Americans is just another day soon to be forgotten

  4. dear sam Hello from New Zealand ive watched your country plummet from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Our hearts go out to you and the families involved in these shootings. If you deside to move come to New Zealand its a great place to raise kids

    1. Do American parents worry about this every day as they send their kids to school. It is something that has never crossed my mind here in Ireland.

    2. @Forest Walker For so many parents, is not if it’ll happen, it’s when it’ll happen. So heartbreaking. I wouldn’t raise kids here either. My favorite nightclub, Pulse, here in Orlando Florida, is gone cause of this. All we’re left with is bittersweet memories.

    3. Why do people keep on saying and compairing new zealand to America!? Totally different and your christ church

  5. Glad he did this interview, so often people forget that mass shootings aren’t single bad days (like how the media will only cover them for a week at most before going go to the next story) these are life altering events that stick with the victims and their families for rest of their lives.

    1. Well how many of these are gonna happen this year? At this rate, we will only have about a week to talk about what happened before terror strikes again. I never felt safe after those qanon people stormed the capitol. It’s like 911 all over again. What will they do to us next time?

    2. this is America….he have short attention spans and move on to the next one while ignoring what can fix this problem or make it less of any everyday event.

  6. A country that refuses to look after the health and well-being of its own people isn’t worthy of any greatness.

    1. They think that means a massive military presence, a huge border wall and restricting immigration and low taxation on the highest paid.

    1. @Angel Hart anti trump is not really a political background heard it on local colo newscast, pointing out he was not a white guy which was assumed by some on newscast

    2. @No Way
      Seriously, you make all of us sound stupid and insensitive. Please don’t.
      She is Danish and speak a different languages. And apparently she speaks more than one. Do you ?
      If not, maybe you shouldn’t be criticizing anyone. Have a good day and please stay safe out there!

    3. @David Goldman
      I know, but Republican is, and isn’t that what Trump is and have been for the last 5-6 years ? Before then he was a Liberal and a Democrat.
      Just because the color of his skin is different, doesn’t make him a Muslim…And to be clear there is also white Muslims. Just pointing that out. Thank you for your reply. And have a good day!

    1. @Tune the scriptures yearn for union with God. They look at armageddon and say ” cool, no Monday morning commute”.

      They yearn for union with God . Not the dreariness of democracy, cosmopolitanism, and compromise. They daydream of nice clean lines where your opponents are nice little targets with the word “EVIL” stamped on their targeting grid. Not complex humans ; a mixture of merits and flaws.

      Scriptures can be awesome. Exept for when they are not.

    2. Lol its dying? No it isnt? It was never alive. If you think its dying you need to read your history. This country was founded by hypocrite scum that oppressed abusee EVERYONE. its dying…lol you’re late to the party.

    3. It is so disgusting that these commenters will still disagree with you, they deserve the fate they chose to ignore.

    4. @Tune Wondered how long would it be before the fictional scriptures would be mentioned. If that is the case then why bother to fix the problem when your fictional God has already predicted it.

  7. For the people who survive these mass shootings, every time another one happens they must feel some serious PTSD. Horrifying.

    1. @Don m and those statistics are just wrong. You really believe only 297 people died from guns in 2018? In the ENTIRE country. Think about it.

    2. @snailcore pistolwhippits no that’s not what I said that’s your statement and belief I guess, I say people who want to purchase a firearm should be able to, what I dont agree with is every time there is some event we find a guy with a gun with mental issues and for whatever reason he should have never had access to it or been able to own it , so I dont think the agency’s are doing there job preventing people from getting firearms who shouldnt have one, if people want to committ suicide and want to use a gun go ahead, if they choose to use a knife or drugs do it, but hopefully if these people don’t want to be around they need to get it over with quickly, I have known at least 4 people who killed there self because of cancer or pain and suffering and thank God they had a gun to stop there pain and go when they wanted because the medical community would have let them lay in a hospital bed and beg to be put out of there misery otherwise. People today when older are treated worse then dogs or animals, when we are sick and old in our hospitals it’s ridiculous they have to go thru all that pain when a shot could cure it all quickly and everyone move on.

    3. @snailcore pistolwhippits Less than 300 people died from rifles in 2018, the rest are mostly handguns and a big portion of them are illegal. Also, countries without access to guns have higher suicide rates per capita than the USA.

    4. My daughter was shot and survived a mass shooting in Dayton Ohio in 2019 and you’re right, each shooting causes her to relive her own shooting.

    5. I honestly never thought about that wow .. However Ive never been in one but I am so scared to go to public places like grocery stores and I worry about my children when they are out and about its so dangerous in this world now a days.

  8. He made a *VERY* valid point …. they didn’t care when a six year old was shot to death so why should they care when a teenager, grownup, or elder gets gunned down

    1. I subscribed to a youtuber, he’s an American, he said he will be moving to Australia later this year. One of the reason is how he feels it is unsafe for his children to be schooled in USA.

  9. ‘No way to stop this from happening’ says only country in the world where this routinely happens
    – The Onion

    1. Except nature caused Corona,
      And humans smith guns.

      In both cases humans spread it like champs though.

    2. @Jeffrey Cheng No, it isn’t, but luckily for those places you’ll obviously never come and see for yourself.
      And repetition is indicative of either mental decline or an insufficient vocabulary.

    3. @Jeffrey Cheng
      We’re doing just fine, in Australia!

      Not many guns, COVID is under control, and the economy is doing
      quite well, thank you very much.

    1. @Kiwionwing morton True. I know of a hairstylist that migrated to Australia because of it. Heck, I’d do hair, bake, plumbing, anything if I have to just to get out of here.

    1. @Sonia Gutierrez Quiroz
      Is getting to the point where you can’t even walk out of your own house without fearing for your life and safety.

    2. Cycle of empire.
      Y’all are either going to get taken over by a brutal king with vast popular support or just fragment into different blocks of states (New California Republic!) in under half a century.

    3. @Joshua Sweetvale
      There’s only one leader that I follow and that’s a good leader. The kind of leader who cares about his country and his people.

    1. Although I’ve lived in america all my life, I personally am against it. I hate my country with a passion. But I feel more sorry for the children because they have been born into a world where mass shootings are a common phenomenon.

    2. It’s dying because of our ideology and lack of morality. There is hardly any guidance in families nowadays where kids are growing up in broken homes. Kids are left to their own devices with no boundaries. Some barely make it out of those situations like I did with a better attitude and mentality. It’s harder to grow up and be a man when you never had one to show you what that looks like and that is what is missing in our society. Our society tells us to do what we feel is right and that we deserve it.

  10. “Our country is dying in a lot of ways.”
    “This isn’t a Global pandemic, this is our (America’s) Pandemic.

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