Partner Of Fallen Capitol Officer Calls Out GOP Senators

Sandra Garza, the longtime partner of fallen Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, tells Chris Hayes about her experience meeting with Republican senators on the Hill to discuss the need for answers about January 6th. 
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  1. Republicans keep saying they’re the party of Lincoln, yet today their base is made up of John Wilkes Booth’s.

    1. @Dittzx that’s the only part I don’t get nobody found it suspicious trump wasn’t in the crowd or leading the charge ramming down the barrier in his limo and some of them in jail expect him to pardon them with Biden as president wtf

    2. The GQP are a group of phonies, grandstanding opportunists and panderers, the government of Putin and the grand Q party.

  2. There is so much wrong with the Republicans at this moment in our history .🙏🏽🙏🙏🏿🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏼

    1. @LD honer, integrity and COURAGE non existent. They can’t take “ down “ a two bit fake traitor like trump.

    2. I often wonder who’s side are they on? Cruz is retweeting Russian military propaganda videos. Trump is pushing Kremlin propaganda.

    1. For them, those two are synonymous. Trump says, they follow.

      For the offended trumpist, don’t try the whataboutism or the “mainstream sheep” crap.

    1. Yeah. It might move some voters who are already wavering. I hope people show up at the rallies of those reps & chant “SHAME”, GOT style. I hope they help everyone they know register & get ID to vote, too. I’ll do what I can, but I live in a blue state.

  3. I’m so sorry for Ms. Garza and Office Sicknick’s parents. The GOP and anyone that supports their total disregard for what happened January 6 should be ashamed.

    1. I am sorry that it was necessary for her to discuss her personal relationship. The fact that we have to humanize the victims in order for people to care.

      It is truly offensive that the Republican Party treat people this way.

  4. Funny how Fox never calls any Capitol police officers assaulted by the MAGA mob for on-air interviews

    1. @H K S they ( Capitol police) “ played “ the TRAITOR TRUMP GAME the only way they could. Strategically. They were OUTNUMBERED, GREATLY! By a part of the mentally unstable, racist trump cult

    2. @H K S and OBVIOUSLY, the sh** he has on folks runs deep or either COURAGE, COMMON SENSE , and INTEGRITY are non existent among them. traitor trump is an ATROCITY.

    3. @Mia Robinson of course. EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING , are against that poor little thumb sucker, . traitor trump. Such a VICTIM. IT IS SICKENING. These people have been conned and are incapable of understanding, traitor trump is literally LAUGHING AT THEM

  5. The GOP has admitted to and has shown the entire country that they are steadfast against participating in American Democracy.

    1. @Minute Meditations I didn’t want to say that they were rapscallions, only to offend actual rapscallions.

    2. The GQP are culpable and complicit in the 1/6 insurrection, which is why they don’t want it investigated further than it already has been.

  6. I dont think y’all (ex?)trump supporters have realized the depth of deception yet. God I hope you can. And I hope we can get back to politely disagreeing on policy and their execution, instead of ya know, what’s reality and what’s fiqtion

  7. I hope now she sees what the party (cult) of Trump is truly about. It was sad she had to find out under such devastating circumstances.

    1. Great. So tens of millions of his still loyal supporters will all have to lose a family member due to his betrayal to wake them out of their cultist stupor. Otherwise it’s all fake news and this woman is either an actress who was planted by the Deep State or by Martian Lizards.

    2. @Trains of Thought exactly. I’m sorry for her loss. She and her husband seem like good people (I mean nobody tells a bad story about themselves but still…) however…

      Trump and his newly formed cult arent a new entity. Their evil not unknown. If it takes them turning their evil upon you to realize that they’re evil, its a little too late to a find a friend in me. Had no problem turning a blind eye as your cult did evil upon others so long as you benefited. Expect me to turn a blind eye to you if it takes their betrayal to “wake you up”.

  8. I don’t think I will ever buy into the idea that the torture that Officer Sicknick was subjected to didn’t bring on the heart attacks which killed him. It was murder, pure and simple.

    1. 7 people died as a direct result of that day… hundreds more injured… and so many are so flippant and disgusting in denying, dismissing and diminishing any of that took place.

    2. @LD
      Is that counting the Capitol policeman that committed suicide? I haven’t heard anything else about him.

    1. @Tall Diana wow you really are in fear and brainwashed try to act all Noble but you are part of the problem

    2. I am a respiratory patient at John’s Hopkins (JH) Hospital in MD. I have congenial respiratory disease and diabetes and my doctors told me to continue wearing a mask, regardless of what is being broadcasted on any talk show or news station. Their position is, we do not know who has had the vaccine and who has refused to take it, so it’s better to wear the mask then not and distance yourself. This practice has proven IAW their studies to save lives.

    3. @Cathy Omara 🥲 sending you healing thought waves – whatever you have to do to stay here 😘👍🏽✌🏽

  9. Wow so that’s how you get treated when you’re one of them! AND you gave your life to protecting them!!!
    Dear God how does any decent human being support the Republican party!!!???

    They show over & over n over they don’t care about you!
    WAKE UP!!!!

    1. And they only support “Blue Lives” when they’re shooting unarmed POC or beating liberal protesters.

  10. My condolences for your loss, also. We are in support of a comprehensive investigation of Jan. 6. We will not forget.

  11. There is alot being covered up! They would not want to be so secretive if they did not have anything to cover up!

    1. @Charlene Johnson I think that they are covering up the fact that they planned this with Donald Trump!

  12. This is literally an example of Trump & the republican party killing off their own supporters and not giving an ounce of F’s about it.

    1. Police officers across the country now need to realize that the GOP doesn’t give a sh*t about them and only uses them as political pawns for personal gain.

  13. It’s amazing how they just blew off the whole debacle. There must be some serious dirt on a lot of Senators with a (r) behind their name.

    1. You mean like the ones who went to Russia for the 4th of July, while Trump was president & the representatives who were literally friends with some of the attackers?

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