Undo Filibuster If GOP Continues To ‘Weaponize’ It Says Sen. Tester 1

Undo Filibuster If GOP Continues To ‘Weaponize’ It Says Sen. Tester


“I didn’t come to Washington, D.C. to get nothing done,” says Sen. Jon Tester. “If the filibuster continues to be weaponized and it ends up in gridlock, then it doesn’t leave a lot of choices.”  
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    1. From what little I’ve seen of him, I also like him.
      More or less Joe Manchin, with finite tolerance of Republican BS.

  1. “If it’s going to continue to be weaponized….”, what evidence is there to suggest it won’t be continued?

    1. Worse than that, Mcconnell is likely to get rid of it if Republicans regain full control of government.

    2. None, zero, zip, nix… every bit of historical data clearly shows, the democrats have already lost months of valuable time, playing patty cake with the divisive, destructive derelict QTGOP party. Move on now
      Hush AOC and get 10 more years of life and professional experience behind you and stop flapping your pretty mouth…

  2. Okay you rascals, this is your last chance! Haha, really this time, or we will wag our fingers REALLY hard. We still on for golf, Mitch?

    1. The Senate really heavily favours the Republicans and that makes it really difficult for the Democrats to get anything done.
      38 states lean Democrat, 50 states lean Republican, which means the Democrats need to do really well to get to 50-50.
      The totals for the 2016/18/20 elections was 115 million votes for Republican Senators, and 141 million votes for Democrat Senators.
      26 million difference in votes gets you to break even.

  3. Sadly the one person NOT IN THE DISCUSSION GROUP with good guy Senator Jon T is Mitch McConnell. He and his Grover Norquist “Club For Growth” cronies would rather enact ZERO legislation and let “Big Government” stagnate & get small enough that they could “drown it in a bathtub”. Mitch is OK with nothing ventured nothing lost from a 1% perspective. Moscow Mitch is a Cancer on America.

  4. Dems should end the filibuster now, and pass infrastructure, gun control, minimum wage, voting rights protections, marijuana decriminalization…Those issues have broad, popular support across the political spectrum. Dems should do it now so voters can base their choice next year on the results.

    1. All fine and dandy. And then when the Republicans get the House and Senate in 2022 they won’t have any problems undoing the harm that Joke Hiden has caused. Just like when the democrats got rid of the filibuster for Judges. You had to sit there and watch Trump and McConnell ram Judges down your throat and you were powerless to stop it.
      So by all means do away with the sillybuster

  5. “As a Canadian, it is astounding to me that your system allows one person–whether it be a President or a Senator—to have so much power as to derail the country” Well said

    1. The more days we clear eyed sane Americans witness, the more anguish, disappointment and rage we feel about our quote/unquote ‘democracy,’ system. It’s outrageously flawed and should be even lower on the international chart than it currently is.

  6. Dems need to get a to-do list from each of the 50 governers – bypass the senate to start – that would be working with everybody in the country – on each states infrastructure needs.
    Post the list with the cost publicly for everything that needs to be done – bring it up to vote – if the Rep leadership is opposed to any of the projects on the list – will have to publicly vote to deny their own states needs ON RECORD. The rest of the senate will have work together & break with the Rep leadership attempt to say NO to everything for their own states needs? How can they spin facts if forced to decide on the people’s needs or party line? If Rep leaders go the filibuster route – if can be modified to only need 51 votes to bring up for discussion – work out the details – like how to pay for the work thru taxing the super rich – liked the 2% wealth tax & VOTE ON IT. Manchin may have the right idea – just needs to put a little fire under the feet of the Rep Leadership to work together or ??? be replaced?

    1. I would like to see Dems end the filibuster, pass HR1, pass the full Biden Infrastructure plan, grant DC and PR statehood, and add four judges to the Supreme Court. Basically cram it all right up Republicans’ collective rear ends. You know Mitch would do if he could.

  7. I’m curious what he considers to be the right direction“. Does he mean six Republican senators agreeing to Covid relief and that number falling to 0 for everything else? If that’s the direction that he thinks the positive then he is as bad as Joe Manchin

  8. I wonder why all these media outlets and democrats didn’t push to end the filibuster when trump was President? If it’s a Kim crow relic now it was a Jim Crow relic then too.

  9. What’s funnier than “Democrats” complaining that they can’t even get fifty votes? Didn’t anyone tell them what democracy means??

  10. You can’t change the composition, distribution of representation and Suffrage, or the legislative processes to reach majority consensus by Senate rules or congressional statute. The Constitution says that the house and senate have the right to make the rules for its proceedings, not to change the legislative assembly or the legislative processes.

    All rules in the House and Senate are invalid and unconstitutional and must be removed immediately!

  11. Ya so the hypicrats can ram through an agenda that will continue to divide and ruin America in which half the country does not want. The Republicans are doing there job and representing the people that voted them in !

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