Passenger train plows into car hauler trailer in South Florida | USA TODAY

No one was injured after a passenger train in Hollywood, Florida, collided with a car hauler trailer after the truck got stuck on the railroad tracks.

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  1. What I meant to say was ” that is some pretty good footage”. It actually shows what the headline claimed it would show.

  2. I initially thought the truck was stuck in traffic but there were no cars in front of it. Must have been mechanical problem or negligence.

  3. 100% the haulers’ fault. These @ holes who drive these large trucks think they can do anything o. The road. He couldn’t hear that train? You don’t realize the rear load is still on the tracks? I hope he’s fired.

    1. Trailer got stuck on the tracks, can be 100% a mechanical fault or the crossing not matching code, its in the description. How about not being lazy and reading the details? Attention span worth a minute?

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