Passing on home inspection a costly mistake for Ont. family 1

Passing on home inspection a costly mistake for Ont. family


An Ontario family who purchased their dream home said their experience has become a complete nightmare.

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  1. DO NOT WAIVE THE INSPECTION. Especially if you’re on septic and well. You need to test the water quality too.

    1. You need a separate septic inspection. Standard home inspections do not include septic. Even then, they won’t catch some pricey errors.

  2. Home Inspections can only reveal what is visible to the eye. LOTS of home purchasers get burned by issues hidden by renovations done by the sellers. Issues that home inspectors can’t possibly see.

  3. Caveat Emptor. Not doing an inspection is utter idiocy, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

  4. I have a lot of respect for them choosing to go public with this instead of getting rid of the property to another unsuspecting buyer.

  5. They were not suspicious when it came back on the market 2 days later? with a no inspection clause…lol

  6. Very unfortunate situation, i work with inspectors that are very flexible and can complete inspection during a viewing so when you do make offer you are protected. Issues for buyers is that they don’t want to pay for inspection in the event they don’t get the house. Also, I have never seen a septic system and well on a 5/4 bed home cost 129k.

  7. the repairs can be done for far less. they should have just drilled a new well instead of placing those holding tanks.

  8. Who on earth would buy a house without having it inspected???? Like, that’s probably the worst possible corner to cut.

  9. Lol, waiving the inspection was part of the deal? That should be setting off some alarms. That’s like saying you can buy the car but can’t take it for a test drive. Like, that sucks, but you definitely have no one to blame but yourself.

  10. The seller was ALSO the listing agent? Time to reveal names so this crooked agent will have trouble swindling someone else.

  11. I sold a house and made them take out the inspection clause, but my place was 9 months old. As a buyer I would never buy without 2 inspections. Never make big decisions without doing due diligence.

    1. Just a thought…….Why would you ask someone to waive an inspection if you personally would never buy a home without one yourself?……

  12. Inspectors wouldn’t of spotted it they all are bribed by realtors unless the roof is missing they’ll give it a pass

  13. The realtor should be reported to the Ontario RealtorAssociation. OREA

    He should lose his license and may have to pay for the upgrades That has happened before

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