'Tearing down the country': Erin O'Toole comments on #CancelCanadaDay 1

‘Tearing down the country’: Erin O’Toole comments on #CancelCanadaDay


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole says that he 'can't stay silent' about calls to cancel Canada Day, saying it is 'tearing down the country.'

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    1. What was it? And when did it change?
      You do know the Canadian government is torturing the mentally ill, still?

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    1. Really y’all know her? I even thought I’m the only one she has helped walk through the fears and fall of trading

  2. Happy Canada day! Now start telling some more truth even if it hurts someone’s feelings.

  3. What a joke he is. Canada Day doesn’t equal the country, having a conversation isn’t “tearing down”… over dramatic little baby. Lol

    1. He acknowledged it as being a perfect country, but if you allow this , then slowly the country could fall apart.

  4. It’s crazy we can’t have one day to symbolically be together and united. Weird. We have the rest of the year to fix what needs to be fixed. We have one day to acknowledge how far we’ve come and they want to cancel it…

  5. Getting those steaks ready…fridge full of Molson beer and my 5 foot flag up high.. Happy Canada day!!!

  6. 32 seconds of video , in what Canadians , already know , lol !!!!Canada , the only country on this planet that has 6 candidates , and none of them are worth while to vote , for ! Lol .Happy Canada day 2021 , we are still here . Nationalistic pride , has been defeated by the Corona Virus , no , maybe by the Corona beer bottle caps , strewed all over my lawn !!!

  7. Canada Day has become political, how about give the middle class a tax break and when will these politicians distract the masses for votes but never heal the countries tax problem. Happy Canada Day.

  8. Canada is the greatest country on Earth & there are those who would use their freedoms to reject their own history. If this country is so bad then take the invitation to go elsewhere.

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