Past NYC Leaders Look Back On 9/11 And The Aftermath 1

Past NYC Leaders Look Back On 9/11 And The Aftermath

Former FDNY Commissioner Tom Von Essen, who led the department through 9/11, and former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who began his second tenure as commissioner just months after the attacks, join Andrea Mitchell to share their reflections on how September 11th changed the city and the country.
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  1. Thank you president Trump for your great Supreme Court, they will reverse the communist vaccine mandate just like the eviction moratorium

  2. Hard to believe Giuliani was once considered “America’s mayor.” Guy is so tarnished by his association with Insurrectionist Trump at this point.

  3. Interesting thing about this is that normally guiliani would be in high demand for this. However his behavior has made him an untouchable piece of crap. He is now diminished and is a disgrace

  4. Question for the day? Can you tell me one thing Joe Biden has done right without choas or supreme Court revise

  5. What I expected: flying cars
    What I got: divisive identity politics, medical tyranny, and fax machines thriving for absolutely no reason

  6. My Dad was on our fire dept for 42 years and died at 63 from the toxicity of all of those years- he actually started during the war at 16- in a munitions plant in Nobel Ont. When those towers went down I knew that there would be hundreds of men like my Dad fighting their way up , and also any other heroic branches of rescue operations and likely many rescue dogs also. It killed me inside and I know that there were families of firefighters worldwide who felt the same. Your cousins North of 49 care deeply about those to the south and share your feelings at this time.

  7. Hmmmm, funny how Biden made his big announcement about Covid mandates today. Why announce it the day before 9-11 – before the rules of the mandate have even been formulated. Could it be he’s trying to distracted us from the Afghan withdrawal fiasco?

  8. We don’t live, in a democracy, and we don’t have real freedom, that is not at the expense of the deaths and super-exploitations of billions oversees, and millions right here in the u.s. of a. – including what happened on 911. The very elite 1-10% live like kings & queens, while all the rest of us must foot the bills, with poverty and/or – death! I’m sorry for your experiences and losses!!

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