Patti LuPone scolds audience member for not wearing a mask | USA TODAY

At a Broadway event in New York City, an audience member was scolded by actress Patti LuPone for not wearing a mask.

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LuPone, 73, wasn't having it Tuesday after a theatergoer didn't appear to wear their mask covering their nose. During a Q&A panel at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre hosted by the American Theater Wing, alongside her "Company" costars, the "American Horror Story" actress told someone in the audience to "put your mask over your nose."

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    1. @✨Sanaya✨ you put on loop on the left ear the on the right and cover your nose and mouth. That’s how

    2. @pandalove they obviously can’t while they are performing, so the only other option if for the the audience to wear a mask to protect the people around them, the performers, and themselves. Especially if that is the theaters rules. If you don’t like the rules that are set in place as an audience member, then go back to staying home and isolation. Period.

    3. @pandalove also, since the actors are doing shows without masks, they get tested everyday. Having the audience wear mask even through the performers aren’t still lowers the chance of it spreading.

  1. I understand about the mask but she’s not wearing a mask either so she going to scolded a audience member for not wearing a mask but when the audience member says you not wearing a mask you edited the video out to make that audience member look bad instead of the actress who should mind her own business If she that worry about people not wearing mask then find another place of employment don’t be a bully you don’t know if they were vaccinated or not what gives you the right to bully someone else for the same thing as the whole cast not wearing a mask but yet let the celebrity bully one audience member for not wearing one

    1. She clearly doesn’t respect the actors sitting around her… right? Speaking of. The body language of the ladies near her look a bit uncomfortable.

    1. If she didn’t want to wear a mask the audience member should have watched Netflix instead of going into the theater.

  2. Once again… actors showing how horrible they are on the inside. No wonder they have to pretend to be someone else.

  3. I’m not even an anti-masker, but not a single one of these cast members have a mask on. What, do they think they’re better than the people in the crowd? If she were wearing one herself, then ok… she believes strongly in wearing a mask… but seriously?

    1. That has nothing to do with it. When you enter a private building with rules you FOLLOW those RULES no ifs ands or buts !!

    1. Yea that was ugly, I wouldn’t clap I’d be thinking about how that affected my energy and where’s the exit. Buzz kill.

  4. Hahaha she must not have any respect for the people around her, if she’s not wearing a mask either…

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