Watch live: Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds White House briefing | USA TODAY

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gives second-to-last briefing.

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  1. The best report today that we heard from the president of the United States that can’t take Ukraine is a problem because of the wheat prices going up in America so now we know Americans that we’ve been buying wheat for over 200 years from Ukraine that’s why all the products ever surprised because Ukraine beef we’re not important but not only us but all 8 billion people on this planet are affected by the Ukrainian wheat situation and food situation and of course the oil situation is because of that there are planning dependent so badly and so importantly on Ukrainian wheat food cows pigs oranges sausages that all doubled and triple in price because of Ukraine not producing any of these products so now you have an understanding of the Daniel carry party and the president United States when you go to a supermarket and you buy a product that has double and triple this price that you know it’s because we’re not getting it from Ukraine so this winter season turkeys cranberries as we had shortages pumpkins and of course corn sunflower shellfish apple juice tomato juice all the fruits and vegetables that we are paying double and triple price from is because Ukraine cannot produce anymore or it’s not coming from Russia this is so simple this is brilliant this is so brilliant from the Democratic party and the president of the United States we are so stupid in America not to have realized this after the president and the Democratic party showed us I’m not sure Americans feel like morons imbeciles and idiots because you didn’t know all this

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