Pattie Lovett-Reid on new supports for Canadians | Federal Budget 2023

Financial commentator Pattie Lovett-Reid explains what supports are included in the federal budget, and just how effective they could be.

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  1. As a single person, I just paid $350 for groceries for this week. Inflation? I think so. This Canadian Government is forcing Canadians to leave this great country to seek out more economical countries. Additionally, cannot find a medical doctor — we pay for health care but cannot access it. Canadian Government, EPIC FAIL for the citizens of this country.

    1. @Ms fili Problem is that the healthy stuff cost more so it becomes a question of getting less high quality food or more low quality food with the same amount of money.

    2. @James Ryan it’s a little high but I’m spending clost to $300 every 2 weeks as a single guy. I used to spend $150/2 weeks a few years ago and come home with the same amount of food.

    3. @TripnotystI didn’t actually address your point. YES, food is a lot more expensive now. I agree. I’m just used to buying on sale, using a freezer, and other cost cutting measures so when something becomes too expensive like vegetable oil or meat I stop eating it so much. I don’t buy cereal either.

    1. @John Bainbridge No that’s inflation. Think about what inflation means, of course they will be getting record profits. Notice its not record profit margins. Record profit margins would be price gouging, record profits is inflation. This government needs to stop the handouts and new debt.

    2. @Richard Tracy From 2018 to 2022, Loblaws more than DOUBLED its NET profits. Net, not gross. That’s not just inflation.

    3. Double the profit didn’t just disappear. It went somewhere. And margins include salary and bonuses for execs, etc. Somebody made a lot of money.

  2. Eating is still cheap if you can cook, buy in bulk and discipline yourself. Cooking is not a lost art, it’s a culturally suppressed art.

  3. PLR said “” it will cost the government about 2.5 billion dollars “”,,,,,hello , it’s our money , not theirs… usual Trudum is not able to handle even the simple task of creating and delivering a decent budget !!! when is the election ? oh ya , now I remember NOT SOON ENOUGH……..

  4. Money would be better spent busting the monopoly these grocery conglomerates have created through greed and deceit

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