Paul discusses leadership challenge, calling out Prime Minister Trudeau | One-on-one with Solomon

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul discusses the challenge to her leadership and calls out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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  1. I feel like Evan dropped the ball a bit on this one. I know it’s hard to stay impartial but I think some of his colours were showing through here. :/

  2. Don’t know her personally. She might be a great person. However, she sounds like a person without enough empathy and maturity.

    1. @Langton Industries Dream on she not your run of the mill liberal female politician who knows their place she’s a true strong leader.

    1. @Langton Industries Maybe but she is a lawyer and will make more money practicing law than being leader of this party.

  3. Calling Someone racist is a very serious charge. Please provide the name and context so this can never happen again

    1. It’s pathetic to claim it and not actually say anything of substance. Cowardly to cast the whole group in a bad light without proof.

    2. yep where’s the proof? She’ll throw around the words racist and sexist and call names but she doesn’t want to get into the details? lolololololol

    1. You mean she has a backbone and stands strong something today’s liberal wouldn’t recognize.

    2. @99thDimension Honestly I don’t see it like that. She’s won’t address the allegations in any meaningful way. Her argument of sexism and racism is weak, and honestly childish. This is not a someone I would want to see with power.

  4. Yikes! If you don’t want your society to fail at a certain point everyone needs to be reading from the same hymn book.

  5. Losers, whine and blame. Real leaders take accountability and ownership of issues! You do the opposite!

  6. Wait, is she claiming the reason why the MP chose to leave her party and join the Liberals is because Trudeau is not a feminist?? I think Somebody needs to throw a life raft as this Party’s LeaderSHIP seems to be sinking.

  7. Isn’t it an unwritten rule (though it should be) that an MP who loses her seat in an election has no business representing any party, much less being the leader of one?

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