'You are no feminist': Annamie Paul blasts Prime Minister Trudeau for poaching MP 1

‘You are no feminist’: Annamie Paul blasts Prime Minister Trudeau for poaching MP


Green Party Leader Annamie Paul accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of playing dirty politics after poaching Jenica Atwin.

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  1. Poaching?? I thought free will. I had high hopes for him and outa the gate many disappointments – Many

    1. The implication is also that somehow, the member was lured , enticed or coerced. Now, within Parliament, there is some protection against false accusations but Paul needs to remember that she is not in Parliament as she lost both of her attempts at being elected and hence is required to have more evidence for such an accusation than had she a seat in Parliament.

    2. @John Wang she seems very nasty. I don’t like the american style of politics creeping into Canada. All the parties are using the american buzz words now

    1. Was your misspelling of “hear” and “something” as well leaving out the apostrophe in “Y’all” intentional to further portray poor education?

    2. @John Wang the “here” has wrong spelling, but the “Somethin” is correct (phonetically)

  2. Yeah yeah, save the words for your departure speech shortest living leader of a party , if you call her a leader

    1. Yessir. Just another female who is angry at the world- that’s from the wife. Lol
      Maybe the ugliest woman I have ever seen —from the husband lol

    1. Yup. Calling Trudeau not a feminist simply because he poached an MP from your crumbling party is idiotic and she is clearly trying to just defect all the blame and not take accountability for losing her MP.

  3. Don’t blame anybody but yourself, you elected by your members as leader of the Green Party, leader should lead, but you haven’t done anything for the Green Party, it’s not racist or sexism, it’s your inability to lead and do things. Shut-up and resign, let other member of your party to do the real job, don’t waste anymore time.

    1. It’s sad to see that previous GREEN PARTY LEADER works so hard to build the party; and destroy by the present leader.

  4. What? How is bringing a female MP into the governing party’s bench “pushing her out of politics”? That doesn’t even make sense!

  5. He didn’t kidnap them they decided to go. You can do that you know! What does feminineism have to do with you, a woman, losing members of your party? You simply can’t do the job.

  6. Both right. Trudeau is not a feminist;, and Paul is a failed diversity hire blaming others for her own incompetence.

  7. And that’s what you call the nail in the coffin for Ms. Paul’s political aspirations. Does she not think Atwin is capable of independent thought? This is transparently desperate 🙁

  8. What a smokescreen. The situation has nothing to do with feminism. Typical politician. Blame another party instead of looking to your own failure and ineptitude.

  9. The ‘green’ in the Green Party actually represents:

    (a) the environment
    (b) money
    (c) jealousy
    (d) all of the above

    Vote now!

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