Paul Rieckoff On Afghanistan Withdrawal: “What We’ve Created May Fail.” 1

Paul Rieckoff On Afghanistan Withdrawal: “What We’ve Created May Fail.”


Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Paul Rieckoff explains that “there are elements of this rollout that the Biden administration did not have squared away in time.” He explains the need to relocate interpreters to safety, and the potential future of the country.

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Paul Rieckoff On Afghanistan Withdrawal: “What We’ve Created May Fail.”


  1. I’m all for you to go over there with everybody that feels like you do and don’t hesitate and don’t come back till you feel satisfied

    1. @Poppies! Sleep! basically, if they want to volunteer to fight for Afghanistanians rights or whatever they want to fight for, then allow those individuals to do so. But for the rest of us, it’s time to go.

    2. The USA and United Nations is even arming and financing, Afghanistan Military…So pack your bags, anyone that has a Problem with how President Biden is running the USA….HIT THE ROAD JACK…………

    3. @may wilson. Biden is running the country into the ground and a bunch of cave dwellers are out smarting him. #1 You don’t give a date to your enemy when you leaving. @2 You create a safe zone for the Afghan military to operate that they can defend and want to defend. #3 Air support.

  2. For those who served, great, but we were there in a military fashion, we weren’t there to Create any thing.

    1. @Melanin Magdalene I have no doubt that opioids play some part in Afghan politics, and that no doubt there was some degree of drug traficking going on with members of the US military or the plethora of contractors directly involved, but no, this was NOT a 2.26 Trillion dollar dope deal.

    2. We were there so we weren’t fighting the war on our soil , remember Taliban declared war on Americans around the world , now car bombs will come to our soil , won’t that be nice ?

  3. Paul should STF up and bring soldiers home…..this was a total waste of money and more importantly loss of American lives!! Yes we should help out those that assisted, but if homie so concerned, why isn’t he there helping them!!

    1. @Summit Trading Endless war against the Taliban… That’s weakness.

      Just because you are a chump doesn’t mean the rest of the USA wants to be a chump.

    2. @Josh Court Your contribution to the strength of our republic preventing us from being chumps?I thought so.

    3. @Kevin Gaines Absolutely, I’ve contributed more than I’ve witnessed or received. “preventing us”? I can give you plenty of information to help identify the disease from the symptoms but I can’t help you from being a chump.

    4. @Josh Court @Kevin Gaines Stop arguing and Go make babies. Taliban reproduced all these 21 years. Women in villages are helping with reproduction.

  4. Bring those translators back, they were there along with us in the many fire fights in Afghanistan!

    1. @Mark Hasenour. Taliban are executing them like mob hits out of nowhere which it makes it impossible for them to defend themselves. Our president is being out smarted by a bunch of cave dwellers.

    2. bring their families to the USA and watch them get butchered during the Antifa wars. all foreigners are going to be targeted along with you traitors

    3. We all went to any people of a foreign Nation who helps us they should be granted Asylum or citizenship as far as I’m concerned

  5. suffice it to say we have a disturbingly lousy record for helping those who’ve helped us.

    1. yeah, after 20 years of us helping them – you’d think they could STAND ON THEIR OWN. so sad…

    2. Right world war 2 young men died but we gave Germany and Japan back their countries instead of conquering them no other country in history ever has done that.

    3. Why do you say that? Name one country USA left hanging out to dry? Syria was the only one and that was Dump..When President Biden took office, efforts started immediately, for Humantarian Efforts…Not Dump he hung them out to dry….

  6. But we were told the Afghans could govern themselves in a civilized way. Quit wasting our money and lives.

  7. The problem is not that there is no plan in place when the troops are pulled out. The problem was there was no plan and understanding of the problem when they went in in the first place.

    1. It was and remains a RELIGIOUS WAR – it is/was completely UNDERSTOOD. GEORGE W BUSH and Republicans saw a way to make money through all sorts of avenues associated with the WAR MACHINE. It will continue to be a religious war once we leave.

    2. Shhh! that kinda talk could lead to a much needed open conversation regarding our Military Imperialistic Worldview

  8. if a government only exist because of American troops and money, that government should not exist. Someone should be brave enough to tell the truth to the American peoples.

  9. If after all of the blood, treasure and years of training and support poured into
    Afghanistan by America and our allies the Afghan people still cannot defend
    their own country, they only have themselves to blame.

  10. America never should have sent troops to Afghanistan. Now that the Americans are leaving it is up to the people of Afghanistan to figure out what to do with their country. It is not America’s job.

  11. I look forward to deploying back to Afghanistan in 5 years, and dealing with Taliban armed with abandoned US equipment.

  12. On a side note, a new poll just came out,over 50% of Americians consider the MEDIA the enemy of the people,must sux to be you.

  13. How about the withdrawal of MSNBC from their biggest Trump bashing HERO, MICHAEL AVENATTI? They used to be in love with the guy!! LMAO!!

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