Paul says resignation and allegations against Payette are shocking 1

Paul says resignation and allegations against Payette are shocking


Green Party Leader Annamie Paul says she hopes Prime Minister Trudeau appoints a 'non-political' candidate for governor general.


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    1. @Captain Crunch There were earlier reports about at least some of these allegations quite a while ago. That’s what Chocolatebar is talking about, but the reports can still be accurately described as “shocking” even if they came out months ago.

    1. It makes me wonder about the HR at Nasa. A reality I would sooner not have been made aware of. It appears more and more that it is not the cream that has been making it to the very top. Perhaps we should be looking for a better screen of some type to stop the chunky bits from piling up.

  1. Truly beauty is only skin deep, the character of a soul is more important in our search for someone to be genuinely kind to other human beings. Payette only has herself to be blamed. The higher your place in a society, the higher your need to be humble. If not you might fall flat to your face one day.

    1. So you got to read them?…and everyone was shouting…”CONSPIRACY THEORY”…my husband said the Prime Minister would NEVER appoint someone to that office if the allegations were true, and for me to shut up!!!…he ate his words today…

  2. “Shocking” uhm… Has anyone else been paying attention? This was clearly coming since the allegations came out months ago. About time she’s gone.

    1. Also, she was accused of domestic violence against her HUSBAND before she was appointed. The Liberals did a poor job vetting her. Glad she is gone. Never thought she was dignified enough for the office.

    2. There is a lot of stuff being said but I don’t see anything about what she said. All I see is that one of her staffers had a hissy fit with someone. If this leads to termination, I don’t like where this is going.

  3. Warning signals?
    She had complaints of her last two previous jobs and paid out $200,000 severance of the last one!

  4. Her resignation statement was completely ego centric and passive aggressive. No apology given at all, and no mention of her improving herself.
    Complete narcissist and got what she deserved. Rather than shocked, I’m very glad this happened to such an awful person.

  5. “She clearly has decided that the thing that is in the best interest of Canada” OH PLEASE LET HER SEEM SO NOBLE.
    She was a terrible choice from the start, and an awful representation of the Queen.

    1. I bet they told her that if she does not quit she will go into the history books to have the PM go to the Queen to fire her.

  6. She was charged for assaulting her husband back in the day but a Canadian “astronaut” somehow got away with it – imagine a male GG who was charged with beating his wife.

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