‘Pay Attention To This’: GOP Voter Suppression Effort Unprecedented Since Jim Crow | Rachel Maddow

Marc Elias, voting rights litigator, talks with Rachel Maddow about the widespread attack on voting by state Republicans, including acting against laws enacted by Republicans and in states that were previously proud of high voter participation, and why "it's just different this time." Aired on 03/10/2021.
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'Pay Attention To This': GOP Voter Suppression Effort Unprecedented Since Jim Crow | Rachel Maddow


    1. You’re so right about that, Eileen. Trump lit the match of thinking he could get away with anything he did–that he could “shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and people would still vote for” him. The GOP are modeling their current behavior on his.

    2. @White Wolf you cannot “deserve” a “right”. A right is something thats is fundamental to being alive (as determined by a group of people). As an example, its the right to life liberty and the persuit of happiness not the right to earn the right to life liberty and happiness. The constitution gives the right to vote not the right to the right to vote. You are genuinely cheering the death of democracy. Recall, aside from a single case to get a time extension on something, republicians lost every trial they put forward to the courts, even courts in republician states. More over in court where there are legal consequences to lying, they dont even claim fraud. Republicians ACTUALLY do what they scare you into thinking that democrats do. But i doubt you care, its us vs them to the point of self harm. So congratz, i hope youve “earned” your right to vote, but watch out because facism is always a snake that eats its own tail.

    3. @White Wolf only those who contribute to society and those that have actual jobs and real Americans. business owners and legitimate forms of ID should be the ones who vote why would a demonic Democrat believe that only dead people and illegales and our enemy’s in other countries should have a say in our elections? Wait …. I know why . because they know that an American citizen only gets one vote so they make it count but a dead man can vote a hundred times illegals don’t care terrorists get paid but the real question is who gave a demon Democrat the right to even be allowed to consider them selves as human ? I’d vote for a corn dog before I voted for a demonic evil worthless filthy garbage devil Democrat that’s why they cheat they’re liers theives murderers is that the kind of creature we should allow to even live ? Trump 2020

    1. @Kareem O’Weet oh well I’m very curious. Please explain to me why the earth is flat. Or maybe you would like to talk about how the vaccine has a little micro chip in it. I’m curious were you always the smartest person that you knew? Did you always make straight A’s in school and do you hold higher education degree like maybe a doctorate. Please explain! It’s rare that I get to talk to such a great mind is yourself!

    2. @Kareem O’Weet cesarean born? Wow that must be the kind insult that gifted people tell to each other. I’m going to have to use that… I’ll shout… Were you born cesarean!! And they could shout back… Yes because my mom had some health issues. Epic slam!

    3. @D B
      Here how about this one: Democrats are so stupid they take Taxis to the Drive-in….most expensive movies they’ve ever seen.

    4. @Kareem O’Weet That’s pretty bad Kareem. What country are you from? I’m hoping that English is not your first language.

  1. he’s been saying what i been seeing, our rights, we the people are, our democracy is on life support, wake up people!

    1. These laws are not enough. Republican lawmakers must make it illegal to vote for non-Republican candidates. Make the USA one party Republican system. That’s the only way patriots can save democracy.

    2. @Jim Yarbrough So if each state can set its own voting rules, how can a federal law (HR1) change this? What will be added in the law to make those shenanigans impossible? (I don’t know what HR1 and the John Lewis bill say (and perhaps the two expressions refer to the same thing) ).
      If they still want to reduce voting hours or voting locations or whatever, will they still be able to do that or…?

  2. The more people who vote, the more the Democrats win. So to maintain power, the Republicans have to stop people from voting. Congress has to stop this by passing the voting rights act.

    1. voter ID laws are unconstitutional, discriminatory and at odds with the ideals that the United States is supposed to represent.

      1. Under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a state is not allowed to pass laws that “unduly burden” the right to vote. According to the Supreme Court, even very minor burdens have to be justified as “sufficiently weighty to justify the limitation.”

      2. U.S. district judge Adelman found precedent that a law could be invalidated if it placed an undue burden on subgroups of citizens, such as Latinos and African Americans, if the burdens placed on that population are not outweighed by the state’s justification for the law that places those burdens on the voting subgroup.

      3. The state of Wisconsin claimed that a voter identification law was necessary for “detecting and preventing in-person voter-impersonation fraud.” Evidence presented to U.S. district Judge Adelman showed that “virtually no voter impersonation” occurs in Wisconsin, finding literally no examples of this type of fraud in more than a decade of elections. Adelman said that “cases of potential voter-impersonation fraud occur so infrequently that no rational person familiar with the relevant facts could be concerned about them.” Similar results have been found in other states.

      4. No empirical evidence shows that voter ID laws like the one in Wisconsin actually increase confidence in the electoral process. Significant evidence, in fact, shows the opposite, that such laws decrease many voters confidence in the system, since the law is seen as a way to prevent certain types of voters from casting their ballot.

      5. The Supreme Court has ruled that states cannot burden voters based on the prevention of dangers that are very unlikely and only possible, but not proven.

      6. Voter ID laws disproportionately burden those who don’t currently possess photo IDs and don’t need them for any other purpose for voting. This group of citizens is overwhelmingly poor and disproportionately African American and Latino.

      7. A significant portion of those without qualifying IDs lack the documents, like a birth certificate, needed to get an ID. And they lack the ID needed to get a birth certificate.

      8. Since they lack a physical address, homeless people are unable to receive ID cards in most of the country.

      9. Many birth certificates and other documents have errors on them and cannot be used to obtain an ID without corrections. Corrections cost money.

      10. A significant portion of voters lacking IDs were born in other states and are required to obtain needed documents from the other state, which costs extra money and involves contacting another agency in another state that the voter might not have lived in for many years.

      11. As high as 64% of the population without IDs make less than $20,000 a year and the costs of transportation and obtaining documents shifts funds away from feeding their family or paying rent.

      12. The Voting Rights Act says that the denial or abridgement of the right to vote for any citizens based on race or color, regardless of the existence of discriminatory intent, is illegal.

      13. The Voting Rights Act says that a law related to voting is invalid if it places a barrier to voting that is more likely to affect members of a minority group than the general population.

    2. Jason C. – just looking at your videos makes me question your true motives.
      Where are you from buddy?

  3. Well, when your party has nothing to offer and cannot be elected on its merits (ps: obstruction and trolling aren’t merits), then cheating and voter suppression are your only options.

    1. @White Wolf Voter fraud and voter suppression. Its the only way Republicans can win an election. Cheating.

    2. It is a Federal Offense because it is laid out in the Constitution and what our country is based on.

      Again these same fools cru Constitution and support, as long as it benefits them. But then go against it to hurt others.

      Anyone who creates and signs such a law, should be charged with a crime, arrested and jailed and political careers instantly ended.

      But see, those who make the laws always are the ones breaking them.

  4. Voter suppression is all the GOP has left. It’s not as if they’re actually doing anything productive. They don’t care about America; only themselves.

    1. @D SP btw …if you can get your idea off the floor …you will stop a civil war …you got my support

    2. The Republican party needs to move more toward the middle. They have lost their party to crazy nuts with bison horns, getting rid of mail boxes to reduce mail in ballots.

    1. @tim prowse Yeah but that was mainly Democrats and not 80 million people. If you think they voted for Joe your delusional. They just didn’t vote.

    2. No you don’t, I got my first shot the other day and no one asked for it required my ID? Where are you getting your pitiful misinformation from dear. I’ve read all of your comments thus far, and 99% of what you state as supposed fact is utter and complete nonsense, just total falsehoods made up out of whole cloth. Do you just believe anything your told by Trump or Fox News, it’s pretty sad to see a grown woman incapable of discerning reality from lies and propaganda. I truly pity you.

    1. We all do see it .the top is too far gone they are going to implode or explode o e or the other but their fate is sealed conaldtrump is seeing to that.

    2. @miapdx when you’ve been cheating to win elections for so long they can tell you the sky is falling and their followers always agree. SHEEP

    3. CORRUPTION they personified corruption the entire world sees it and u can’t not stop some folks from voting for ever

  5. This guy is right, stand up for it or lose it, ……come on folks save your democracy…….don’t be the generation that loses what has been so hard to gain!

  6. Call, write, petition, and protest your representatives. Demand that they stop suppressing the vote. DO NOT WAIT until November! Do it now! Do it today!

    1. While you’re demanding you might demand voter ID also. That is the only way to keep the Republicans from stealing the next election.

  7. Too many people believe that if you can no longer win by playing fairly it’s perfectly okay to cheat.

    1. DJT turned that burner on! Never thought I would see a racist traitor as a president of this country. He needs to go to jail!

  8. We have one political party working to preserve freedom, and another working to bring back slavery. Republicans are monsters.

  9. ALL Patriotic Americans want EVERY eligible American to be able to easily cast their vote for the candidates they choose, no matter who that is.
    Republicans are not Patriotic Americans.

  10. The Republicans are a disgrace and voter suppression is just one more thing that is unacceptable. We must keep these insurrectionist out of office for the sake of our democracy and our civil rights.

    1. Agreed but the Democrats have two Bull Connor relics such as Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona who are locked step with these terrorist Republicans, Chuck Schumer get these to in line or strip them of committee

  11. The irony of Republicans and trump supporters saying “stop the steal” when that’s exactly what’s happening now with this attempt to restrict people voting! They are a disgraceful, disgusting party

    1. @keithg145 Look at the last election exactly, what a absolute disaster it was. Not sure where the 11 hrs of wait time was at, I did see lines out there on numerous news feeds. Sounds like the states need to work some things out, open more sites maybe. Viting by mail in this last election was a absolute mess, each if the states admitted to that and alot are in the middle of changing the issues they had. I know CNN doesn’t want to cover any of the issues cause that would go against their narrative of nothing to see here.

    2. @Alan Cook how was it a disaster? Because trump lost? Because he said so? Mail in voting has always happened and there never an issue with it, but all of a sudden there is! There was less fraud In the last election than any other, most cases of voter fraud were trump supporters too! And your on about cnn’s narrative? What about fox, oan, newsmax? Peddled complete lies for months! I didn’t see cnn do that once

    3. @Alan Cook and who was it that stormed the capitol because their commander In Chief trump told them too? Oh right Republicans.

    4. @Robert Manzella That’s because Dems would be too much of a P@@@y to actually march peacefully, instead they were out burning the country down all summer. But good narrative and theatrics the left keeps going on about. Try watching the videos of that day, listen to actual accounts of the day, completely different from CNNs BS.

    1. If you can vote the GOP can’t win. GOP is doing everything they can to cheat to win. We must fight back through the legal system. We need the John Lewis bill to pass to protect our democracy.

    2. I think they are to lose their right to vote or better yet be dissolved instantly and make it tell all those people do not have a party

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