This is staying grateful. | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

A nurse working in the COVID unit tells Stephanie Ruhle how she stays grateful during this time.

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This is staying grateful. | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. If only politics was, โ€œa calling,โ€ in the same way that nursing is. If only? . . . It used to be a vocation, for which the privileged sacrificed so much, just to help their country. Now, itโ€™s just a way for many of them to get and protect more privileges. And they take them from people like this nurse. The only people fit to be politicians are people like her, who would never want the job

    1. @Pizza Rolls : I was talking about the leaders, and most prominent figures. Naturally, corruption began in American politics, as soon as the Founding Fathers created the nation. But, when you think of people like FDR, who had every financial advantage, and didnโ€™t, โ€œneed,โ€ anything from politics, and who had more reasons than most to let others handle it? He did what he did out of a sense of vocation, sacrificing his freedom, time and playboy tendencies, for a life of solid grind, dealing with the worst people on Earth, shouldering the burden of the horrors of war. And he gave it literally everything he had, dying in office. Iโ€™m just speaking of people like that . . . and his wife, for that matter . . . Believers, with a cause, and a care for their fellow creature

  2. It’s an uphill enough battle to provide care to people while blindly navigating the minefield of COVID. But to also have to work against your own government’s politics and greed…

  3. Well done MSNBC. As a news outlet the true ‘colours’ of your humanity and values have shined increasingly bright through this global health crisis….

  4. The British might owe the few in those RAF fighter squadrons…..๐ŸŒน
    But the US surely owes to it Medical.., to its Nurses… surely more than it will ever know…

  5. I think you would be hard pressed to find something like this on Fox.
    Iโ€™m sure they would drag out a nurse who tends to think along the conspiracy lines and Mr Q.
    No compassion nothing about the people they care for.

  6. Nurses are the heroes of our decade. Highlight this more please with better video length and quality.

  7. Look how they try and do these emotional appeals to make you watch.
    They’re losing viewers as they should be.

  8. You got me there. Lump in throat and all. I am so grateful for the health system, who has saved me now 4 times.

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