Pelosi Announces 9/11-Style Commission On Capitol Riot | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Pelosi Announces 9/11-Style Commission On Capitol Riot | Morning Joe | MSNBC


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is doubling down on calls for a 9/11-style commission on the Capitol attack, following the impeachment and acquittal of former President Donald Trump. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Pelosi Announces 9/11-Style Commission On Capitol Riot | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @T watch Q Do you think you racist losers should stop making predictions? Remember when you were all saying trump was going to win the election? Do you remember saying trump would improve the economy? Your track record is crap nostradumbass.

      Also, all trump supporters are racist. everyone who isn’t stupid knows that.

    2. @Hudson Donald there’s the race word again, sounds like congress in this country, they were trying to use the race card in the impeachment.True Americans aren’t buying any of that crap. We are about restoring our constitution, and not letting government have too much control

    3. @Hudson Donald oh really, and you believe ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter was good? BLM never did anything for the black people in our country, I’ve heard it said from many black people themselves and ANTIFA was responsible for the so called attack on the Capitol, which most of America saw for themselves it was a staged event. Our patriots are loyal to Trump, and we know what’s coming, that’s why a civil war hasn’t broken out yet, and you will be thanking President Trump for saving our country from the corruption in our country at some point, or I will be volunteering for showing you the way out of our country. You are programed by a corrupt system and have no idea, but I do.

    4. @Hudson Donald I’m stating facts beyond your understanding, because you are stuck in the past. You need to get with the coming world known as Nesara Gesara

    5. @Hudson Donald Also, you sir are outnumbered in this country, just like your fake so called President, you need to wake up dude, before you get left behind

  1. “When the people fear government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty ” ~Thomas Jefferson

    1. Didn’t you know: Thomas Jefferson has been ‘cancelled’; you cannot quote him or mention his name lest you be labeled a “racist”!!

    2. And you are calling idiots “the people”? Stupid is what stupid does. You have no idea what our country have but if you lose it, it will be too late to get it back! Signed: Me.

    3. @Bob Lazar do please give me info on “the secret in tea leaves left by Q.” I have never heard of anything about this. If you are so smart, you should be able to give me information on any part of what I put in quotes. You said I was stupid so inform me. When I first looked at your nasty attack I thought maybe tea leaves were some kind of drug that was secret that I hadn’t read about and since a random letter ‘Q’ was there maybe these tea leaves were hallucinogenic and you wrote this nasty statement while in never, never land on Jupiter. Please help me out here. If you do hallucinogenics, please don’t drive because you may get lost and confused.

    4. @joan durand see? This is how Qanon started in the first place. Class adjourned. As far as the tea leaves, it’s obviously metaphor. Think solar eclipse as vengeful God and you’re on the right track. I’m not being that helpful, that’s another clue. If your confusion persists, reread the first two sentences of this comment.

  2. I want revolution in the form of a strong viable third party the Republicans and Democrats sit up there doing one upsmanship at our expense and I’m sick of it. I want this party called The people’s Party I wanted to reflect the left right and center of this country. These politicians exhaust us all the people’s party let’s make it happen.

    1. @Ted Turnner wtf are you trying to even say little dud? Are you a tRump fan? What’s your malfunction? Beyond not being able to spell.

  3. this will never happen. it’s another diversion so keep your eyes open. this guy isn’t going to pay any lawyers out of his pocket like it says he will.

    1. 1. Donald Trump
      2. Rudy Guiliani
      3. Ted Cruz
      4. Josh Hawley
      5. Stephen Miller
      6. Donald Trump Jr.
      7. Proud Boys
      8. Oath Keepers
      9. Qanon
      10. Moms for America

    1. memo to all liberals 4 years into the future after we have investigated the biden family 50 times, wasted 40 million in investigations, blocked him at every step, and protested outside the white house: you asked for it………………………..

    2. @Eric Graham you don’t think Trump asked Barr to investigate the Bidens? A quick google search will help. Barr brought no charges because there aren’t any charges to bring. Maybe go call into Limbaugh and talk about it there you peanut.

    3. @Eric Graham also check how committees work. Your idiotic Republican congressman have no powers to investigate anything.

    4. @Eric Graham You did that with Hillary Clinton and it got you nothing.
      Ttump’s appointed investigator released his report and all it did was clear Hillary and Peter McCabe of any criminal actions.
      Not a very good batting average.

    5. @Eric Graham Like you racists don’t do that to all Democratic presidents anyway. You are like a toddler in the middle of a tantrum threatening to throw a tantrum. You already wasted your last bit of leverage and you are perpetually in a tantrum. We are just going to ignore you until you go to sleep.

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