Rep. Plaskett: We Laid Out Who Trump Was And What He Used Presidency For | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Rep. Plaskett: We Laid Out Who Trump Was And What He Used Presidency For | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. God bless the seven Republican senators who voted for America and God bless the people who have changed parties … people like Graham, Cruz, McConnell, Greene, Harley plus thirty some others proved how anti American the R party is…

    1. @Riccardo Baschetti Maybe u or your child would be willing too work the farms and meat packing companies that legal and illegal immigrants work to get food too the dinner table it may not seem right but they are trying to live just like everyone else nothing is perfect in this world we are living in food for thought

    2. Senator Burr is being censured by the NC GOP for voting to convict by the NC GOP. I am disgusted by that. Does my Senator not have the right to vote as his constituents asked him to vote?
      Thom Tillis just follows the Qanon sense party line. He was sadly just re-elected. And we didn’t get any recounts.

    3. if they had done a closed ballot like they should have , the result would have been different. there was fear of reprisal from Trumps accomplices and probably threats. the dems knew it going in. Why did they have an open ballot? We need to have a rep party to keep it more diverse but we need to put in place a way for the people to make it easier to oust the bad ones before the term is up. and we need to research the candidates better before voting

  2. That’s ok you guys still do a very good job wait for the New York ,D.C., state of Georgia and the DOJ job to convict the clown justice matters@@#!

    1. @Kenosis lol….
      No problem. My immediate reaction was funny. I had to back and read everything. The way they project, I was afraid the MAGA cult had drugged you. Like you were suddenly calling us a cult. I knew something was amiss.
      You and I are usually on the same page and hanging out in reality together. I was totally confused at first. I have been accused of a lot of things in my life, and probably very guilty of a lot of them. But being a cultist, especially in the MAGA cult was a first. Lmao…..
      I thought “oh no no no Kenosis! You got me mixed up with a delusional magat”. 😂❤️👍🏼

    2. @DJ Jones Funny, all those arrested thus far are Trump supporters with the exception of one John Sullivan, a self-proclaimed social activist.

    3. @Bunkieze K 100%. Sometimes, the Magateers irrationality is so infuriating, I jump when I think I sniff what I think is part of their heinous cult language. Sorry I threw you in with their ranks and thanks for the grace.

  3. This is exactly what I would expect to hear from GOP cultists like him. Absolutely no surprise here. Just usual day for decadent men like this one.

    1. @StopCallingMe Shirley speak for yourself Shirley. Don’t you understand what she’s saying? She’s expressing support and respect for this brilliant well spoken Congress person who is also a former prosecuting attorney and was also one of Jamie Raskins students in law school.

    2. Wait…..didn’t the FBI tell McConnell, Pelosi, Capitol police, and the Mayor of DC to increase SECURITY because SOMETHING MAY OCCUR. SO, if you going to BLAME Trump, BLAME THEM AS WELL.

    3. @NoMore Procrastination “Former House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving said he believed congressional leadership would be wary of military at the Capitol on Jan. 6.” “House Security Chief Said Optics Played Role In Denying Early Request For National Guard” Seems Paul Irving is to blame…

    1. It was a false technicality at that. It was nothing but a lame excuse they used because his guilt was so evident. Then some of his co-conspirators were in what’s supposed to serve as a jury pool.
      Former fascist dictator won’t have co-conspirators on his next several juries.

    2. @Frenchblue8 And now the GOP has announced that “we didn’t send them there to vote their conscience or do the right thing.”
      The voters might argue with who sent them. But clearly the GOP sent them violate their oaths to the constitution in support of a racist fascist lawless dictator.
      They are not even trying to hide their contempt for democracy anymore.

    1. @Randy Couch Darlin’, Americans can vote for whoever they want on their ballot, and 81 million + of us voted for Biden. It was our choice to make, and we made it. We were tired of the clown show.

    2. @Ronda McMichael You’re right. Trump was retweeting threats of a civil war from militias during the 2019 impeachment trial…

  4. The autopsy has not even been released, The republicans in the impeachment hearing gave an account based on no fact of cause of Death, Trumps reason for his desire for the Presidency was to empower himself to bury his varied crimes and to destroy those investigating him. Not failing to mention he made allot of money for himself.

  5. Republicans can refuse to testify to the House and Senate without much penalty, but they can’t refuse subpoenas issued by state or federal courts. Hope they try and end up held in contempt for doing so.

  6. Salute to all lmpeachment Managers & the Magnificent Seven Senators.

    An Asian Observer since Ronald Reagan days.

    1. Is this the lady who said her kids told her how come she isn’t doing any work. We know they take their orders from communist China.

  7. Hey, Fox news sites have turned off their comments. NO facts allowed. This isn’t PBS staying above the fray, FOX news feeds on conflict, and they are not allowing discussion while they flood the airways with misinformation.

  8. D.C., Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and any other “territories” should become states with voting senators.

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