Pelosi Announces Retired Lt. Gen. Honoré Will Lead Review Of Capitol Security | MSNBC 1

Pelosi Announces Retired Lt. Gen. Honoré Will Lead Review Of Capitol Security | MSNBC


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré would be put in charge of conducting a thorough review of security at the Capitol after rioters breached the building on January 6. Aired on 1/15/2021.
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Pelosi Announces Retired Lt. Gen. Honoré Will Lead Review Of Capitol Security | MSNBC


    1. @Jon Bailey Already debunked. He rioted in Utah, last year. Utah BLM disavowed him. He’s an anti government nut.

    2. @john smith Total nonsense as Trump was the freedom candidate, should have resigned after electoral college voted making an exit mess now, blue state dictators since March (but Dem denial is next to Godliness)

    3. @Edwin Nakamura Nope that insurrectionist with the horns lawyer is asking Trump for a pardon. That’s not Antifa they know Trump hates Antifa and ain’t giving them nothing

  1. Who ever you are that General Honore would dig you out from that rabbit hole if you don’t know ask those who served with him tough as a door nail.

  2. “We need someone respectable and non-partisan for the role of Capitol Security Review.”
    “How about the guy whose last name is literally honor?”
    “Yep sounds good.”

    1. @Joshua Sweetvale nobody should care about political affiliations anymore. We all look like idiots red or blue.

    2. ​@Joshua Sweetvale THE REPUBLICAN PARTY(McConnell/Trump)
      IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS INSURRECTION and NO ONE should care about their feelings!
      These TRAITORS need to be found out & PROSECUTED!!

  3. Back out of retirement… For the inside people that were in on this, y’all should check General Honore’s track record… he does NOT play. Smart move Madame Speaker.

  4. If North Korea had breached our Capitol, then how would Americans react? Foreign or Domestic Terrorism is Terrorism.

  5. Follow the money who paid for their trips, their hotels, food etc. This was pre-planned. They were not even checked for weapons/arms etc? The warning signs have been there from the day Trump lost.

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