Art Acevedo: If You Think Storming The Capitol Was Appropriate Then You Don't Need To Wear The Badge 1

Art Acevedo: If You Think Storming The Capitol Was Appropriate Then You Don’t Need To Wear The Badge


Houston Police Chief, Art Acevedo joins MSNBC’s Craig Melvin to discuss security concerns following the riot at the U.S Capitol. Aired on 01/15/2021.
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About Craig Melvin: Craig Melvin is an MSNBC Anchor and NBC News Correspondent. He currently anchors “MSNBC Live” on Saturdays and Sundays, contributes reports for “TODAY,” and fills in as host for Lester Holt on “Weekend TODAY.”

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Art Acevedo: If You Think Storming The Capitol Was Appropriate Then You Don't Need To Wear The Badge


  1. As a retired veteran, if you supported storming the Capitol you don’t deserve to wear the uniform nor serve in the military and have violated your oath.

    1. @Deanna Elias you mean that empty fire extinguisher that was underhand lobbed at the officer with a riot helmet on? What a bashing that’s was. You need to wake up and stop being part of the problem.

    2. Trump is still the president, being active military and talking down about the president is not good, at least wait for the inauguration. The oath to the constitution is weak if you don’t know the constitution, plenty of video of BLM/ANTIFA storming the Capitol with others with left and right wing party affiliation. Video of some in Congress promoting the unrest in more ways than one. Lots of solid evidence that shows other politicians recorded paying agitators. FBI involvement also! Thank you for your service if you are serving the actual republic!

  2. The officers who were apart of this are a disgrace to the badge the country and the REAL officers who protect us daily. Glad they are being caught and booted

    1. What about the officers that left the seattle police precinct and the sane in minneapolis? I guess if you’re marxist BLM or ANTIFA it was fine right.

    1. Trump was a loose cannon a long time ago …Now you have a new president, give him a chance to prove himself.
      Biden has a bad start and a hard job ahead of him ….work together and put the clown behind everyone..
      Don’t get me wrong I thought Trump was going to be a great leader of the people of America but is was a narcissistic dangerous man .

    2. @Paul Topp Democrats have always inherited bad economy and high unemployment rate and everything else . They work so hard to get the country back on track and the Republicans always bring everything to the ground when they leave office. I emphasize with Biden because he is inheriting a grounded economy and country. Covid19, bad economy and high rate of unemployment ,divided country and everything else but I believe he has God’s grace to be able to restore the democracy and dignity of the country and to rebuild the economy and everything else.

    3. @SnakeyK I don’t agree with their methods but basically everything on the left has been about justice and equality while everything on the right has just been about me me me me me… what about meeeeee

  3. The attack on the capital was not appropriate it was an embarrassment. You deserve to be in prison for a long time

      That’s rich…
      The ONLY “dead” people “caught voting were Returdicans!!!

    2. Police opened the gates to protestors and rumours say capitol attack was made by antifa dressed as maga members. Its possible inside job to make every politically right person to look bad and now silence them in social media. Its global communist conspiracy

    3. @GOD’s BEAUTIFUL FLAT EARTH Self defined patriots ? The only Patriots who has the right to just reclaim their sovereign territory and power are the native Indians.

    4. @Masum Abid
      I’m 25% American Indian and I just so happen to be 100% Sovereign Citizen and a Servant of Jesus Christ.

    1. @Old School Original Game Dogs i get where you are coming from (actually i’m white, so i probably dont) and according to the FBI definition of terrorism, i would be inclined to agree with you.

      however, i dont think all cops are incapable of being set on the right path. i think if you get rid of the half (or however many) that are bad, the rest would be salvageable as decent cops.

    1. Not true. Federal spending is not paid for by taxes. Even though you pay taxes. The only function of tax is to create demand for dollars, regulate the speed of the economy, and to steer the direction of the nation (incentives / sin-tax). And you have to know the diff between federal and state tax.

    2. @Cole Cole You’re full of sh!t and your math doesn’t add up. Where’d you get your survey done? NewsMax or OAN?


  4. The cop that resigned before he could be disciplined, will just be rehired in another town. We’ve seen this over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

    1. @AArOn LLL
      No it was the procedure as before he just claimed it. Counties and cities made changes on their own based on their passion about it.

    2. @Sophie Jameson We don’t have a nationwide database that compares data from state to state. They’ve been wanting to set it up forever, but waiting for Biden since Senate leader McConnell treats all legislation originating from the left as if it is beneath notice. He won’t be able to do that so much after the 20th. Bad cops famously just move to some other state after an – *ahem* -“incident” happens.

    3. So Houston cops are ok with their cops being terrorists and traitors who injured other cops in D.C. and killed 1 cop. Ok…

  5. The officers that are getting the boot will be the same ones who have been at the heart of the rot in the Police culture.

  6. I wish all officers could feel the patriotism that Sheriff Acevedo preaches . Be safe America . Stand together , value and uphold the law.

    1. Bless all those in law enforcement and your families. We are so grateful for everything you do on our behalf. Thank you!

    1. Suppose it was Trump supporters that burnt my home town down in Kenosha Wisconsin too hah?
      Ya’ll are STUPID!!!

    1. Sadly, they believe it’s the rest of us that are being controlled. I cannot believe our government cannot find who is responsible for Q-Anon as that seems to be responsible for 50% of the radicalized. Then again, out intelligence may already know who “Q” is/are but are in no hurry to expose the fraud given how well it has served Trump.

    2. You’re being hoodwinked if you really believe that Joke Biden will be the one calling the shots. Thanks for voting for proven corrupt establishment types that get richer by selling us out, and by all means, continue to believe the MSM hacks who wouldn’t report facts accurately if their life depended on it.

    3. @Billy Hill Do you have the facts, comrade? Me thinks you’ve been had by the media establishment, keep on keeping on living in that Matrix.

  7. Did you notice that these people acted as though they had plenty of time and that nothing would happen to them as a result of their actions let’s prove them wrong

  8. One of his cops were their in the riot and got administrative leave, when they should of been fired. Lets give this Treasonous officer leave an opportunity to quit when they should be fired…

    1. Cops have very detailed union contracts, with well funded legal departments. Chiefs of police can’t
      just do what they like. They have to follow union rules.

    2. @Randy VanBever yup. the problem with the rightwing terrorists within police seems to be in so-called “fraternal police union” & its president who had chosen to side with trump, since long ago, already. so, unless I’m mistaken, that’s where the stench is coming from.

    1. They keep ignoring warnings of terrorist attacks, like this one and the one recently with the RV suicide bomber on a quiet street.

    1. So why didn’t they call those who burn our cities for half a year terrorists? They burn everything including government buildings. I don’t support any kind of violence but the double standards must be addressed so this won’t happen again.

    2. They’re terrorists and traitors to America and its people. Many have the audacity to ask for Trump’s presidential pardons.

    3. terrorists usually blow themselves up at end of their mission or try to take out as many as they can. These guys were amateurs.

    1. Why are these low class (as trump calls them) so malable? Perhaps they are beyond the end of their rope holding out hope that the coal mine or oil fields will come back as promised by the oligarchs who feed them lies that it is someone else who is to blame….

    2. If the majority ever surrender to the will of an angry violent armed gullible minority our republic will be lost.

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