Pelosi Commits To Continuing Electoral Count After 'Shameful Assault' | MSNBC 1

Pelosi Commits To Continuing Electoral Count After ‘Shameful Assault’ | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reads a "dear colleague" letter from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to members of the House, advising them that the process of counting the electoral votes to affirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory will continue tonight in defiance of the "shameful assault" incited at "the highest levels." Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Pelosi Commits To Continuing Electoral Count After 'Shameful Assault' | MSNBC


    1. @Ken Durham you’re so cool ken with your 20$ chinese socket set from harbor freight. keep buying your bike parts from walmart, china lover.

    2. @Random name Definitely not but it’s easy just to blame him because it makes your meme sound cooler tension stone reach a point like this over matter for years try again

    1. @Don Vito Wow, if you think the Democrats will pursue anything but a policy of reconciliation with those fascists, you haven’t been watching. Watch now.

    2. Nope andy, just a bunch of thugs and morons. Like the looters in the police brutality protests. They have been taken care now, now we vote in the new president.

    1. wasn’t the white house. And yes. Don’t blame all trump supporters. There are extremes on both sides. And also. Anyone could of been there. Antifa, BLM, ANyone w ho wanted to cause trouble.

    2. @Hard Rocker China is going to invade us…they are just distracting the masses….just wait…All these idiots will pay!!! I hope they suffer big time! Biden and the deep state are pathetic losers!

  1. It’s amazing that Republicans call for the violence to happen then call for it to stop saying our democracy is still here and it’s because of them.

    1. @John the Revelator When did they call for violence??????? Listen to Trump’s speech at the White House which motivated so many of them to go from there and to storm the Capitol.

    2. @Sandy Johnson storm means March. It doesn’t mean violence. Hence why they weren’t throwing cocktails or burning things.
      They also were joined ‘lovingly’ by antifa. So there’s that nasty little blemish.
      But woe, no there was no call for violence. That’s very very stretched diction interpretation for this speech.

  2. So so proud . Extremely proud of Simon Coveney Ireland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs who released that statement nailing Don future Jailbird.

  3. Never have the Russians spent so little money (call Deutch Bank to find out how much) against the United States with such success. The walls of the Kremlin keep ringing with laughter from Vladimir.

    1. Oh how cute you think you’re smarter than everyone else because you have some insider information don’t you understand that every major country house outside influences every election we do the same to other countries it’s not a big grand conspiracy thing this is common sense foreign enemies would like to destroy our democracy and you think this is a big surprise her secret LOL get off your high horse

    2. @John Appice than all our foreign enemies got their wish..Biden will hand over anything provided he & his son and perv friends can stay out of any serious investigations.

    1. The right can, since they use the Constitution as a standard. The left, on the other hand, get swept away with the latest fad… can I hear an “Awomen?”

    2. And what are we fighting for Sam. That there is some good in this world Mr Frodo and its worth fighting for.

  4. I’m just surprised that it was that easy to storm Congress. Like was there no security at all or something?

  5. the Protest is called Sabotage – to interfere with an Election Result to have it go Their Way – Paid for by Trump! Wake Up People!

    1. With people like ken durham, trump lover and fake patriot, your country will sink to the bottom of the sewer

  6. “It is often tragic to see how blatantly a man bungles his own life and the lives of others yet remains totally in capable of seeing how much the whole tragedy originates in himself, and how he continually feeds it and keeps it going” Jung

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