Pelosi Condemns Appointment Of ‘Extreme Conspiracy Theorist’ Marjorie Taylor Greene To Committees


  1. Sounding loud about conspiracy theorists by the side lines is one thing; but electing them to congress is another.

    1. @Barbara Dinius no, they don’t just say it. There is documented evidence all over her social media. And MTG publicly advocated the death of US Congress members.
      How have you not figured out the concept of “EVIDENCE” yet?

    2. Well how many of them believe that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election? That’s a conspiracy theory as well.

    3. @wilsonsmanz Russia investigations had enough evidence to be INVESTIGATIONS.
      Denying the reality of a plane hitting a building (with video evidence), or a school shooting (with video evidence), is not something to investigate.


    4. @Barbara Dinius she expressed her idiotic thoughts loud and clear, she’s a denier of sciences and facts and a fascist

  2. One thing that some people don’t understand is the fact that someone like Greene is a dangerous liability regardless of political affiliation.

    1. @ Gerald Wapniarski
      Funny, but your whole description, seems to fit with Biden’s name and doings… But you need the job, right?!

    2. @Linda M. And who is your employer? Oh that’s right, pathetic fools like you aren’t even smart enough for the type of job where they ask if you want fries with that.

    3. @ Simgor2,
      Come on Sim, don’t put the job down, that Gretchie says is essential… Speaking about smarts, and fools… If you know so much; how come you don’t already know, that they don’t ask anymore, if you want fries with that?! It now, already tells on their sign… Pick: Number 1, Number 2, Number 3…
      I don’t pick Number 2, You!! D.A.

    4. @Linda M. This is a battle of wits and you walked in unarmed. You’re just a sad little troll desperate for attention, a pathetic wretch starting fights but lacking the ability to finish them.

  3. One thing I think we can agree on is we need term limits. These old raisins have been here way too long sucking the soul out of America

    1. They won’t have to work the government’s going to pay their rent give them food stamps give them an Obama cell phone pick up their Medicaid.Next comes the TAXES for the working Man.

    2. @Rich How old is Maniac Marjorie T. Greene? Greene is someone who truly needs to be in a home, not in Washington making decisions for America. That is the reason TRAITOR Trump was VOTED OUT, RepubliKKKans are bigots, dangerous and deceitful, the last 4 horrific years proved this. LIES, LIES, and more LIES.

    3. @ T.J.,
      I mean Karen, as you told me your name is before. You are obviously not too keen, in being able to perceive, when our Country is doing Great, as it was with President Trump; compared to what lying and oppressive crap, going on in the Nation, now, under your Presidental choice. Goes to show like your Candidate, what a drugged, boring, paid off, shallow person you are!! Must be the putting prayer back in schools, that set you off? Well that would figure…Lets see how that works for you, in the future!! Because it’s not only all about today. And it definately isn’t only, all about you; as you warrant of yourself obviously!!

    1. @Roger That’s funny my party is not on life support and the Democrats hold WH and both sides of Congress LMAO!

    2. @ Apachie,
      Exactly true!! With these people, their lies, are the new truth!! Besides that, old Nance, Nance doesn’t want anyone ruling the show, but her; because she is all that, And her deal with China, to sell GE company, didn’t go through!! So now everyone has to pay, some more; because it’s all about her, Narcissistic Nancy!!

    1. Betty not Chic,
      Get over your old rhetoric pat terms!! You are way past being super boring, even your re-mentioning them!! Get a life will you!! Boring old hag…

    2. @ xGodofAcidx,
      Does the word acid in your name handle, have anything to do with your putrid assessment, of outright Political theft?!
      It must!! Fair election indeed!! LoL!! Your wasting your time, in trying to lie to the 7/8 of this Country of people; who voted back in President Donald J. Trump, for four more years!! Your apparently in on, the wrongful theft of those election results!! We are going to follow your party’s suggestion, to keep a list too though… Smile for the camera!!

    3. @ Betty Not Chic,
      This Country isn’t a Democracy D.A. This Country is a Republic…
      So it’s you who needs to move back to Russia, or China; or what ever rock you crawled out from under!!

    4. @ Betty Not Chic
      Your the obvious delusional looser, not 24/7!! You don’t even know this Country is a Republic. Not to mention, that you don’t even know how to argue a point, without sounding like a Twit!!

  4. The tongue weighs almost nothing, but few people can hold it……Everyone has photographic memory. Some just don’t have the film.

    1. Almost as if the Master spoke,” Do not pray for an easy life,pray for the strength to endure a hard one” Bruce Lee

    1. Conspiracy is synonymous with Collusion. Both used exclusively by the Crazy Left and their Crazy Clown 🤡 perder Drunk Nancy.

    2. ❌California liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi is the real threat to the average American. Pelosi has done nothing to help the average American but she’s filled her pockets and family pockets with $millions$ of dollars and yet again she’s going on another impeachment crusade instead of getting Chinese coronavirus stimulus checks approved and out to Americans hurting. Pelosi is Poster girl why we need term limits in Washington DC. Chuck Schumer is the poster boy for do nothing useless politicians.

  5. Intelligence reasoning and common sense has been thrown out the door in this administration……no longer the Intelligence committee but the stupidity committee……

  6. why don’t you people actually read the constitution and apply it. you’d very quickly stop listening to all of these tyrants

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