Pelosi Nixes GOP Reps Nominated For Jan. 6 Committee Who Would Back Trump 1

Pelosi Nixes GOP Reps Nominated For Jan. 6 Committee Who Would Back Trump


“This decision by Speaker Pelosi, according to Democrats close to this process, is about her choosing to keep Republicans off this committee that she believes are going to be running interference on behalf of former President Trump, specifically Jim Jordan and Jim Banks,” says Sahil Kapur. 

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    1. Comp – They also need to make the Senators take bi-annual consciousness and, conscientiousness – tests!

  1. Basically: I’ll put people in my group that we both know won’t work. When you reject those individuals I can pled that this is a sham as an excuse to pull my picks and force the optics of partisanship. This whole thing is just stupid …

    1. How is allowing those picks partisanship when they are loyal to trump and trump only. They VOTED with and in favor of those who attempted a coup on our government, dumb a$$!

    2. @Adam Baum Only thing is there was no coup attempted. If there had been it would be a completely different story believe me.

    3. @Ephbaum It failed because lawmakers had been rushed out BEFORE the insurrectionists could find them. Yep would have been a totally different story had they encountered lawmakers

  2. We the people want term limits in Congress. I am one voter who is sick and tired of the games. Where anyone can make it up to fit their agenda and there is no accountability. Stop fighting and just do your freaking jobs. The voters just want to know the FACTs. Who was involved and what you’re going to do about it.

    1. @Mr. X i owe much to my teachers. But look at their leaders getting FULLY behind CRT marxism in elementary schools. Nope. Fk them. Need school choice NOW.

    2. @N Pucci well you assume I’m a Trump fan but I’ll put that aside for now. Nietzsche didn’t like anyone and including Kant whom he called a female and Plato a clown . Maybe that’s why you like Kant better. Anyway I love this back and forth and appreciate you for playing. Can we agree that we are all supremely fortunate to have this luxury? I have come to understand that a God head is crucial for most. The idea that God is dead can only be understood by people who already have “morality” engrained in their consciousness. Once that is realized the idea of creating a Godless society as a beneficial substitute for a God fearing one is being myopic. Look at the masses wearing masks outside not considering the eyes are a point of entry for the thing they fear. Most people aren’t smart enough to live in a godless matrix. This is a relatively new revaluation for me. I had more faith in humanity until I realized how many overtly stupid people there are out there.

    3. @Tim i get it. But what horrible things do you think “they” will find? I’m all for finding out who created Q. Aren’t you?

    4. ​ @Mike Williams create? dude, every finding has to be backed up by evidence, if there is no evidence there’s no finding. That’s how it works in the courts, that’s why Trump lost all 30+ election fraud cases in court. The courts don’t care about conspiracy theories and propaganda only facts.

    5. @Tim ok let’s wait and see what happens next election. God Bless America. The greatest country in history. As far as Q goes wtf are you saying? Q has no creator? No head? Is it a God typing cryptic sht we must all just believe? Are you fking with me lol?

    1. A better graphic would have been seeing them swirling down a toilet bowl as what they are does on a regular basis.

    1. Just to keep the big lie going. I so sick of these high school girls games they are playing . We should be able to get rid and replace those that act like children!

    2. @JDM JOHNNY If you believe that 6JAN was an insurrection – the surely you believe that the violent BLM/ANTIFA riots all last year were too. By definition – the $2.2 BILLION in damages, killing, and arson were all insurrection… all sanctioned and encouraged and applauded by the political left… even Kamala BAILED OUT VIOLENT RIOTERS… why no comission?

    3. @Marilyn Calvert We did replace a childish politician. He’s in Mar-a-Lago watching his scam real estate company implode.

  3. GOP Senate are Complicit with Insurection. Pelosi is not to ve messed with dhe stands her Grounds for Americans.

    1. @The Manchurian Cantaloupebig deal, at least he made a living unlike you leftist scabs who are living off our taxes!

    2. @TheGhung Fu it means he has a 1000 times more brains than the sick in the head Zombie Pelosi !

    3. @Kandi Hoarding You have no idea what you are talking about, blue/liberal states add twice as much to the GDP as all the red states combined.

    4. @TheGhung Fu Yeah and people that vote for Democrats have less brains than a slug! Enjoy your high prices on everything creep!

  4. McCarthy had created the Sham first by not agreeing to the commission. Since rejecting what the Democrats agreeing to all his terms, he’s unfit to dictate any more terms. What Pelosi did was correct. The investigations are serious, the committee is serious & should not include Political terrorists, therefore she did the Absolute correct thing, nix the pariahs. Well done Mdm Speaker.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of Pelosi but we all know who’s to blame for ruining that institution.

    1. The Republicans. You put “but” in the middle of your sentence implying that despite your dislike for Pelosi, it’s someone from the other side.

    1. @Proudtobe1 American Easiest way to tell the guy that planted the pipe bombs is a FED is because he was wearing a surgical mask fresh out the package. Trump supporters don’t even carry mask. He walked like he had a little sugar in his tank, a little light in the loafer. Definitely not an alpha Chad q shaman!

    2. @Gogetter 1 Brown you’re carrying on about nonsense. I don’t care about Trump or your party politics

    3. @Stinger GT2 Calm down you care because if not you wouldn’t be on the channel commenting

    4. @Hien Bui As long as they got snitches they’ll continue to get information and their on hands on whatever. People do the crime but don’t wanna do no time

  6. Why is he projecting himself and the Republicans on the Democrats, , how many lies is he going to tell. Such a little man

  7. me watching the start of the video: “But are they REALLY 5 choices or 5 pictures of the same guy at different angles?”

    1. Yeah RC, i noticed that too! But then, don’t most ALL – white, male – supremacists – tend to look alike!!!!!

  8. Republicans have had lots and lots of practice gaslighting and revising history. Pretty soon, they’re going to make the GOP disappear! They’re already on the wrong side of history, yet keep edging ever closer to extinction.

  9. The crooks aren’t being allowed on the jury now McCarthy is crying about it Well done Pelosi

  10. Nancy Pelosi is a ,”BOSS “! I love it. She did what boss women do. Keep the jokers off the committee.

  11. “Abuse of power”?

    That’s rich coming from a man who’s an apologist for Trump, who abuses power the way most of us breathe.

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