How Thomas Barrack Links Trump To The Middle East | MSNBC 1

How Thomas Barrack Links Trump To The Middle East | MSNBC


Chris Hayes: “With the indictment of Tom Barrack, that profoundly shady and weird relationship between Trump World and the United Arab Emirates is starting to make more sense.”

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  1. As long this comes forth as evidence for all Trump confidants to put them away for a long time.

  2. “Thomas Barrack? Never heard of the guy … did he serve coffee? And wasn’t he born in Kenya?”

    1. @Jerry Flynn Dale I’m not sure but I did see a photo of her and the lady that approved of Barack Obama’s birth certificate well that lady was murdered by the CIA with a convenient plane crash

  3. Who killed the WP reporter and never had to answer under trumps watch? A “Very Criminal Enterprise” should be the name of the next great book.

    1. He was murdered because he found some pretty shady dealing regarding the crown prince and trump. That would have blown the lid on whatever they were up to. Which is why trump never showed any concern about his murder

    2. Kushner and Princess Ivanka didn’t pass top secret security clearance…criminal Donnie forced them

  4. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of congress certifying the 2020 Election

    1. Yes so true an unforgettable stain in American Democratic history and he still free as a bird to commit a second one 🙄

  5. I’d like to see new charges brought against some of those “pardoned” Trump associates, starting with Flynn.

    1. @Barbara McCormack
      You’re absolutely right about Billy Club Barr‼️🚨⚖️☎️He took a wrecking ball to our entire democracy with the corrupt and destructive things he did to our justice department on behalf of condon tump and the QTGOP Qwhackadoodle Duh-publicans‼️
      I just have to keep believing that he will not personally escape the wrath of accountability and responsibility. He cannot be allowed to get by without consequences. 👍🏽⚖️🇺🇸🌎

    2. @Joni Beehive I’m wondering why his license hasn’t been pulled yet. That man is a total disgrace, and lied to Congress through it all. He just kept inflating the monster who was in the WH, until he almost handed Trump a dictatorship, and then he just simply walked away.

    3. @Barbara McCormack
      I know right ‼️I suspect he’s feeling pretty pretty anxious right about now… His recent comments in the media, in a new book, certainly appear to be his attempt to deny accountability for the bad and unacceptable that tump did… AS IF he’s not enabled the mad king through most of his term is laughable and disgusting.

  6. Remember Jared Kushner got caught communicating with the UAE on Whatsapp and then Whatsapp did a MAJOR overhaul of the app?

    1. God there’s so much horrible criminal stuff that Trump and his family and his administration did I cannot keep track of half of it. I think that’s part of his plan just commit so many crimes eventually people will forget all of them cuz there’s too many to remember

    2. @Nick Romo that’s why he wanted back in the white house to use it as his cover.
      The buffoon had no intension of doing anything for the people, not even his base.
      Just behind the doors of the white house commit his crimes and be untouchable all the while stuffing his pockets

  7. Remember, when Trump was touching the glowing Saudi Arabian,(UAE) orb? 🔮
    Remember, Trump’s blind eye to the Saudi prince murdering Jamal khashoggi, the journalist?

    1. Basilia,Jared ,and Trump as well as Pompeo no doubt knew exactly what was going to happen…what a horrific & barbaric thing to happen…I pray trump gets exactly what he deserves! (And it is NOT a Nobel prize))

    2. Dump was making sick jokes about the murder too! Cruel, sick, vindictive, a terrible person. He cares for nothing but grifting his way through life. He would sell out America in a New York minute…
      probably has sold state secrets already.

    1. Bet it was ,remember when trump was sitting down shaking this guys hand and showing pictures of everything trump sold him omg why isn’t trump in prison or better yet send him to this guys country and let him live there for rest of his life since he loves them so much

    2. Also about the time that reports surfaced calling Kushner easy to manipulate from the UAE, and then they gave him a giant loan.

    1. Carlo….So all the times Jared was going to the middle East talking about a peace treaty between the UAE and Israel, which of course we were never at war with the UAE, and through it all the Palestinians were left out of it, and I posted about it, as to what kind of fishy business they were up to. Lord Jesus, and they’re all walking around as if they did nothing wrong, and didn’t betray the country. This kind of thi g gets me really, really angry. I don’t even remember the media ever asking, what kind of peace deal is this, without the involvement of the Palestinians. Maybe Trump wants to get back to the WH to conclude his money transactions with the UAE.

  8. It would be interesting to tap into all the What’s App communications between the White House and the Saudi’s and other countries during that administration

    1. Trump was selling American kids to those perverts. Trump Gate…that’s why he had Epstein wacked in prison.

  9. I’d rather see Trump totally broke and living in a box, than getting three squares a day, in a comfortable federal prison. People like him don’t suffer in prison, like others.

    1. Mar a Lago is the only prison he will ever be incarcerated in. No media, no rallies with an ankle bracelet on. That will be his only asset they let him keep until his death, then it will be a museum for all too see how crooked a man he is.

    2. @A. Barker so long as admission is free. I wouldn’t want to contribute anything to him, even in death

  10. Trump has single-handedly created America’s great divide – being the wedge between what used to be reality, and today’s common falsehood.

    1. So wait….. Russian collusion was completely proven a leftist fabrication, so now they need to craft a middle eastern conspiracy???? Its worse than I imagined on the other side of the aisle….. save yourself man…. before its too late. Wait… already is.

  11. Does anyone remember Trump’s first foreign trip? Struck me as a strange priority at the time..

  12. That’s nothing. The extent of Trump corruption will be fully known soon enough. Wouldn’t surprise me if Trump got paid by china to get out of Asian treaty

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