Pelosi Not Naming Impeachment Managers Yet, Sending Articles To Senate Wed. | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Gabe Dudley I just got roasted? Haha wow dude 🤦🏻‍♂️ you really need to step away from politics it isn’t in your wheel house.

    1. Please no weak managers… send Schiff or Nadler, someone who’s been there and actually wrote the articles. And they should start with “First of all, you should put this man in cuffs and throw him out of the white house”.

  1. Adam Schiff is a possible wittness. Cant be prosecuter and criminal. Doesnt work that way. Schiff will be forced to recuse himself.

  2. I am sure though she already has their names. Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy and Doc 😀

  3. Nancy Pelosi keeps harming the Democratic party more and more every time she speaks. I hope she give many more speaks. So her latest tactic now is that the senate will be engaged in a coverup. LOL She is truly a deranged illusionist !!!!

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