Pelosi On House Members’ Kabul Visit: ‘We Do Not Want Members To Go’ 1

Pelosi On House Members’ Kabul Visit: ‘We Do Not Want Members To Go’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Reps. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., and Peter Meijer, R-Mich., for their unauthorized visit to Kabul amid evacuations, stating the situation is deadly serious, and that she doesn’t believe the congressmen had committee approval on the Democratic side. 

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Pelosi On House Members’ Kabul Visit: ‘We Do Not Want Members To Go’


    1. @Truth91 Nice Try! What a disgrace cheating Joe is! 100% cheating Joe’s fault for the withdrawal. The democraps fault for cheating and putting this lying, corrupt, demented, America Hating trader in!

    2. @Truth91 Why not bring up the fact that obama released the 5 taliban leaders from Guantánamo Bay in a trade for a deserter and those 5 are sitting in the Afghanistan presidential palace.

  1. Why would ANY member of Congress interfere in a situation that is already fraught with danger and interfere with a difficult process in trying to get people out safely? They need to stay home and do their job. This isn’t their job! Thanks, once again, Nancy!

    1. Because Joe Biden is not the president he’s a moron puppet that they’re going to blame everything on once they screw our country up whoever’s running it can’t you see?

  2. Seth Moulton is one of my state’s reps. He has seemed earnest when campaigning while pushing that he is a vet (I and many are, too.) and generally tending toward a moderate stance on matters. By going there, he needed a return flight, thus denying someone who truly needed to leave that seat. Could he not have waited until after other Americans & deserving refugees who were in the queue ahead of him got out, like waited to return after August 31st?

    1. They should not have gone at all…we all know that the situation is a DISASTER…nothing can be gained by doing what they did. Very irresponsible behavior. They just look desperate for attention. Very sad!

    2. But they didn’t! Grandstanding!! With no thought of the consequences. There are diplomatic processes they should have respected.

  3. This is not part of their job. They cant even pass legislation to help the people that voted for them yet they are trying to grandstand with something that is beyond their expertise. They are just adding to the problem with their stupidity.

    1. Cookie: Aren’t both of these guys combat veterans? In the Middle East? They do have expertise. What they don’t have after this extremely short visit is one iota more of expertise than they had before they left or couldn’t have gotten by making phone calls to US commanders on the ground.

    2. @Gnirol Namlerf You want to interfere in the mission of rescuing Americans? Interrupt commanders on the ground with needless phonecalls.

    3. The national debt is at $29 TRILLON and counting. We don’t need more spending given the upcoming fiscal woes of SS and Medicare.

    1. They play stupid games….Now they gone win a stupid prize…….and everyone playing along with these snakes are going to win a stupid prize along with them.

    2. Yeeesss! Send the members of Congress, especially Joe Manchin and Kyrstin Sinema and make sure to leave them there!! They would probably like her…

  4. So self centered its off the scale of the narcissistic scale. Just the slightest thought of how it is for people trying to get out, would or should have been enough to stop them going. As always with the self centered their excuse would be “I didn’t think” if they were honest but its more likely to turn into a load of face saving lies.

  5. Members going and coming from Kabul willy-nilly while complaining that we can’t get people out fast enough.

    1. At least these men care about what’s happening in Afghanistan to go there. Unlike Biden and his administration.

  6. Sounds like one over heard the other in the gym and they both decided to one up the other. Bad form gents!!!! Really boneheaded!!

  7. Nancy Pelios “Today is a great day of pride for our country and for Democrats,” Pelosi said in her floor speech. “We have a president with a big, bold vision for our country and an unprecedented opportunity to keep our promises for the people.”

  8. Sadly the Congressmen, their staff, and security will take up space that could have been used by others in danger

  9. so they met with the enemy without National clearance or clear objective! Meeting with the enemy behind closed doors just like tRump met with putin……. SMDH!!!!!

    1. You act like Americans are all on team Biden. I hope these Congressmen offered to hand Joe Biden over to the Taliban if they meant with them. If you’re on team Biden we aren’t on the same team by any stretch of the imagination.

  10. The flag on the right in the thumbnail looks like an eye and a mustache. Kinda fitting for content like this.

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