Pelosi: ‘The Custodial Staff Rose To The Occasion’ After The Capitol Hill Insurrection | The ReidOut 1

Pelosi: ‘The Custodial Staff Rose To The Occasion’ After The Capitol Hill Insurrection | The ReidOut


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi weighed in on the damage done in the Capitol after Trump incited a mob to storm it: The custodial staff rose to the occasion. They restored it all, without complaint. There is an injustice there that must be corrected. These terrorists, slobs, would come in here and desecrate this place and that these good people had to clean up their mess." Aired on 01/19/2021.
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Pelosi: ‘The Custodial Staff Rose To The Occasion’ After The Capitol Hill Insurrection | The ReidOut


    1. Bow-wow-wow-yippee-yo-yippee-yay that racist President Trump just let Snoop Dogg’s Dog Out of the dog pound and pardon but Lil Wayne

  1. My first couple of jobs were custodial, and it tends to be a thankless task in which one is simply taken for granted or, if you miss something, blamed. After this incedent, it’s nice to see those hard working individuals getting recognition, but I bet they’d REALLY appreciate a bonus in their pay!

    1. @White Diamond Yes- so disrespectful! Why would anybody who thought they were being patriotic take a dump in those most hallowed halls! (Rhetorical question.)

    2. @CynAnne1 Nice- I’m sure it made her daughter’s days much better as well. I remember sometimes having to bring my daughter to work, (she wasn’t supposed to be there, and I probably could’ve gotten fired, but hey, can’t always find sitters/daycare) and that’s a really tough thing for a child, or a mother, to deal with.

    3. @Linda Bealer – I always bought gifts for her daughter (Birthdays, Christmas, etc.)…usually one of those ‘multi-outfit & accessories’ packs for her dolls. She’d be so excited she would ‘giggle and wriggle’, and that was just *’everything’* to me.

    1. Yes, the cleaners, or the custodial staff and not “these good people” as Nancy Pelosi stated. I dislike the first word, “these” and I was thinking why did you have to go there, Nancy?

  2. Yes, thank custodial staff there and across the nation, in all our facilities. We don’t pay you enough and your job is more beneficial than a CEO.

    1. This is the most heartfelt and truthful comment of the day . We need to change a lot of things for all people the next for years . I love all my brothers and sisters of all races

    2. @Daniel Eagan And You know why Cause he’s been in the “WHITE” House . I want it changed to “ THE PEOPLES HOUSE “ ASAP. STOP THIS RACISM ,!!! I mean it

    3. Funny how the blue collar people always have to clean up the other collar’s mess, but they do it for the dollars, not for the acumen.

  3. They should hold a special ceremony to honor the custodial staff. Good human beings, the backbone of our country. God bless them.

  4. To those that maintain the cradle of Democracy
    I bend the knee to you for your faithful service to our beloved country!!

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