Pence on whether Putin has committed war crimes in Ukraine

Former Vice President Mike Pence tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about his take on the war in Ukraine, whether Putin has committed war crimes, and what he believes President Biden should do about the Wall Street Journal reporter arrested in Russia. #CNN #News


  1. It’s not a question of whether Putin has committed war crimes, but just how many. Even for the variety of war crimes he ticks most of the boxes

  2. The Snow man talks tough when he’s not in elected office, yet mute when he was tRumps puppy……….

    1. I think he was at odds with his president and not in a position to state it. Same thing going on with Kamala. Now he has his own voice.

    1. Remember that he helped Make Trump, and still refuses to talk to the government about the insurrection attempt. No hero here.

    2. just wait until Trump is the Republican nominee again, Mike will share Trump’s feelings towards master Pootin 🤣🤣

  3. “And what do you think about the car wash down the street?”
    “Well I think the *Biden Administration* has been slow to create vouchers for free turtle wax.”

    1. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂😂😂💀

    2. 20 years into Afghanistan we decided to tactically withdrawal from defeating the Taliban 🇺🇲🦅 – Trump

    3. @Morgan Freeman Trump made the deal, Biden f’d everything up and left them weapons! Are you with me or against me I can’t tell?😂

  4. Easier said than done. He offers no plan like most Republicans they talk to, and so very little to move the sticks forward.

  5. And we still don’t know what DJT and Putin were talking back in 2018 and why DJT was questioning NATO’s importance and especially the US’ part. Coincidence?

    1. Was NATO intervention necessary in Kosovo? Or just for personal gain? I don’t know the history, but I constantly see Serbs condemn your military actions? And why do those who lived it say that

  6. “there’s going to be real consequences” … They he proceeds to list all the things we literally did a year ago

  7. The sheer amount of approving and cheering comments by ordinary Russians under videos about the atrocities committed against civilians in Ukraine were no less shocking to Ukrainians than the war itself.
    We somehow got used to the war, but the realization of who we have been living next to all this time without even knowing it is still terrifying.
    These creatures call themselves our brothers.
    Imagine what they would do to you, who call them their enemies, if you let them.
    Not supplying weapons to Ukraine in order to achieve an early peace would be like allowing a violator to violate his victim in order to end the violence as soon as possible.

    1. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people😂😂😂💀

    1. Pence is about as ambitious as Trump is egotistical.. He probably figured that Trump would be booted before the end of his term and then Pence could become the Grand Poobah he always wanted to be.

  8. I can almost taste the irony, listening to him talk about not ‘putting up with bullying of reporters’.

    1. When journalist intentionally take things you do and say out of context and attack you on the regular I get it..

  9. Well said, Pence. I’m all in with his assessment. I’m not a fan of Pence but he is spot on with this.

  10. This is the best commentary I heard from Pence and the most decisive answer but with Trump case he’s so timid to give a straight answer. I hope Biden listens and send those promised weapons to Ukraine asap. Glory to the heroes of this war.🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. We don’t threaten our nuclear weapons. Keep our noses out of it, it’s sad but it’s sad in the states to

    2. ​@Robert Keast this is avoiding nuclear war. Seeing how bad Russia’s military power actually is, NATO knows that Ukraine losing means a NATO country is next. NATO (hell, the US alone) would crush Russia in a conventional war. Putin’s Russia wouldn’t go down without escalating to nuclear. So supporting Ukraine in defending itself (with calculated steps to avoid escalation) is the best way to avoiding a nuclear war.

    3. @Daragh sorry if I came across as rude, I guess arguing on YouTube comments is not going to change any minds. But I just find it suspicious and concerning that the mainstream news almost completely lacks a well rounded discussion on the ethics of this war. I just think people should keep an open mind about it. I’d recommend interviews with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson and the late Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen for more info.

  11. Respect to Pence for these wise and strong words. I hope he stands by them after he receives a phone call from his former boss “Why are you insulting my friend? You should support me, I made you, is this how you thank me for that?”

  12. With everything going on, I don’t know that I’d wanna go to Russia for ANYTHING!!! I sure hope he is ok.

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