1. K Black – ikr? It is so terrifyingly sad that there are people that actually believe what tRump/Penis say!! The stupidity is astounding.

    2. @Niya B.
      1000s of the covid rally wont be voting

    3. Never mind say anything they’ll do anything! Holding a rally in Oklahoma even though they know full well some people will end up dying from it, absolutely fucking vile!

  1. I believe nothing this regime says. I fact-check everything & compare it to what we scientists are saying. I will never understand his minions just tossing out the truth.

    1. It’s called selective memory syndrome. Where the mind purposely forgets everything that it doesn’t want to believe. That’s the reason trump’s cult doesn’t react negatively to him no matter what he says or does. Early on trump made the statement that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue & get away with it.

  2. It seems that Vice Pence is a little bit confused, the media isn’t fear-mongering about coronavirus, they are reporting it because its real! if there is any need for fear-mongering it should be about Bunker Boy getting reelected! *Now that’s scary!*

    1. Sure. What’s just get out there and have a riot why don’t we? So funny how all these Democratic leaders in the row States promote thousands, tens of thousands of people to get out there and riot butcher hypocritical scumbags may all you Democrats lie and sleep in your own fecal matter!

    1. @Dirty Sanchez πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™

    2. @Darthchopper you commented to the won’t one. I’m all in on Trump. These postmodern fascist leftist suck. They are cancer to freedom

    3. @Lydia M. Lengema Hillary is not a Hindu. Hinduism is not a cult. It is a valid religion that predates Christianity by many thousands of years. Jesus does not approve of you dissing other people’s culture. Love your brothers and sisters please, we are all God’s children and God is not a Democrat or a Republican.

    4. @Lydia M. Lengema what were you trying to say? Baby I’m having a wonderful life but Trump had nothing to do with it. Now I’m really starting to feel sorry for you. I shouldn’t be playing around with you. If I knew where you lived I would pay for a Doctor to see you. I mean the fact that you think I exist because of Donald Trump. Wow that’s far out man. I will tell them to bring a net in case someone else pops into existence.

    1. @Mike Kittrell If you really think like this, you know there is a way out right? I get tired of people calling on God or Jesus to help them. Don’t you think that THEY know what’s best for you. Come on, be a man and pick one Mike. You can’t tell me Biden is worse that Trump. If you can’t I can only recommend a quick prayer & good bye to friends and then Hello Heaven here I came.

    2. @Mike Kittrell Well, so that is your solution you call everyone evil and you run away from your privilege, your responsibility to vote. BOOOOHHHOOOO. A NON vote, is a vote for the evil mis fit, trump. just so you know. Mike.

  3. Poor Dr. Fauchi is in such a bad position!! Haven’t seen or heard from him in a while….is he being silenced??

    1. @David Williams The only reliable statistic after CDC meddling is the overall death count. That is down. Probably a matter of less traffic accidents during the lock down.

  4. “Only the best people”. Drumpf’s entire administration are incompetent liars. The inept never stray far from the Conald.

    1. Why don’t we cure the whole problem and have another riot. All you Democrats promote rioting by the tens of thousands let’s just get out there and have another ride you hypocritical sack of s***! You will lose in November and lose badly by a landslide

  5. This government needs to be replaced. I’m tired of there lies and cover ups. Focus on the sick people here in the United States instead of focusing on your reelection.

    1. They are republicans. By their very nature they are selfish and only care about advancing their own status and wealth above the lives of fellow Americans.

    1. Wrong Obama/biden. The beginning of the pussification of America. Trump, the end of the pussification of America

    1. Because the Republican party is full of truth-denying, science-denying morons! They live in a fucking alternate universe where everything is nice and rosy despite the 10’s of millions unemployed and the 100’s of thousands dead. They’re still trying to act like they have dealt with this whole situation perfectly!

      I wish I was being dramatic but i’m not, every day I wake up and feel angry about the bullshit coming out of these cunts mouths! ‘we’re not seeing a 2nd wave’ ‘cases in Oklahoma are going down’……… Wouldn’t fucking surprise me if they said the sky was yellow next! Probably would do if it somehow boosted Trumps chances of re-election. Cunts

    2. Same in UK – conservatives have stroke their ideological ego. For them it feels better than stroking…anything else. And of course also to control fake narrative.

  6. Pence and Trump administration start Mass slaughter mode now! MAGA = Make America Graves Accumulate!

  7. Pence can say what he wants he won’t be in office when the second wave actually comes next winter.

    1. Thank God & Good Riddance To Pence. How The Fuk Can He Even Be In Charge He Walk Around From Day 1 No Mask Nothing. Some Leader We Have. Sadly Many Will Die Because Of His Arrogance & Pride. God Bless Stay Safe!

    how is that possible when he is lying about this lol haha he clearly has no idea what he is doing lol

    1. I think he does know but another one that cares only about himself lies are part of the job .πŸ˜₯

  9. Trump: β€œI wanna be President again! I don’t care who has to die to make it so!!”

    1. Help share scientific info on masks etc with those who don’t understand. For me, it’s my republican friends.

    2. You’re right about that and we have been all along. That is why in comparison to other countries, our numbers are embarrassing.

    1. If you thought this was over you weren’t really trying to pay attention. Just keep ignoring the experts. It’s going great here on Earth!

    2. @Kevin Eagan Remeber a few weeks ago when they were trying to say DeSantis was right like he was some kind of hero?

    1. Why don’t we just have more riots! Why don’t we just have hundreds of thousands of people burning and looting throwing bricks and slobbering all over each other and having the Democrats approve of all this bulshit! Everything’s on the president. It’s really all of the Democrats. They’re encouraging this shyt day after day week after week, arresting a mother for taking the kids to the park shutting down a business to make a living but encouraging rioting and protesting with a bunch of scumbags Two-Face scumbags. Screw them screw them all. Hope the president has Rally’s from now until the election I mean re-election. Get rid of all Democrats. Immediately!

    2. Let’s vote Biden somebody that forgets what he did yesterday!!! Omg!! If he was to win they will say he is unfit for president and whoever his campaign partner is will become president.. more then likely Michelle obama!! Watch and see

    3. Hate Mungering to spread killing of police and spread the virus to the protesters of Black lives Matter, Who’s the racist? And who is using death and destruction for political gain?? Yes..you guessed it the Democrats!!!! the same party who fought to keep Blacks as slaves!!! not even 60 years ago!!

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