1. why do this now? why now, in 2020? Who’s next? Ronald McDonald? because his face is painted white?

    1. @john lawful The recipe for Jack Daniels was stolen from a slave. Famous Amos had his brand stolen and he can’t use his own recipe or likeness.

    2. @Concrete Lightbulb Famous amos sold his rights I suggest actually reading up on him. As for Jack daniels uh no it wasnt stolen try again.

    1. I was too busy raging over the “Mexican” and “chinese” food isles at the grocery store. I asked to speak to the manager and told him if he doesn’t take these offensive signs down, I would tell the Twitter verse that he doesn’t care about black lives. Reeeeeee..

    1. @Di&Ce What about the M and M guys there colored! Betty Crocker to white, god are we people fked!!!

  2. As a black man aware of the struggle and our past. Aunt jemima lead to many delicious sunday breakfasts. Rest in peace

    1. @matthew eyo answer the question. Nothing ever changes for you but you keep going down the same road.

    2. matthew eyo and like most leftists you leave it at the “I could explain but you wouldn’t get it” like I hear all the time. Because you guys really have no arguments to back up your claims. This is why Trump is winning again 😔

    3. I thought seeing a black woman on a product was actually a good thing. It seems to me that this whole thing is hurting black people which is not a surprise because if black people actually took the time to educate themselves they would see that liberals are the real racists. Think sleeping with the enemy and the fox as Malcolm X stated who was a black man.
      Malcolm X on Liberals

      Educate Yourself & #WalkAway

      The historic truth of the democrat and republican parties:

      White Guilt Is Real. White Privilege Is a Leftist Lie!

    1. Have you seen the new Band-Aid bandaids? Do these corporations think we’re going to accept their bullshit again?

    1. Virtue signaling
      What about a clutch master cylinder
      And slave cylinder
      That’s racist AF. Yet you don’t see auto manufacturers changing parts names

    2. @Alen Bacco
      If they had honestly thought it was offensive or racist they would have changed it years ago….

  3. Damn the got Quaker oats, I didn’t even know they had a racist background. Well that ruined breakfast🤷🏽‍♂️.

    1. @Renee “Over the top”. For no longer tolerating racial steryotypes and slave language. Get over yourself dude.

    1. I think they’re just gonna change the logo, the product will continue being the same.

    2. Yes, you can. Buy _real_ maple syrup, not high fructose corn syrup which is what this brand is.

  4. I remember as a kid in the 80’s when they removed her kerchief and gave her a hairstyle. I guess Uncle Ben and “Rastus” the Cream of Wheat guy will be next.

    1. @DuWarren Dukes I don’t think you should feel stupid. Iam 73 and for me I grew up looking at the faces of the black image on the packages and all I thought was “this really must be some good food”, I am not black and I am not white and the smiling faces of the images I was looking at made me happy and they were the only brands we bought. What is wrong with having black images on products? If there were none, black people would be complaining that there are no images of black people.

    2. Exactly! I never once looked at her race in a negative way. I thought she was a real person that invented the syrup. She was pretty and smiling, which made me smile. It’s the only one we ever had growing up and I was one of seven children! Racism never entered our minds. We also only had Uncle Ben’s rice, I thought he was a real person too! We were never taught anything racist about these iconic figures.

    3. K M maybe consider the fact that when most black people in America look into their family history, as most people in general are curious about it, they will inevitably learn about the disgusting ways their ancestors were treated. The ‘mammie’ stereotype is directly taken from a minstrel show character called aunt Jemima. Look at the older packaging. It was looking like a minstrel show poster until the 80s. That is just insanity to imagine that black people living in a time even closer to the time of slavery had to look at WORSE portrayals of themselves than what you grew up with. But the name is the same and for anyone who knows the history, I can completely understand why it was compared to the n word in this video. It is a jarring thing to hear and see when you can’t be sure of the intentions behind it. And when you KNOW the intentions aren’t good, aka the creator of the brand literally got his idea FROM a minstrel show, it’s pretty easy to want to distance yourself or speak out against it.

    1. I get it. Pulling these products off the shelfs will have a massive effect on White Supremacist groups.

      Why didnt us white people against racism think of this along time ago? Huh?

    2. Funny and while you’re cracking jokes about racism your fellow latino’s are still sitting in cages at the border thanks to the same type of people that thought putting stereotypes on boxes was funny. Racism isn’t a f*cking joke homie.

    3. @Murada illegal immigration isn’t a joke either. Come here legally and you don’t end up detained.

  5. You know how many rap songs have the N-Word in them among other racial references and vocabularies? Aren’t they going to be taken out too while y’all are at it?

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