Joe Biden blasts Trump’s Covid response

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden blasted President Donald Trump over his administration's response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, citing recent comments where Trump suggested if the US stopped testing, the number of cases would go down.

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    1. Chris Hillman better than the stupid “leader” that we have. At least Biden have the guts to talk on the news instead being in that stupid bunker of his

    2. @ricardo hinojosa Do you ever watch the news? President Trump is always there talking directly to the American people.

  1. Did you see the *fire* in Joe Biden’s eyes, he seriously blasted Bunker Boy, Wow! The thing is, what he said is all true, he didn’t hold anything back! *I didn’t think he had it in him, I was wrong!*

    1. Biden FORGOT that when Trump stopped people from China coming into the USA back in January HE SAID HE WOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT AND KEEP LETTING THEM IN

  2. Finally someone able to make a complete sentence, speak comprehensive words, don’t need to repeat the same thing again and again. No more insults, putting people down or lying. What a relief would be to never hear of Trump anymore.

    1. @Avangelynn ya right its written by a fn far left its tainted from the beginning, its only a matter of time before we figure out what the dems have above this guy to make him wanna lash out at our president of america after he was his visor dam demacrats suck

    1. “Bunker Boy”? Lol, I like that one man! He is going come of that Bunker with a stolen Bible pretending is religious but he is far from being a religious one.

    2. @RhondaH omg….how is it that people do not know that the President is told to go to the bunker and has to when told to….geezzz


    1. As a German i am surprised that an American politician is able to talk in a proper English. The liar in Washington D.C speaks like a 11 year old Boy who didn’t finish school yet. But it’s in the hand of the Americans If they want to have a real politician to rule their country or a “stable genius” 🙄
      Anyway, non Americans are laughing about the madhouse which America is nowadays!
      The “stable” one destroyed in four years the grace of your country it had once for the entire world.

    2. @Mike Vigil your country will end in a civilwar bc ignorant people like you do not understand that the “stable genius” destroys his country bc he got no clue about politic.
      I will pray for your country bc it needs a leader who heals the wounds the “stable” one caused.
      I guess you have never left your “great country” you will be surprised how Europe is. Europeans know that the majority of Americans got a lack of education what is happening in the world. Sorry, harsh words but it’s a fact.

    1. @Rick M sure makes it look natural.. unlike Conald Dump and his squinty eyes.. and trying to make it less ready back adding his stupid glorious magnificant adjectives to reinforce a sentence he just read… kinda sounds like he’s not understanding what he’s reading most the time.. just reading. Byebye Trump 2020

  4. When you win. Please employ Dr Fauci and Dr Birx, giving them the free hand to do their jobs as they would wish to. Thank you

  5. Donald Trump

    2016: “I’m will make America Great Again.”

    2020: “America is Great Again.”

    Joe Biden: “Oh Really?”

    1. The best president for America God with Trump not a jackel for a precident who play in the hands of the ccp

    2. @Lucas van VUUREN Learn proper English first! You’re exposing yourself as a non- American LMFAO!!

  6. We’re in times, where we need to care about each other more than our elected officials. 700+ deaths daily are human lives & to value seriously.

    1. @Anderzzz Your the definition of a brainwashed kid who watches fake news like CNN and MSNBC tf

    2. @Jock Young Are you OK? We without hate filled hearts know the value he has added to our lives in only (pre virus) 3 YEARS!!! You missed that because your TDS has RUINED you. Not we Conservatives! I hope you can be brave and debate me about Trump. You will drop out early, as all the other cowardly liberals have EVER done. It’s gotten boring trying to hav an adult debate, but I keep on trying. Sigh.

  7. I support Joe Biden for president Thelusma and Merice. God bless you and your family peace to the world.

  8. Your speech was absolutely what we need to hear at this very moment in time!
    Mr. Vice President Biden,
    YOU WILL be our Next President of the United States of America!

    p.s. have the military on standby to remove trump,
    because he’s going to be a 3rd grader that’s not going to want to grab his book bag and get on the school bus and go home.

    1. @007kingifrit You must have wanted him to talk about how great he is and call people names, or it isn’t meaningful. It’s not supposed to be entertainment.

    2. 007kingifrit He didn’t suggest injecting disinfectant and spoke in complete sentences and didn’t even mention his birthday.

      It’s refreshing.

  9. I had forgotten how comforting it is to have a guy that can string coherent sentences together in a leadership role. He’s not my first choice but that was much better than anything Trump has said so far.

    1. You can’t be serious he can put a a coherent speech together one try out of 7. He’s not all there

  10. I don’t even like him but this is a SPEECH 😳I seriously have a feeling this speech will be historic and be remembered and perhaps even be big in this election

    1. Biden FORGOT that when Trump stopped people from China coming into the USA back in January HE SAID HE WOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT AND KEEP LETTING THEM IN

  11. I actually listened to every word. He speaks in full sentences and makes sense. This is what a leader should sound like. No word salad. Anyone else notice that he did not brag, self congratulate himself. Just plain facts. There is hope that we can rebuild. Thank you V.P. Biden soon to be #46.

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