Pentagon To Mandate Covid Vaccine For Military 1

Pentagon To Mandate Covid Vaccine For Military


NBC News' Monica Alba brings us the latest after the news that the Pentagon will mandate the Covid vaccine for all military service members, according to the Associated Press. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Pentagon To Mandate Covid Vaccine For Military


  1. Austin had to show his handlers that he’d follow any orders after being given that cushy job right after the coup in January.

  2. Also seems like the delta variant is coming from those who are vaccinated as opposed to illegals crossing the border.

  3. In addition to this federal law, the FDA includes the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration on its website, emphasizing the fact that people cannot be forced to take experimental drugs without their full consent. Learn more at

    Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “Forcing any person to receive one of these COVID injections is a violation of federal law. The COVID injections are not licensed by the FDA and are still in the investigation and experimental phase. No employer or government may force or coerce anyone to take these injections. Federal law requires full informed consent.”

    1. @Oachilis Goku So you thought anyway. The military today is nothing more than the enforcement arm of globalist gangsters. And countries don’t exist in their world.

    2. @Steve I’m not, not a Biden supporter either. The system is broken so I haven’t voted in over 12 years because I feel like that is only contributing to the problem, but prior I only ever voted Democrat. Also, a CEO from Monsanto jumps back and forth between his position at Monsanto and a board member of the FDA whenever they need to get some new toxic Monsanto product passed, then he goes right back to work for Monsanto. How can you trust what they tell you if they are that obviously corrupt?

  4. They did say deadly shootings are at an all time high by criminals in the U.S.But i thought they were talking about deadly shootings with guns on the city streets.

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