New UN Climate Report Issues Stark Warning On Climate Change 1

New UN Climate Report Issues Stark Warning On Climate Change

NBC News' Josh Lederman discusses the new report from the United Nations on the stark reality of climate change. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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New UN Climate Report Issues Stark Warning On Climate Change


  1. Trump said his uncanny ability to change the temperature on a wall thermostat makes him an expert on climate change.

    1. @Doctor DewbieYep the denier cult would rather waste OUR money in constant wars for oil, paying the FF industry to make pollution that kills 7 million people a year and causes AGW, more in fires floods droughts, support multiple countries that repress many people that get “stoned to death” but “virtuously” draw the line at imaginary gender studies. What a sick twisted death cult it is.

      “…they holding their values …” Like bombing every country because of 911 but the country which did the deed. Like respecting men in blue while traitorously trying to overthrow a rightfully elected government. Like being against welfare except for their billionaire donors. Like…

    2. @James Pyke Why did Biden shut down the key stoned pipeline and move troops into the middle east right away.

    1. @maria schultz Yep more people are employed in solar in the US than oil, gas and coal combined and the denier cult want to destroy this. Loss to US GDP, according to a Stanford study, will be about 36% due to AGW by 2100 and they denier cult go woo hoo bring it on let’s continue to destroy US and it’s industry. Woo Hoo. Denier scam 101. The FF industry who own the denier cult gleefully take $5.3 trillion a year in “subsidy” to destroy the GLOBE and the denier cult go woo hoo, better not invest 10% of that to NOT destroy US industry woo hoo!! Scam.

    2. @James Pyke , Sorry dude but I dont argue with climate fanatics, its like a religion and that never goes anywhere.

  2. Let’s keep those oil wells,. Let’s keep drilling killing off trees,. Please! . Tell the real causes,. Tell the truth

  3. Henny Youngman “My dr. gave me six months to live. I said Doc I can’t pay you in six months. He said OK I’ll give you a year.

  4. I think if you don’t believe in science, it’s time to catch the covid and let god take the wheel

  5. Scarily, I don’t ever see any big action being taken to save the environment. Washington is too busy squabbling over power control. I think we’re doomed.

  6. I guess Guy McPherson hasn’t been a climate alarmist for the last two decades after all? Happy tipping point everybody!

  7. Over 30 years ago, in 6th grade, I presented my poster about how the earth’s protective ozone layer was disappearing and then in my next presentation, I showed them how to make home-made cleaning products that were safe for the environment. Nobody cared, they were like *yawn*

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