Pentagon Sets Mid-September Military Vaccination Deadline 1

Pentagon Sets Mid-September Military Vaccination Deadline


NBC News Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube discusses the Pentagon's vaccine mandate for all military service members. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Pentagon Sets Mid-September Military Vaccination Deadline


    1. George Washington ran the first mass military inoculation in 1777 while fighting against the British. He secretly had the entire military vaccinated against Variola the small pox virus

    2. @Freedom an experimental vaccine that has far over a 99.9 percent survival rate across almost every demographic.

      He mandated small pox vaccines because it was a dangerous vaccine.

      We have no idea what long term effects could happen.

    3. George Washington was brave af and so were the rest of the founders. They would be ashamed at our ridiculous reaction and our willing surrendering of our freedoms because of a virus with a roughly 99.7% IFR. Smallpox was actually deadly, Covid poses virtually no threat to 99.99% of active duty troops.

    4. @The Old Beef imagine a US soldier walking through a barren field or desolate mountain in the middle of Afghanistan, and sneeze droplets from some Whyte Sooprem@cist in Georgia hits xir right in the face. Cant have that. Vaccine Uber Alles!!!

    5. NO.
      Better to leave the military NOW, than to suffer with debilitating injuries for life, just like Agent Orange.

    1. You really think they are not vaccinated?
      This will of course start all the usual right wing morons screaming about their first amendment rights without understanding that this right also includes that of the rights of an employer.
      I personally hope airlines, cruise lines and bus companies will start to introduce terms and conditions that will require any user of their services to be fully vaccinated.
      People who end up in hospitals because they refused to get vaccinated should be double charged or told to go home and die there.

  1. Amazing. One would think the US military is already fully vaccinated. So much for sacrificing for your country.

    1. They couldn’t force the military to get the vaccine because it wasn’t approved by the fda. It was technically research until it was fully approved. But all that’s about to be over.

  2. No.
    For all those believers willing to take a stand for God & Freedom & Liberty.
    Better to leave the military NOW, than to suffer with debilitating injuries for life, just like Agent Orange.

  3. Everyone injected with a FDA unapproved drug by federal mandate should sign a Milley descent petition after the fact. They can officially descent on the grounds that they believe the mandate is politically incorrect as it violates their rights to informed consent.

  4. I encourage millions and millions of military people to just say NO!!! Let’s see how Lloyd Austin handles that. Stick together military you get two or three million people to tell Lloyd Austin where to go that would be fantastic . Let them try to court-martial a few million people!! What Austin doesn’t realize that the military has a lot more power by the forces than this man with this plastic shield in this filthy little face diaper..

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