People Are ‘Dead Wrong’ In Underestimating Biden Says Cedric Richmond

After months of negotiations, President Biden announced a bipartisan deal on infrastructure – with a plan to pass more progressive measures through reconciliation. Senior White House Advisor Cedric Richmond says, “This is just the same track that we always had in mind to get his agenda completed – the rescue plan, the jobs plan and the families plan. People keep underestimating Joe Biden, and they’re dead wrong.”
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    1. OMG! The elephant in the room! Trump had some creepy, creepies, but this whispering was a god awful “who let him out without meds?” Moment. Ever.
      He looked and sounded completely deranged! Off his rocker, over the cookoo’s nest, nuttier than a fruit cake! These were not whispering moments, this was just weird!

      Really, all you had to do in order to look better than Trump is show up and you blew it! Big time!

  1. Never underestimate Biden’s ability to [sin sword] up any situation – Barrack Obama (actual quote)

    1. Wow did you really just try to insult the President and misspell “censored” as “sin sword??” That’s hilarious!!! Good thing you’re not the president.

    2. @Elsa Bean You understand that’s not a misspelling right? It’s a synonym. There’s more than one word for just about anything. Languages aren’t restricted to perfection, just like handwriting.

  2. When will we get the no sides investigative news again? This feels like a empirical “love the king, he does no wrong” type of world.

    1. The people thought they would get more of capitalism/socialism mixture.instead they got fascism with media social media FBI and china all running cover for there stupid ideas

    2. @Robert Fuglei Trump was criticized for sneezing and Biden gets thunderous applause for eating chocolate chocolate chip. You live in fantasy land.

  3. insert a pause, then kamala to kackle …….rocky music dananaaaaa danana naaaaaa, squirl?????

  4. “Support families”?? …start by removing incentives for UN-FAMILY! He will encourage fatherless homes.

    1. Just because government names a bill something, it doesn’t mean it’s for the benefit of the somethings.

  5. I remember a compilation of DEMOCRATIC NEWSREPORTERS and trained politicians like this one on YouTube saying the same narrative ????

  6. They snuck in another wallstreet treat????!!!! Asset recycling, aka, planned privatizate of public roads, public bridges, public utilities etc.
    Why dont you cover that ffs?

  7. Wait people actually understand what he says? All I hear is a bumbling dementia Patient not making any sense!

  8. Glad to see they are sending out the ‘big guns’ to convince you that Joementia does not have Dementia!!! Greatest President EVER, he is!!!!

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