Rain Hampers Search And Rescue After Florida Condo Collapse 1

Rain Hampers Search And Rescue After Florida Condo Collapse


Bad weather is slowing the search for survivors after a 12-story condo building collapse just outside of Miami in the town of Surfside, FL. The town's mayor Charles Burkett joins MSNBC's Brian Williams with the very latest.
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  1. These guys are the best they are HERO’S for sure, my prayers to all involved for safety, and for the people that are trapped, God please be with them!!!

    1. @Nicolae Ceaușescu Was waiting for this comment. There’s always one edgy atheist and has to force their beliefs onto others

    2. @Nicolae Ceaușescu I was thinking the same thing I’m so sick and tired of people talking about God that doesn’t exist

    3. @RICK JAMES I’m glad to see you have common sense. It’s baffling how many ppl lack it, isn’t it?

  2. Omg that underground water filled pocket. Those people aren’t terrified the building will crush them? Straight out of the Titanic movie

  3. My sincerest prayers and condolences for those who’ve lost their lives,the family,friends and pets. Such a unforeseen catastrophic event.

    1. Some will say it was abit foreseeable. They say the building has been unstable for a few years now.

  4. They need to call the TOPOS from Mexico! They’re rescuers that could be of big help to find more people.

    1. @Caitlin Daley sorry about that i was too angry to spell check the comment, and btw a typo is really your best argument against me calling him a racist?

    2. @Caitlin Daley foo shut up you probably were some worthless MOS or AFSC probably a warehouse worker or “chef” lol

    1. Pray? If you believe in an invisible man in the shy, you ought to be cursing said invisible guy for this.

    2. @theedrstrangelove because there is no invisible man in the sky. You’ve been fed lies by people that don’t know the Truth. What if someone told you God is All there is, not separate from anything or anyone? God Is Absolute Love, pure and simple. , God is where you came from, and where you’ll go back to. I don’t want to argue. I just hope that your anger and hatred towards God is seen for what it really is, hatred and anger towards men that made you believe in a mortal God, that acts and thinks like man. It’s not true. We just don’t want anyone to be suffering under that rubble. If they must leave, let them leave quickly, so they won’t be in pain anymore. Have a blessed Friday my friend.

    3. @Caitlin Daley we all have the right to our beliefs. I was just trying to help ease the pain from the belief that God is a vengeful, judgemental, condemning God, which couldn’t be further from the Truth. And as someone who has experienced God, I can say with all my heart that God is not what people say. If it makes you feel better laughing at, and putting others down, then so be it. But your belittling of me doesn’t change the Truth. God bless

    1. @Jeaniej Butler that’s ok for a matter of hours; but you have to start moving at some point. People can’t survive in there for that long, you have to think of injuries and blood loss.

    2. @Michael Marin I understand your point however, if you look back at other disasters here and in other countries there have been rescues days after the event. IMO it would be wrong to call rescue efforts done to soon.

    3. @Jeaniej Butler well, we all just want to see people come out of there alive… we know that we agree on that.

    1. Yep chuck because the first responders have time to look for your comment on this YouTube video your comment means nothing

    2. @Noon Slayer2000 I called them and told them about this comment and they said they will pass it down to the first responders so this mean you comment means nothing lol try harder ..

    3. @Leroy jenkins they were probably like “who tf was that” and just went on with their fay

    1. @Kevin just remember a lot of them could be in caves in the debris like the boy was small little holes of debris you can survive a few days without food water though not necessarily

  5. God it reminds me of the two towers falling….this just is devistating. Why can’t we have a first responders day? We have so many holidays. It’s time to have a day to celebrate ALL the firefighters, emts and many others that are heros!

  6. Please give the families and loved ones strength, the first responders perseverance and prayers for all. I hold out hope they find many more survivors.

    1. Oh thank god! I’ve been worrying about whether or not his mom got out for hours. So, so glad he didn’t lose her!

    2. One of the four victims has been identified by family as Stacie Fang, the mother of Jonah Handler, a boy who was captured getting rescued from the rubble by firefighters Thursday.

      “There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Stacie,” the family said in a statement. “The members of the Fang and Handler family would like to express our deepest appreciation for the outpouring of sympathy, compassion and support we have received. The many heartfelt words of encouragement and love have served as a much needed source of strength during this devastating time. On behalf of Stacie’s son, Jonah, we ask you now to please respect our privacy to grieve and to try to help each other heal.” -ABC News

  7. This reminded me of Oklahoma building , it’s so horrific and heartbreaking. Prayers for all .

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