‘People At The Highest Levels Of Government’ Tried To Destroy Democracy

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro reacts to the newest development in Trump’s attempt to politicize the Justice Department, as newly released documents reveal he pressured the incoming acting attorney general to challenge the 2020 election results.

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  1. Trump, his cohorts, the GOP, and his treasonous hoard are killing democracy. If this continues and without accountability for the attempted coup on January 6, 2021, then the United States will fail.

    1. @Tod Brown Well, there are thousands, but just taking the most recent:
      > The insurrectionist of January 6th are being persecuted by the Democrats.
      > Russian President Vladimir Putin] said the people who violently stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 to stop Congress from certifying Donald Trump’s loss were people justifiably angry with the election results. “They came with political demands.”
      > Putin, through Adriy Derkach fed misinformation about Biden to Rudy Giuliani, then President Trump’s attorney who then promulgated it through the Republican party and right wing media.
      Or some older ones, like:
      > Ukraine was responsible for 2016 US election interference.

    2. @Borvo yep. All left wing media talking points. Same as the right who has theirs. It’s all political propaganda. Just because you heard it on TV doesn’t make it true. Face it. Unless you are an insider who is actually involved, you will never know the truth. Right now half of the people believe trump is going to jail, and the other half think hes being reinstated. And who is responsible for that? You guessed it. the media propaganda show.

    3. @Some One Sadly, the US is failing….there was JUST an attempted overthrow of a Presidential Election from both within the Government by the highest ranking GOP Officials, and also with the attempted Coup on Jan. 6 that was clearly incited by high ranking GOP Officials (including tRUMP, the President at the time). And the GOP continues to spread propaganda and conspiracy theories on a DAILY basis, and they are also changing laws that suppress our vote in an attempt to gain power. That’s the kinda crap that a 3rd world Country/Government does.

    1. The Greatest Embarrassment in History they been selling America for YEARS 😢 GOP’S NEED To Go

    2. A threat to a Democracy isn’t an embarrassment, its terrorism. They’re doing stuff Putin could only dream of making happen.
      This is a slow motion Civil War.

    1. Even Trump voted for Biden. The Chosen One handed over the win on a silver platter and now he is crying about “stop the steal”. That phrase is not even proper English. The guy is a certified dummy.

    2. @MAGADEATH LANDSCAPING GO pull weeds cupcake. Your been smoking too much grass. Fraud is not democracy and AMERICA is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Love it, contribute or get the F out.


    4. @Rob Giles He is the most voted for.
      It’s the trump supporters that are so radical and hateful with their rhetoric as well as the trump lies, are cultists in nature and have no conscience when it comes to others . All they care about is being able to insult,inflict violence on those who disagree with them. Then they high five each other like high school kids and say “yeah, good burn”
      Just like their dear leader he loves to insult people, he thinks it’s funny. That alone makes him a poor choice for any kind of leadership. When their court dates lead to conviction, they now blame trump and if he gets charged, will suddenly have ” no knowledge” of them or what they were doing. It’s unreal the ignorance of his ” sheeple” to support someone who is so dangerous to their own best interests. I think if they don’t like our country, maybe they should move out together. Right now they are being used ,as they allow themselves to be. trump will be the most infamous person in history. We will not let him be known as ” the man who destroyed democracy”

  2. Remember when the entire GOP went spastic when ex-president Clinton spent several minutes with the then US AG on a plane on an airport tarmac ……..and on these e mails crickets from the GOP ….

    1. Remember when Democrats supported blm looting and burning cities across the country?

      Remember when it was fascist to support police?

    2. Btw your vp bailed out a suspected cop killer among that “peaceful protest”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Sean Hovan You could have ended the BLM PROTESTS over night if you’d simply agreed to large scale police reform. Instead you choose to support the continued abuse of power police forces have taken part in for hundreds of years.

      But hey, nice attempt at whataboutism to distract from the fact that turmp and the rest of the GQP are traitors who tried to overthrow the government and are now trying to cover it up.

  3. Thank goodness for all the voters who voted trump out of office. trump’s niece said it best in her book about trump, calling him “the most dangerous man in America.” He wants to turn this great country into a banana republic.

  4. They weren’t humoring him, mitch, Kevin, Cruz and I am sure many more were all in on it. They wanted as many Democrats to die at the hands of that mob and take over the government.

    1. I wonder what the mob would have done to AOC or pelosi or pence if they had been successful on January 6th. I wonder what McCarthy and Jordan et al would be saying about it now.

    2. @sensory deprivation You pretend there was not an invalid 4 year impeachment, I will never forget. But it does not stop there, ‘voter id is racist” is pure poppycock to put it kindly. Worry about Trump when applicable, worry about your side when applicable, you don’t want unity, you believe climate poppycock, you have no fear of Biden proposing largest debt ratio in history being larger than the ww 2 record, disgraceful so called border policy. Disrespect via lack of thinking about questionable medical leadership in this country (having nothing to do with Trump), ie not treating the disease sensibly for sick people, it is not a quick disease, work with some tools and have compassion

    3. @Sam Harris – Better see your therapist sooner rather than later. You’re hallucinating again.

  5. And ALL of them were Republicans! Choose your party accordingly. They should all be removed from office and tried for treason.

    1. @Roxy Lasch I know this. I have some reasonable conservatives in my family. However, the current mentality of the party as a whole is lost. What is the message? What is the plan? What is the future direction? Republicans need to rid themselves of the malignant Trumpers and refocus so we can have a strong two party system. That’s the best thing for America.

    2. @Sam Mas There is actually a whole movement made up of Republicans who want to vote out all Trump like Republicans. There is one here on YouTube. I can’t remember if it was called Republicans Against Trump or the Republican Accountability Act.

    3. @Sean Hovan LOL, ignorant turmp cultist doesn’t realize trying to overthrow the government is levying war against the US.

  6. There is absolutely NO excuse or justification for “humoring” someone with respect to the outcome of an election!

    1. @Randy Ross dingbat.
      Did you and your meth pipe compose that nonsense all by yourselves, or did your imaginary friend help?

    2. @Randy Ross You state: “Wonder why we have more Deaths than every other Country!” But of course we do NOT have “more deaths than every other Country!” [sic]. You are simply lying.
      You also do not seem very bright – no one ever taught you to capitalize random words in a sentence. You didn’t learn that in school. You’re an ignorant, under-educated FOOL.

    3. @Bear_soldier Oh Yea there is!
      We go through a year with no convictions and grinning Goobers are shown leaving prison. And this Country will be rising up.
      The Conservatives side with Centrists and the Left.
      We are the Military. There’s no more Lardass45 to worry about.
      His only real weapon are the slow and the toothless.
      We’ll be okay Bruh.
      The Vermin break, we win.

    4. @Satanic Microchip v4 I just posted the same!!
      “Must have been 20 hits!”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤜🤛🇺🇸🇺🇸🍻🍻🍻🍻

  7. Trump: “I want to see Biden in prison.”
    Biden: “What on Earth gives Trump the idea that I’ll come visit him in prison?”

    1. @Sean Hovan Trump did not follow through on sanctions Obama put on Putin and invited the Russians into the White House the same week he moved in. On top of that, Trump insulted the entire American ntelligence community by taking Russia’s side in the hacking of the DNC, election targeting on Facebook and putting bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan. Biden called out Putin on day one.

    2. @Ming M hmmm he did put sanctions on Russia. In fact when Joe Biden got into office he lifted those sanctions on Russia, look up the Nord stream 2 pipeline 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. @Sean Hovan Wow….you guys are really wrapped up in communism. It’s like you don’t know the first thing about it. That’s obvious. Whether trump goes to prison remains to be seen – he’s just an ordinary, citizen now. He’s a broken man and he knows it. He’ll never be president again.

    1. @Sean Patrick 😂 WTF are you talking about? I didn’t prove anything so-called correct. You’re the one that proves me correct. You just wanted to get me mad don’t you? At least you try

    2. @Trio Lopez
      Ok, last message.
      You have not made one intelligent comment and you are using an account created 4 months ago.
      A waste of anyone’s time.

  8. There’s nothing a republican hates more, than free and fair elections.
    GOP: “If we can no longer win free and fair elections, then we will steal them.”

    1. @SeanPat1001 Your statement that Reagan was “frequently call[ed] on to testify during the [Nuremburg] trials” is patently ridiculous. In 1945-46, Reagan was simply a Hollywood actor; he would have had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Nuremburg trials. You must have gotten your wires crossed somewhere.

    2. @SeanPat1001 Of course on average the American people had a lot more personal wealth back then. Because his trickle down economics hadn’t destroyed the economy yet.

    3. @Adam Taylor Supply side economics has been around a while. Eisenhower was skeptical of the idea and prompted high marginal taxes to stimulate employment. That is something that people need to take a closer look at. People call it Reagonomics, but I first heard about it in the 1960s.

    4. @Yoma Sane It was already gone by the time Reagan vetoed the bill. Chances are that, even if he signed it, the doctrine would just be struck down in the courts.

    1. @Sam Harris then talk to Mitch who vowed, before Biden was even president, to do what he did with Obama; block everything he can

    1. Republican’s want “audit’s” in state’s where Republican governor’s have said that their state’s had a legitimate election.

    2. Right, check out the Glen Beck show, as he has a lot of really interesting stories. Also, remember to watch the Tucker Carlson show every night, and also check out Stephen Bannons show. Those are all very enlightening.

  9. Any talk of the “Big Lie” and Trump and the insurrection cannot be without discussing the role Fox News played in getting a sizeable chunk of the populace to believe in the “Big Lie”.

    1. Is it a crime now to question the outcome of an American election in America?
      And this is merriam Webster’s definition of insurrection: “the act of revolting against civil authority” AKA what antifa and blm have been doing since last summer.

    2. @Rn Kn The ROOT of the PROBLEM Lies in the Citizen’s loss of their Endowed Relationship with The Creator.

    3. @XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII <--- Empty newborn troll account, started June 3, 2021 to simp for the enemies of America. Ignore.

  10. Too slow , those who committed crimes here should be behind bars. The authorities know who they are , and must act now to crush this a sap .

    1. Flynn called for a coup.
      No need for that, the current admin will destroy themselves.
      Coup would be bad, especially with Military, Police, and Millions of gun owners all on one side.

  11. If there are people willing to break the law, they should be immediately taken out of their position. All of them. If you have the proof, what is the problem???

    1. Absolutely! I get concerned with all the talk and discussion. Look what happened when 45 was left to be discussed ad nauseam. It’s time to clean house. We know MTG and MCcarthy and Cruz et al, are still working to deconstruct what is left of democracy.

    2. Absolutely agree with you. I’ve been saying before trump even became president, that he should have never been allowed to run for office, given his criminal record as a lying, fraudulent, corrupt, and litigious business man. The only thing trump’s presidency was any good for was showing just what a huge criminal he is and that he belongs in prison.

    3. @Jane Forst 💯% ✔ I agree with everything you said. I too knew about his corruption from all around the world. I can’t believe Americans actually think he was any good at all. I keep hoping he gets in trouble for something because he definitely deserves it!!

    1. @7sword Mary Biden will have to change his stance now that the failed coup attempt is a part of US history. Biden doesn’t care about money or power. His only concern now is to leave a legacy he can be proud of for fixture generations.

    2. Hes part of that federalist society. And his wife also so don mcgahn. And jeff session in the speaker luncheons. They are a siciety of judges from yale etc. That put corrupt judges to do the bidding if the big money donors. Like koch brothers. Now go listen to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse he is the R.I. senator. He talks about the scheme of Dark Money.

    3. @Michelle Griffin <--- Empty newborn troll account, started on March 16, 2021 to simp and lie for America's enemies. Ignore.

    4. @Claire Deiotte Do you a really understand the term Federalist.? You do understand that is one of the principles on which this nation was founded. So if you’re against it, you are in fact, against the Constitution and the very country you claim to love.

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