‘People Feel Betrayed’: Chicagoans React To Fatal Police Shooting Of 7th Grader | All In | MSNBC 1

‘People Feel Betrayed’: Chicagoans React To Fatal Police Shooting Of 7th Grader | All In | MSNBC


Protestors have gathered in Chicago after the city released harrowing bodycam footage showing the moment when a Chicago police officer fatally shot 13-year-old boy Adam Toledo last month. NBC News’ Antonia Hylton reports. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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‘People Feel Betrayed’: Chicagoans React To Fatal Police Shooting Of 7th Grader | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Supes Is fodder You clearly have no clue how things are in this city. Did you know he was with a fellow gangbanger that was 21 years old? Well those “friends” lat kids 17 and younger hold onto the guns before and after they are used….because if they do get caught, the kid gets released, thanks to Kim Foxx, right back tot their parents, they get a court date 1 month later, no jail time, $185 dollar fine, which most never pay. So yes, you liberals are silly, but mostly have low IQ and are ignorant…Happy? 🙂

    2. chicago has legal conceal carry dont know why people still talking about a ban that took place in the 60s. remember prohibition?

  1. How bout they interview the people who got several rounds come through their house as a result of this kids decisions.

    1. @quiet man he was a 13 gang member shooting at people. Ran with a just fired gun, he was going to get killed one way or another.

    2. @Takumi F Why do you think he was chasing him? He saw what he looked like beforehand when he and his brother were detained

    3. @williesparks until then I am living in a low crime White Town in a relaxed atmosphere with hardly any darks

    1. @FalonGrey your right he shouldn’t be out, doesn’t justify a crooked cop wanting to see what killing feels like executing him surrendering, yet they’re able to arrest murderers, mass shooting killers etc.. and bring them in alive?

    2. @DIY/LETS CREATE it’s disturbing that a 13 yr old died. But it was the 13 yr olds fault that he was hanging around gang members and GUNS!!! So you can’t blame the officer but you can blame the parents

    3. @Bianca Fights The Zombies that had his hands ABOVE his head. Why have a trial? He’s gonna get twice the time anyway. Hands up don’t shoot.

  2. “Nothing good ever happens at 2 a.m.” – one of the disc jockeys at one of my state’s radio stations a few years ago.

    1. we were always told nothing good happens after midnight. Was always advised to be home well before 2am when most bars let out thats one of the worst times to be out driving of any hour of the day

    2. @Yirlani you don’t know their story, could be his folks work to keep a roof over their heads, maybe more than one job. Do you live in their house? Do you have a say in the way they raise THEIR kids? But if they told you their story and I’m speaking out of turn…






    1. @the only one Only blacks and browns? They just ignore Asians and Whites? At this point I don’t even care. It’s all outrage and meant to divide us further.

    1. @UCPHD3PmVnyGfiiTmt8e8deA He was white Hispanic. Please look at the picture first before going full on stupid, newborn troll. Nice new account.

    2. At 13 I was stealing my brothers cars & never got caught by police.
      I put slum dog millionaire boys to shame with my travels.

    1. @Don Shepard wrong, people who support the kid are the ones dividing the country and that’s a fact, dividing it by around only a 100th but nonetheless still some division. Yeah put your hands up AS FAST AS YOU CAN AND TURNING AROUND AND-…wow that’s a lot to take in from someone holding a gun letting shots off in a neighborhood with only milliseconds to choose….

    2. @Don Shepard What’s dividing this country is idiots who let these people run our government. Police is last thing that’s dividing us.

    1. @Inf7cted link to the evidence of that please ? Not being sarcastic just really want the facts.

    2. @Don Shepard that moment of turning around got him shot… you have the luxury of watching it on your devices … the cops don’t… remember that reporter that was always on and on about the cops and when they put him in an everyday situation, he unloaded the entire clip on the pretend bad guy…

    3. @Don Shepard but for all the cop knew he was raising the gun in his hands. It happened in a fraction of a second. If your life is on the line will you wait

  3. I’m surprised and delighted that many people in the comment section are not overlooking this kid had a gun that was out at 2 or 3:00 a.m.

    1. @Black Opal Farm He fired 6 shots at people and ran with the gun. Cops are not perfect, I am not a cop fan, but it is what it is.

    2. @TurnThePaige nah, trying to hide the ilegal gun by concealing it with your body as you thow it behind a fence and quickly spin towards the cop is what made this happen.

      You’re disgusting.

      The only thing your right about is that having a gun at 2AM is not grounds for deadly force I’m I’m you on that.

      But that kid gets shot doing this weather its day or night doesn’t matter he made very bad decisions and honestly if he was alive it would be because the cop performed some questionable police work by allowing him to get the drop on him like that after concealing the gun before hiding it rather than throwing it out in the open.

      Was still desperate to escape the consequences so he tried to hide it behind the fence, which is what made it dissappear from the cops view before he spun the same way he move his gun..

      I hate cops, stop making me defend them from your poor arguments.

    3. @Shundai you don’t know that. And I would have responded either way. People only it’s sad because of his skin color

    4. @TurnThePaige they’re not patriots! They’re ORION. They just hide behind that nonsense like the they are.

  4. Yes. The people ARE feeling very betrayed..by the news! Cut it out already because it’s gonna circle back and get you, too.

  5. Love how they conveniently cut out the HANDGUN they found right after they shot him, it’s clearly shown in the “unedited” bodycam footage. He was armed when running and ditched the gun just seconds before getting shot, cop probably thought he still had the gun in his hand.

    1. @James Upshaw They have shot mass shooters. The ones that were not shot clearly had their hands up and gave up.

    2. @Cameron Mass shooters have been killed by cops. The mass shooters that were not killed had their hands up and have no weapon when they gave up.

    3. God, you even type he was unarmed and running away and still try to defend his murder. Cops are not judges, juries or executioners. Running away is not a death penalty. Unarmed is not a threat. This is inexcusable.

  6. Slowly police policy will become “do not chase them when they run” and it’s going to be extremely interesting the way that effects the crime rate across the country

    1. At some point there won’t be any need for cops since none of them will want to do anything.

    2. @Sloth Perezoso the thirteen year old had a gun. Obviously he could shoot the cop in the head and win.

  7. I’m very glad the officer was not hurt. It’s crazy what cops go through in hoodlums like this. They’re human too, they fear too and they act on fear too. Any sudden movement can look like your threatening their life, specially in the heat of the moment. Avoid silly mistakes like this to avoid situations like this. I blame the kid’s parents utterly disgusting. Great work Officers.

  8. The story of Chicago has been drowned out for years because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Notice how they only cover Chicago when an officer is involved. That’s the only time they will cover. They don’t even care

  9. People don’t want to know why the 13 years old boy stay outside with a handgun 2:30AM. They only want to know he is 13 😀

  10. Is so sad . My prayers are with the family. What about getting together in a club of mothers that take care of their children mindfullly and lovingly?

  11. 2:30 AM? My parents would’ve made sure I had been asleep for six hours by then. Probably should try the parents for negligence, time to start holding parents responsible for their children.

  12. Our hearts are with you Chicago! Urge peaceful demonstrations, let’s do the Dr proud…. It’ time to realize that dream!

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