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  1. Anna Notherthing -12 years ago | February 12, 2020 at 12:29 AM | Reply

    Bernie the WINNER got a full 8 minutes of coverage for his speech. Pete gets 16 minutes? Hmmm…

  2. Of course this video is longer than Bernie’s lol

    • iz real Bernie fans somehow manages to make everything about him and how unfair the world is towards Bernie… Chill. It looks good for him. He is one of the more covered candidates by media. I’d easily vote for Bernie over Trump, but I am getting tired of reading comments like this.

    • Pete’s speech was longer. Bernie for life. But I mean.

    • FREEUNDERRATEDMUSIC | February 12, 2020 at 3:40 PM | Reply

      @Cars by Chris Yeah. As a Bernie supporter, I get really pissed at fellow supporters bashing everyone for things that don’t even matter. I want them to be smart, just like Bernie himself. They’re going fucking crazy everywhere.

    • bellboy Thank you!!

  3. My 11 year old son doing his Obama impression

    • @sean M
      That’s an opinion.

    • Behold what passes for wit between the ears of the Buttigieg hater.

    • @Logic Police If only he had heart attacks and whined constantly you would think he was interesting.

    • Voters should be insulted that he’s trying to mimic another politician, instead of having his own substance…I’m going to assume Pete’s success in the first 2 races was a product of a lack of diversity (too old, too white) and general ignorance over Pete’s history as mayor (which is the only experience we have to go on).

  4. What about country unity?

    • Crow Creek Outdoors | February 12, 2020 at 1:38 AM | Reply

      The Democratic platform wouldn’t work if the country were united.

    • O SNOOPY SNOOP | February 12, 2020 at 2:44 AM | Reply


    • Ask the Republicans. They began the divide and conquer, our way or no way mode of politics. Democrats have had a long, long history of working across party lines. Newt Gingrich changed everything.

  5. thelastjohnwayne | February 12, 2020 at 12:46 AM | Reply

    This guy looks like Mr. Bean

  6. GunsGiftsGalleries | February 12, 2020 at 12:49 AM | Reply

    …and the crowd goes mild

  7. Is Joe still awake or is someone poking him with a stick every 30 seconds?

  8. Party unity after they’ve all thrashed each other’s reputations.

    • @Julien Martinez just cause you are ignorant doesn’t mean everyone else is. Everyone knows he isn’t a communist.

    • Joseph Dunleavy i will not sign consent to let the DNC screw over Sanders in favor of the same oligarchs who back Trump now. That strategy of worry about that after is suicide. First of Biden just loses, cause he can’t stand up to trump at all and he just loses, with or without my support. Let’s go with any old bland nothing burger dem wins. We get 4 years of no change, then we get Ivanka Trump as the first female president in the United States, because after 4 years of nothing the republican rage plus no substance to fall back on loses again. No. That’s an out of date out of touch and unrealistic plan. We focus on that now, no procrastinating or we watch it all go down the drain so we can cry about what we could have had. Centrist rich dems are terrified that they will lose, because their candidates don’t represent the working class people, and banking in hatred of trump as the only qualifier, much like it did with Hillary Clinton, is a loser, again. That’s the only reason you see this “no matter who farse’ meanwhile they won’t even return the gesture towards Sanders way. I won’t say what I’ll do afterwards because the point is to ho,d my power of vote for the person I morally believe in after that, whether I show up to the polls is based on how fair and unobstructed this process has been by the DNC. If there is a fair and unobstructed victory by another candidate displaying some kind of integrity, maybe I consider it. If they are owned and supported by billionaires and corporate money, then I promise nothing except I’ll probably have a very boring November 3rd. We defeat trump by winning an election not praying for a default to some kind of moderate drone.

    • Remember who’s in the oval office you dumb f***.

    • @Trainer RED proof that centrist is a loser. Even when they win by 3 million votes they lose. People want a real populace. That’s the only way you beat a faux populace like the impeached president.

  9. The shape of our democracy lol

    • Fake News CNN Lost to Nick Sandmann | February 12, 2020 at 8:53 AM | Reply

      SURVEY: What is more likely; Pete Butigieg gets more than 1% of black votes or Bernie Sanders becomes president? _(Mark with X)_

      [ ] Butigieg gets more than 1% of the black votes
      [ ] Bernie Sanders becomes president

    • Its a Trapezoid. Because voting for Buttguy is a trap.

    • Marcelo Coelho | February 12, 2020 at 4:05 PM | Reply

      This is the reality right now… No vote for him or any other candidate is a vote for trump… 4 years wasn’t enough for you people to learn how bad for all us it is ? the reason that man is the biggest threat to democracy and global warming denier isn’t because of these who voted for him, it’s because of these didn’t vote at all… For what I’m getting if Sanders loses, he won’t support the winner because of his ego, instead he’ll do nothing as he didn’t in 16 …. When that stupid Bernie or bust movement started…. So don’t be that stupid, we don’t need another 4 years of this…. Please

    • Fake News CNN Lost to Nick Sandmann | February 12, 2020 at 4:25 PM | Reply

      @Marcelo Coelho I dunno, economy and unemployment rate seems pretty good under trump. And btw I do not think communism is the answer, and a majority of people think the same. Trump will win 2020 in a land slide

  10. he’s a CORPORATE BUYOUT.

    • venomman This is exactly right. EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE PETE IS CORPORATE BECAUSE OF HIS DONATIONS, EVERYONE ON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS BETTER THAN TRUMP IN THAT ARGUMENT! Trump literally is the worst of the worst on this case. BETTER PETE, SANDERS, or ANYONE than Trump when it comes to standing up against Corps!


    • @K L Thank you for saying that.

    • @keys island hopper What’s the lesson? I’m looking at several other countries healthcare and looks like their doing great.

    • @OUR WAY TV 😁

    • and a racist Mayor that sold out.

  11. Vannak Entertainment | February 12, 2020 at 4:49 AM | Reply

    Hello everyone

  12. Man.. Lots of butt hurt people on here lol..

  13. This guy is so lame. Do people actually want to watch trump abuse this poor man? What did he ever do to you?

  14. They sound pretty enthusiastic to me.

  15. Good. He is supporting his fellow competers. This is how it should be. It does not matter who wins so long as Trump is out.

  16. Matthew Beaver | February 12, 2020 at 3:28 PM | Reply

    Did he just use the phrase “raise the roof?” C’mon, maaaaaannnn

  17. So many salty people here lmao. Y’all so sad

  18. 0:52 wtf. Sounds like a seagull/harpy.

  19. I wouldn’t buy a used car from this mofo.

  20. He’s awesome! Well spoken and very smart!

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