Pete Williams Explains What Will Happen In Today's Joint Session Of Congress | MSNBC 1

Pete Williams Explains What Will Happen In Today’s Joint Session Of Congress | MSNBC


Pete Williams explains what will happen in today's joint session of Congress: “The question for Congress is a very simple one: ‘Are these the legitimate electors certified by the governor or not?’” Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Pete Williams Explains What Will Happen In Today's Joint Session Of Congress | MSNBC


  1. Republicans wrap themselves in the flag and the constitution when it fits their narrative, but drop them like a bad habit when it doesn’t. Almost seems like their standards change depending on their political needs

    1. @Daimon Mario Perez Trump’s mentor was McCarthy’s top lawyer, Roy Cohn. There is a straight line from McCarthy to Trump, and the “GOP” is now the party of McCarthy, not Eisenhower.

    2. @Daimon Mario Perez
      There are only 2 types in America today Zombies and Democrats!
      And the Democrats are holding handful of SALT and the zombies are running scared!

    1. @Gregory Farrar um… we bout to find out why we were crying…. we now have control over the executive and legislative branch… buckle up snowflake.

    2. Well, Dems didn’t act like we would never let our children act……when mysteriously the Mango Mussolini won against Hill….just swallow it..

    3. What,what happened to Republicans????!!!! Really?idiots,morons? Everyone should pick a new name for that “party”

    1. You can always spot you CCP Trolls because you are to STUPID to understand what your errors are .Lol 80 % pay cut for the lot of ya. Lol

  2. IF the president elect is not inaugurated on Jan 20, trump still does not stay in office. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi becomes president.

    1. @Jock Young Yes, but I think the point is Trump will be done even if by some farfetched situation Nancy were to step in which is highly unlikely – There are steps in place so Trump will be OUT!!!

    2. @carol irvine
      Ye, when his term is over, that’s the end. There is no “hanging around until it’s resolved.”

    3. trump is definitely out. biden needs to be sworn in, though.
      imagine some scenario where biden of CJ roberts is delayed: in THAT case, Pelosi would be interim … until biden and roberts can meet.
      (there’s actually some case law that the swearing-in doesn’t HAVE to be in-person … but obviously that’s never been adjudicated – yet – at potus level)

  3. the swamp is filled with gators but they have no teeth; good luck on another stupid exercise against democracy , it wont work ….

    1. I feel we got extremely, extremely lucky that Trump wasn’t more intelligent or easy to control we got lucky his mine way is better got the best of him… imagine another universe where he was smarter or more controlled..

  4. Sadly the GOP will never learn even after today that saying a lie many many many times doesn’t make it true no matter how much they want to deceive people. Biden won, Trump lost. Now the dems control the house and senate too! Need some ice for those wicked burns GOP?

  5. The objections to Biden’s win will go over like a fart in church, and then the tears of Trump and his worshippers will flow for days.

    1. It is embarrassing what they’re doing to the Country. The whole world is watching the oldest democracy behaving like a child.. Americans must make the Republicans pay for this in 2 years time.

    2. @wig cap but sadly the democrats don’t step it up. They need to grow a pair and hold all the Republicans that are and did cite with trump against treason.

    1. The Zombie apocalypses has ended, time to throw some salt around to ensure that these Repuglikkkan ZOMBIES never rise again!

    2. This is embarrassing!! America’s most make Republicans pay for this in 2 years time.. The oldest democracy behaving like this..

    3. Unfortunately, American democracy will have had to withstand a tremendous attack from one of its own two major political parties to get there

  6. Soooo these Republicans are wasting OUR time with this charade when other Congressional business could be addressed – Meanwhile, they are collecting their paychecks paid by us – This is disgusting

  7. Georgia Senate Runoff Election Results (98%)
    Raphael Warnock, Democrat, wins the Senate special runoff election in Georgia (+1.2).
    Jon Ossoff, Democrat, is leading against David Perdue…(+0.40)

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