Peter Strzok Says What We’re Seeing From The DOJ’s Investigation Into Jan. 6 | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Peter Strzok Says What We’re Seeing From The DOJ’s Investigation Into Jan. 6 | Deadline | MSNBC


New York Times justice reporter Katie Benner, former FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, and former Senator Claire McCaskill react to comments from the federal prosecutor who had been overseeing the insurrection investigation, that evidence could support sedition charges for at least some of those involved in the Capitol riot. Aired on 03/23/2021.
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Peter Strzok Says What We’re Seeing From The DOJ’s Investigation Into Jan. 6 | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. Haha you still talking about that 1 riot haha but all the 275 riot of blm and antifa attack people burn business destroy business injured more than 2000 cop 20 people die and antifa fascist thugs throwing Molotov and fireworks and set fire and no one left that these antifa blm didn’t attack from black to white from young woman to old man but oh yes its different when the left do it just like when they Storm the capital in 2018

    2. If you done a tenth of this. You’d get the chair. Drops him in Syria. And send post cards and pictures.

    1. @Susan Ford I like to think Americans can’t be so stupid as to vote for a complete fool like Biden . States changed voter laws and the people who did that weren’t authorized to to that. The media lied to Americans for years and only told you what they wanted you to hear and this influenced people to vote against their best interests. Biden is putting illegal people in hotels for 395$ a night but we have homeless we don’t help.. American last isn’t working!

    2. @George Woodard The basic right to vote, being born in the USA gives one person one right, the right to vote, becoming a citizen gives that one a right to vote. One loses the right to vote when incarcerated.

    3. @baseball fan Poor you, you sound deranged, brainwashed & i bet you have contributed to Trump. He does not care about anyone he just wants your money so he can spend it on lawyer’s fees. You are too stupid to understand. He gets richer & no one seems to link the two. He will not run again & is pretending to so schmucks keep giving their precious money. The Trumps are all laughing at people like you.

    4. @Susan Ford YOU are the brainwashed one , look at the at the comedy channel you are watching for news . Your democratic party doesn’t care about YOU !!! YOUR democratic party only wants to have total power over you. You can call me all the names you like , I can take whatever you can dish out but PLEASE stop watching this garbage , You will get more knowledge by watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons.

    1. @Richard Thomas LOVE THAT LEFTY TERM., YOU DO NOT OWN THE INTERNET !!!!!!! TAKE THIS CNN AND MSNBC GARBAGE OFF OF YOU TUBE SO I DON’T HAVETO SEE IT !!!! all you do is put garbage on and then make comments just agreeing with each other, dumb. You want to throw punches be prepared to take one . I will comment when and wherever I like !!!! the nazi like democratic party hasn’t taken away my freedom yet but they will if you keep voting for them and then YOU will also no freedom. either.

    2. @baseball fan LMAO , got your panties right in a bunch cupcake ? HAHAHAHAH As I said TROLL if you do not like it the only reason you are here is to be a TROLL

    1. Peter Strzok – disgraced FBI agent, part of the coup cabal, plotted to frame/entrap General Flynn to further the Trump-Russia hoax.
      Why is he still walking around?

    1. lolol..and u believe strzoke..the lying fbi agent???? lololol..that guy should be in jail..but he wont because he was against trump…just like hillary, etc

    1. @Rae Marie – never even used president for him when he was slouching in the w/h – I refer to him as stagnant 45

    2. @Tessmage Tessera
      _”LOL okay kid. So what do you think we should have done? Storm into the White House and drag Trump out by his nuts..?”_ – First, I expect you to stop commenting since you clearly do not care.

  1. _it’s hard to hold him criminally responsible_

    Talking head talking nonsense. He’d be in jail right now if the US’s legal system was intact.

    1. (from a Vox article :5/2019) Wherever you go in the art world, you’ll run into one prominent name: the Sackler family. The Smithsonian has the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a Sackler Wing; the Louvre does, too (the Sackler Wing of Oriental Antiquities). There’s a Sackler Museum at Harvard and a Sackler Center for Arts Education at the Guggenheim.

    2. @HS LOL, OR trump is guilty of various crimes over many years and his luck and his friends have run out. trump and anyone corrupt around him will spend years in prison. trump will die alone in a prison cell, left wondering why he is the one that got LOCKED UP.

    3. @Lord Mitchell I like that you called him a Dexter as twisted as Dexter was,he went after the bad guys who went after the good guys. Trump pardoned the bad guys.

    4. @HS it’s not your head that was put on backwards buddy. Your brain was put in backwards while you were in the womb

  2. By that logic, “if you lie once (like Martha Stewart with no consequence to anyone but herself) you can be held accountable and go to jail. But if you lie constantly to the detriment of ALL the people of the United States and our government and election (like Trump), you can go scott free. That is the worst logic I have ever heard.

    1. @Gerald McKencie Don’t forget, we finally got his tax returns, he pays income taxes in China not in America.

    2. @Ann Ramsey true, he is more a Chinese businessman than American, he is just an American grifter

    3. Unfortunately politicians telling lies is normal in our society. Indeed we expect it. While personally I think an apt punishment for Trump is the gibbet punishing him for his lies would open the floodgates for all of the politicians to suffer a similar fate.

    4. @Fred Smith Unfortunately, I expect politicians to tell the truth. “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis.” Abraham Lincoln
      Unfortunately, and criminally, we have been lied to under the Trump Administration and the Republican Senate majority under McConnell. I’m not say Democrats have never lied. I am saying that under Republican “whataboutism” they slither about so fast that it is hard to hold them accountable but we must hold them accountable for the damage they have done to our government and Democratic Republic or they will continue doing it.

    5. logic has nothing to do with it, the problem is the courts interpretation of the 1st amendment. The Dotard just claims that as a politician he is allowed to lie to the population as a whole and this is protected speech under the 1st amendment. If he lies under oath in a court or fails to divulge criminal matters that he knows about to the FBI when asked he will find himself in a pile of trouble. Stupid in general as the Dotard is, he is very aware of this particular trap and quite sensibly for him never says anything under oath.

    1. kbernacchi
      Sherwin is as much a Trump lawyer as Barr was, so for the life of me I cannot understand why Biden decided to keep him on to lead an investigation involving Trump. I understand why he kept Wray, but not this guy.

    2. @Kicky he didn’t keep him to lead. There’s someone else in charge now. And DOJ did not give him permission to talk about the insurrection on 60 Minutes

    3. @Chloe Key
      Thank you. I learned that after reading further.
      The guy should’ve been gone from Day One of the Biden Administration. The first time I heard his name was when he contradicted investigators in various states who reported that there was evidence of coordination on 1/6. I looked up his name and saw that he was put in his position by Barr, and that told me all that I needed to know. Subsequent remarks by him confirmed my suspicion.

  3. If you don’t stop trump and his helpers, punish them and show 1/6 can never be tolerated or gaslighted. Then he and his GQP will come back again as they are already planning

    1. We are coming back stronger and more informed of the corruption, media bias, and horrible policies of this illegitimate, stupid, so-called president. “Punish them” you say. It will all be the other way around soon. LOL

    2. @gokartracers Rock and roll zombie. You’re the one who will see rationality prevail. With each of your sides crazed childish demonstrations our culture sees more clearly your threat. More clearly the corrupted weakness.

    3. Exactly, they should’ve rioted, looted, and burned down minority neighborhoods for four months in the middle of a pandemic instead, then they would’ve been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

    1. @Jerry Cole has nothing to do with guns. Your comment implies there can’t be violence without guns. No so.

    2. @Jerry Cole Flag poles, hockey sticks, fire extinguisher, bear spray, zip ties, knives, spears….all potential weapons.

      Just what is your point?

    3. @Dan Strayer You forgot the gallows they set up. Just saying “hang Mike Pence” is an act of sedition. Saying it in front of a gallows with an armed mob ready to carry out the threat is nothing short of treason. In the Qanon conspiracyverse hanging the Vice President is the height of patriotism, but they’re crazy.

    4. @Jerry Cole You do realize there were bombs? and I’m sure if you found yourself on the other end of a flagpole beating you would consider it a weapon , Also these people are not exactly the brightest America has to offer, I mean not only did they fall for one of the largest con jobs in history but these idiots actually live streamed and posted videos and pics of themselves breaking Federal Laws.

  4. wait a minute, will not go after the speakers at the rally, didn’t charles manson get charged for doing something similar, wasn’t there at the murders, but he suggested it, he started it. kinda the same thing here

  5. Sherman’s trying to adversely effect future cases because he probably played a role in the insurrection! And he’s probably trying to give a “heads up” to the former occupant of the WH!

    1. Exactly or Trump’s legal team advised him of a hidden way that he could interfere with the the work to prosecute Trump and his co-conspirators when these issues come up in court, This lawyer on his way out of a job is trying to ruin the department’s chances of prosecuting the criminals. He is certainly aware how his words could compromise an investigation and prosecution.

    2. It’s called poisoning the well. The well (prosecution) becomes so compromised that a judge could determine that it has become useless.

    3. @Jerry Walz Well, now the DOJ is investigating Sherwin, so that could turn something up. It’s a total can of worms now and they’re slithering all over the place.

    1. @L I will and all should address him as he should be, you can look up how it’s supposed to be done PRESIDENT

  6. He dug his own financial and political grave and now he can’t sleep at night. How come he’s fine with all those covid deaths while under his watch? Sociopathic narcissist.

    1. @Jackie Wilhelm are you trying some diversion, some what about ism ? Try watching the clip before just chyming in all ignorantly. He never told anyone to inject bleach but go ahead make yourself feel better .

    2. It’s amazing how he cut the red tape for the vaccines the distribution of it all and got it out in motion before the end of the year and you say that he was ok with the covid deaths. You might want to go back and look at the data with sars under Biden and Obama they stopped testing after 80k people and they estimate 60 million US citizens got that virus and and had well over 200k deaths from it per the cdc website and their cdc director said they were lucky it wasn’t worse because Biden did everything wrong his words not mine. That’s why it’s not a good idea to burn history books because the future doesn’t favor idiots so well.

    1. So if you lie often with impunity than you can’t be found guilty of inciting insurrection? Clair Mccaskill is defending her criminal elite KKKind, the ZioNazi empire.

  7. Use the Charlie Manson defense. He never “did” a thing, but died in prison. Oops, I forgot. Manson wasn’t wealthy.

    1. @Jay Buck HMMMMMM , maybe it will work for you after watching yesterdays fake press conference !!!!!! He made a fool of himself, could not answer questions he knew were coming. Why isn’t the 99% democratic media talking about that today ???? because it doesn’t fit the dems leftist agenda, it’s being suppressed just like vital information was just before the election.

    2. @baseball fan
      Hmmm… Why have you always gotta be so nasty? You always say such nasty things. Why can’t you just be nice? Be nice!

    3. @Jay Buck you started it. I can’t be nice while my country is being destroyed by the democratic regime .

    4. @baseball fan
      I only paraphrased what your beloved leader said when he was asked yet another question that he was too unintelligent to answer without resorting to lies or bluster.
      I thought it would cheer you up.

      Have you tried ice cubes?

    1. You mean, the ex-President who was impeached twice? The only President to be impeached for incitement of insurrection?

  8. He’s been the “teflon Don” so far. I don’t think he’s worried about a thing. He’s too much of an egotist to think that he could ever be taken down. We’ll see…

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