Pfizer Canada president 'confident' in vaccine's efficacy 1

Pfizer Canada president ‘confident’ in vaccine’s efficacy


Cole Pinnow, president of Pfizer Canada says he is confident the vaccine will provide protection against the UK and South African variants.

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  1. He can believe whatever he likes when his bottom line depends on it. 3rd phase ongoing. No 1nf0rmed c0ns3nt. Nooramb3rg 2.0

  2. Why is there so much hysteria over vaccines? There was a pause in the deliveries.. but they’re being shipped again.. one company has to produce and deliver the vaccines to the world so.. I think a delay is understandable although not ideal..

    1. Because they want to get a reaction from the population. Plus they create a false scarcity and it drives up demand. Marketing 101.

  3. Paychecks for big pharma and governments crumbs for the rest and fines for having fun

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