Pfizer CEO explains why he hasn't received a vaccine yet 1

Pfizer CEO explains why he hasn’t received a vaccine yet


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla speaks with CNN's Sanjay Gupta as the company prepares to roll out doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines in the US. #CNN #News


    1. You’re like a smart person… The irony in your comment. Your choice, whether you get it or not. Even amongs the healthcare community there are people who will not get it. Any logical person knows this, but to says fools. Well, thats a different story. Sanity has left this chat.

  1. “Have you or a loved one have taken the COVID 19 vacancie? If so you and your family could be entitled to financial compensation.” 5 years from now

    1. There is question will anybody be around to watch commercial. injecting 7 billion people with something u don’t know too much about no way can end up good.

    2. There is question will anybody be around to watch commercial. injecting 7 billion people with something u don’t know too much about no way can end up good.

    1. newf newf i an not an anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist, or trump supporter. But do i trust a vaccine that was rushed through, politicized, and the CEO himself hasn’t taken? Hell no.

    2. @Alexis Zaganidis The point is not a dose out of a million. The point is those in privileged position who have easy access to the vaccine like the CEO and Bill Gates are setting an example. If they have to join the line and wait their turn, then no person in a privilege position has any excuse taking advantage. Its called leadership. Why are some of you in society so addicted to negatives. Always searching for problems where there is none. Bill Gates even said when its the turn of the general populace, he will visibly take the vaccine for the whole world to see. The CEO is simply saying, that if he the boss has to wait for his turn, who are you to take advantage? Common sense is not common to some after all.

    1. @DespewI hope you’re joking… Otherwise it’s terrifying there there are people like you that really believe this stuff

  2. Imagine if you will, a virus, so powerful,.. you have to be tested to know that you have it…………………..

  3. That’s like going to a restaurant and asking the chef ,how is the food?
    Chef:the food is delicious but I haven’t taste it yet

    1. It’s more like the chef eating part of the meal you’ve ordered.
      Not a fantastic analogy still, some will usually at least taste test parts of it to make sure nothing is wrong.
      In any case, they do have a challenging debate over who should be getting the first waves of rollouts and how.
      My guess is they want each place that does happen to get them to have staggered vaccination, since there are the usual side effects of a sore arm and perhaps a bit of a fever. Don’t want an entire hospital’s staff to all feel a bit unwell as they’re still working.

    2. @Journey Of Strength Sure will. But in the mean time I’ve reported you to the YouTube gods for Scam/Fraudulent postings. The technique you used is argument with gibberish and is a common argument used by fake posters. But hey, I’m sure if you roll out your biomedical degree then all will be forgiven. Enjoy your window licking….

  4. How come the CEO is giving a vaccine to a general population and he himself didn’t get it yet????? He supposed to set the example and I didn’t bite to his explanation of why he didn’t get the vaccine yet.

  5. Has the Queen of England – age 94 – and her husband – age 99 – been vaccinated yet? If not… WHY NOT?

    1. If he takes it first, another camp will say that it is unethical, that he used public funds (deposit from other countries) to protect himself, which will create a dangerous precedent. Both angles have their own merit and incoherences.

    2. At the end of his sentence and that particular discussion when he said he will probably get a vaccine a couple seconds went by and then there was a big swallow (1:01) meaning his mouth was dry from lying

  6. It should alarm you that we are heading toward a society where you will have to offer up unlimited access to your veins in exchange for permission to live a normal life.

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