1. There’s a simple reason that so many of our historical heroes turn out to be racistsss. Britain’s history is a history of Empire, and our Empire was built by white supremacists; it was founded on the notion of white supremacy and it was viciously defended by white supremacists. The only shocking part about this is that still today, so many people continue to engage in the cognitive dissonance required to be proud of it.

    Empire isn’t just a story of raceeee, it’s a story of class too. The key achievement of the illusions of national and racial pride is to ennoble the white working class through lies and flattery to identify with the conquests and achievements of a ruling class who, in reality, despised them. Racismmm, patriotismmm and religionnn were psychologicalll tools of divisionnn and control, while the industrialists, land owners, bankers and monarchy fleeced poor whites at home, and captured and enslaved entire nations abroad.

    1. @Janelle LaFey I didn’t say British were unique. I’m saying these things are all to cause war and diversity. I’m anti communist, why would I want me and my family to be tyrants to the government?
      Thank you for your information I read and take everything on board, I’m not arrogant.

    2. @Janelle LaFey

      1. Demoralizationnnn – this is a process which can take about 15-30 years to perform (a generationnn). During this stage, the moral fibre and integrity of the country is put into question, thereby creating doubt in the minds of the people. To do so, manipulationnn of the media and academiaaa is required to influence young people.

      2. Destabilizationnn – the purpose of this step is to change the status quo, particularly the country’s economyyy, foreignnn relations, and defense systems. The intent is to create a massive government permeating society and becoming intrusive in the lives of its citizens. This can take from two to five years to perform, again with the active support of academiaaa pushing youth in this direction. 

      3. Crisisss – this is a major step lasting up to six weeks and involves a revolutionaryyy change of power. This is where a cataclysmicc event upsets and divideees the country thereby creating panic among the citizens. Recent examples include the 2011 upheavals in the Middle East, most notably Egypttt and Libya. To Americans, symptoms would include circumventing the Constitution and altering the checks and balances of government, and possibly martial laww

      4. Normalizationnn – the final stage is where the populace finally acquiesces and begins to assimilate communismmm. This can take up to two decades to complete.

    3. @Janelle LaFey

       Plato discusses five types of regimes (Republic, Book VIII). They are Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy, and Tyranny. Plato also assigns a man to each of these regimes to illustrate what they stand for. The tyrannical man would represent Tyranny, for example. These five regimes progressively degenerate starting with Aristocracy at the top and Tyranny at the bottom.

    1. Racism is alive and well. No wonder they march. Where I am from, they solved the problem during slavery with the plantation owners and the people walked away FREE and never looked back…..

    1. @jcllings your country has already had that war, so it’s about time you all paid attention to all the rights that were won, not just the ones that suit you personally.
      Would that “Communist filth” include people who admire & want to befriend prominent communists like country leaders?

    2. It’s not God’s responsibility to bring peace to the world it’s man’s responsibility and one we are failing at, it’s going to get a lot darker and more violent than this so you better pray to God for strength to see through these times rather than for Him to save you from the hell on earth we’ve all helped create.

  2. Floyd killing was murder. Brooks was justified. Brooks was drunk driving. Brooks was resisting arrest. Brooks was assaulting the officers. Brooks was fleeing the scene after stealing a police weapon. Brooks fired the weapon at the cop. Totally different from Floyd.

    1. Dedrick Lucious just because he was hit in the back means nothing. If I have a gun and am running away and fired back at the officer, who you say, oh wait he can’t shoot back because he is facing away? We already saw how he fired the taser at the officer while his back was turned. That means nothing to the case. Only that he had a taser and fired it at the officer. That is the facts.

    2. ides of march really? Oooh I see. Thanks for letting us all know that. This was the comment we were all looking for. You are more enlightened than the media, have you thought of starting your own media house? I mean you are privy to information the rest of us are not privy too. Wow. Just wow!!!!

    3. @Noiseless Sounds Yeah you’re right. We should all play dangerously stupid at the edge of a cliff and then if we fall off of it and die, we can just blame the cliff. It can’t possibly be our fault.

    4. What? What a load of
      *** that was coward. Justify😳. Are they going to murder all belligerents, look no further. Leave that to your maker.

    1. But what about black on black crime? it is an epidemic. “BLM” don’t like to talk about it because they’re bunch of hypocrites (and i’m black woman btw).

    2. @Dawin Alexander I completely agree, we all need to be able to come together and have a real conversation. Everyone has different views and all sides should be able to express their views without being shouted down.
      I agree that there are bad cops, but I believe it is a very small percentage. The same as there being bad people, again, small percentage.
      I think we could use more training for officers. But we also need more training for young people to teach them right from wrong.
      And, don’t tell at me, I don’t believe police violence is the biggest problem. IMO it’s insintivising (probably misspelled that) single parent households. Kids need a mother and father in the same house. Teaches structure and discipline.
      But that’s just me.

    3. @Dawin Alexander Media are helping to destabilize America by inciting a race war, this is only the beginning, next year the real horror show starts.

  3. Help! Help! Economic Genocide is happening with Congress:

    Ecclesiasticus 34:22 KJV: “He that taketh away his neighbour’s living slayeth him; and he that defraudeth the labourer of his

    hire is

    a bloodshedder.“

    We need stimulus money before we are dead!

    1. @Obama’s Ugly White Momma and they can protest the justice system there and will be shot in the street for it.

    2. I’m gonna have to agree with kajja. It’s other black men. We got overwhelming data to back that up.

    1. Triple BLACK plenty of us care about the Covid 19 situation in all countries but unfortunately it doesn’t stop other bad stuff happening & the urgent need to deal with it too.

    2. Covid 19 was a Democrat liberal stunt to destroy the economy. They don’t need to talk about anymore because they succeeded at ruining our society

    3. @Minsky’s feedback Yianni because CNN isn’t news. They are just a bunch of liberal activists with a broadcast station and their propaganda is a danger for our society

    4. CNN knows the entire video has been released and every time it’s mentioned they dont say it’s available

    1. @leon trotsky fox is showing the dishonesty, often lies, from the left and media. CNN never shows exactly what fox accuses and answers. You just believe them without reason. You think they actually care about Floyd and his brother?

    2. @Michael B the most black support for a republican in history is a direct result of the media being exposed

  4. It’s almost impossible to get over the death of someone you love. My grandma died 4 years ago when I was 12 and I have never gotten over it because I was her favorite and she was my favorite.

    1. @David Brown take it from someone well ahead of you in years, you don’t “get over” the death of a loved one but time does take you past the shock & grief of it. You get to a place in your life where you can enjoy the happy memories more than feel sad. The time this journey takes is so variable but you can do it. Stay strong & safe young man.

    2. I’m sure the millions the family are making on the GoFundMe page for George is helping to ease that pain and grief.

    1. Because there has to be some sort of corruptions or the Democrats aren’t happy. they always had that that little cheat that little thing in there that gives him that advantage.

    2. @Faireachas Síoraí ok as you say. So let’s clarify a sytemic is a system as to what system are you referring too. Are as you define it what institution? And how do you change that system are institution to remove racism from it?
      I can agree with you that racism exists in certain individual. As to the system there are injustice and inequalities. However those are class based not race based. To solve that issue you would have to address the laws that you believe create this. You have to do in a equal way. No one black or white could be denied access protection under the law. Because once you flavored one particular group you have the same thing in reverse. If you believe one race should get out of prison then you just created a reverse of sytemic racism. Same thing is if you provide housing to a certain race or educational opportunities.
      Heath care and other institutions in our society.
      As to government an law enforcement same thing. Fairness and equality is a street that has to be for all.
      I look forward to intelligent well thought out ideas to these solutions.

    3. @Natily Dotson I am amazed that you would fall for conspiracy theories. You make sense that the other autopsy was performed to contradict the other autopsy. An yes his credentials look so credible. Yet the flaw in that is now we do not know just what happened. The defense attorneys will now have evidence that shows doubt on the cause of death. They both have ways of dismissing them. And truth be know the prosecutors may not bring it into this case because it confuses things.
      It was done to sway peoples opinions nothing more. If you believe that they where the cause of his death or you believe they where one of many causes but they where the proximate cause of his death. All I can say is I hope they have a good prosecutor working the case

    1. Except he wasn’t killed by a white cop but instead died of a heart attack as a complication from Meth and Fentanyl and Covid 19. That pretty much explains the whole scene. He needed a squad of cops to sit on him because he was on Meth and Fentanyl and couldn’t breath because of Covid 19. Sorry. No racism. No impeachment. No collusion. No obstruction. No Russian connection. Just another nothingburger.

  5. Other news you can’t find in CNN: “2 missing George Floyd protesters found murdered in Florida; suspect arrested”

    1. @Peter Negan oh I don’t think DT needs help for that from CNN, seems to be managing just fine. Possibly assistance from another country again though!

    2. Hexal One fox is backed up by research and statistics while cnn just find the most random people they can to cry about stuff and purposely leave out half the details of their reports? Mmmkay

    3. CNN is propoganda, supported by China who in turn are the propoganda machine for the cricket like aliens from the centre of the milky way. They in turn are acting on behalf of Zod, a telepathic giant praying mantis creature who lives in between galaxies and monitors space/time.

      No sources but you believe me right?

  6. I feel like this movement is the time for the good cops to come out about their experience with the bad cops

    1. There have been way too many instances of teachers molesting students. Therefore, all teachers are bad (#APAB) and we must immediately light cities on fire and demand defunding the education system.

    1. I mean, if you are OK with liars since he wasn’t killed by a white cop but instead died of a heart attack as a complication from Meth and Fentanyl and Covid 19. That pretty much explains the whole scene. He needed a squad of cops to sit on him because he was on Meth and Fentanyl and couldn’t breath because of Covid 19.

    2. George Floyd was a TERRIBLE person. He held a shotgun against a pregnant woman’s belly, and demanded drugs. He was a meth-head tweaker, a deadbeat father – the best thing he ever did for society – was die.

  7. Anyone who dies without being born again in the Lord Jesus Christ will go to Hell. That’s a fact that everyone will be forced to face.

    1. I had a dream years ago. In a beautiful countryside, I saw a young lady who has the hair style of my mother. She told me in the dream that she was my younger sister. I asked her how she liked her life. She said” wonderful”… Later I told my parents about the dream. They were shocked. They admitted that mom had a pregnancy between me and my brother. They didn’t know if it was a girl or boy…

  8. They still tried to lie and said George wasn’t suffocated and they did their own autopsy and as we ALL already knew he was suffocated. They had on body cams when they watched a man drown in front of them and I’m sure nothing will happen to them. They’re still protected even when there’s video so there should be stricter laws for police. They shouldn’t get special privileges cause they’re police

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